Montegrappa Fortuna Credo Pater Noster Fountain Pensearch

Montegrappa Fortuna Credo Pater Noster Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Fortuna Credo Pater Noster Fountain Pen

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The pen is absolutely georgeous. I ordered the Spanish version, 'Padre Nuestro'. The Credo pens have a typical retail of around $300.00, however once stock is consumed the price quickly jumps to the $500.00 range.

The Pen is a larger pen, think MB 149 in size. Suited for larger hands smaller hands will want to use the pen uncapped. The engraving on the resin is deep specially on the text side the IHS in the back is still deep but subtle. I use 'M'edium nibs and the pen writes wonderfully (could not resist the temptation not to ink it). The presentation box that brings is absolutely a masterpiece and a joy to look at.

I don't think you can go wrong if these become available again.

Looks like a gorgeous pen. I'm in on the Latin Pater Noster! :)
Is this worth it? I mean the discount is quite significant. What’s up with this pen?
Breth, the discount is very significative for this type of pen, see my review and pictures attached. I am already requesting the Massdrop again as friends want it. I ordered the Spanish version but it was a flip to the Latin version.
If the Credo Shema were an option I would be in.
I'm with you I have been after the Shema for a while and the lowest I've seen is the $300.00 range.
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