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Mionix Microfiber Gaming Desk Pads

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I'm currently using a Propus 380 (that I really like) as a mouse pad. Should I upgrade to one of these pads?
Mine arrived yesterday. It is crazy how this thing makes the Steelseries QcK XXL mousepad look small in comparison. I'm not sure if there is a bigger mousepad out there.
I’m not familiar. Is this a $30 mouse pad?
It's a full desk pad. You rest your keyboard and mouse on top. I actually picked one of these up last year on Amazon, and I've been very pleased with how it's turned out
Hopefully we can find enough people because I really want this piece and that $5 discount won't hurt!
I've been using a similar piece for the last 5 years and absolutely love it. Except for the small size, which was the biggest piece I could find locally.
-edit- found enough members, yay!
Mionix has some of these with designs on them for the starting price of massdrop (30 USD): https://getmionix.com/collections/pads

Personally I like the plain black that massdrop has, but I figured some people might like those patterns.
Great especially coming from a tiny laptop mousepad before using this. The material is smooth and nice to use. Stitching is a must have for long term use in my opinion. Compared to other large gaming desk pads this is objectively better value for money. One gripe would be the smell that it has out of the box; air it outdoors or near the window for a day or two and it should be okay.
" helps prevent data loss..."
Someone please explain this without using the mumbo jumbo fake science that cosmetics ads use...
I'm assuming that it's referring to how some sensors can lose track or 'skip' on certain surfaces. I know on my old mouse pad I'd have that issue now and then when it got dusty, but with this one I never have that issue.

I'd highly recommend it tbh. It's easy to clean, is super smooth, and feels great under my wrist.
Just to let you guys know, don't buy this for that price. Go to Newegg and search Perixx mouse pad and get the XXL if you want a giant one like this. No problems with pet hair or anything like that. I hand clean it once a year in the sink. Hardly no upkeep as far as keeping it clean. I've had mine for 3 years or so and it's just barely starting to show some light frayed edges where my mouse cord rubs across it. No biggy. It was like $10. I'm about to buy like 3 or 4 of them just in case they stop selling them for so cheap, or at all.
I'll stick with Perixx. Same material, just as well made for $7-10. Maybe $12 for the XXL the size of the one here.
i got this 10 dollars a few months ago on amazon
Would have bought in a heartbeat if not for the gaudy branding on it
Any updates on the shipping?
when will the order be shipped?
Would also like to know
Water resistant, but is it cat hair resistant?
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I will say this- it's better than most cloth pads for that and easier to clean off the hair. The problem I found with my cat is that he liked the material and wanted to claw it. Which is why I am joining the drop to get a new one. =P
Nothing is cat hair resistant :-/
Does this ship to Australia?
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For $16.25 USD.
That is appalling.