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I bought this iem from a different store because I wanted it sooner and I must say, these are really excellent iems. The build and looks are superb and the sound is smooth and detailed and extremely well balanced. These are well worth the asking price and thensome.
Did anyone compare these with Tansio Mirai TSMR 3? If so which one sounds better?
Kanas pro sounds better second dm6 and third the tansio mirai
Thank you. i may join the next drop for this in that case. And in general, how do you describe tsmr 3's SQ?
what was the selling price??
155 usd
I've read in a review that they are vented. Can anybody elaborate as to what this means as far as sound isolation. Do people hear my music? Do I hear the outside world?
Yes, the vents give it a good soundstage and relieves ear pressure caused by the big driver. The downside is that it doesn't isolate as much.
The Massdrop version of the Moondrop Kanas Pro is the housing polished white steel or brushed steel, the difference the Moondrop Kanas and Kanas Pro, the Pro is polished white steel and the regular Kanas brushed steel. Here are my Moondrop Kanas Pro I purchased from Amazon


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Thanks... I have read in a couple of reviews complaints about the isolation and quality of the original white tips.
I'm using Spinfit CP145 and Spiral Dot size M on the Kanas Pro
Looking for a Dynamic driver IEM to compliment CA Andromedas for Hip hop,EDM and top 40 music. Do these fit those genres or are these better for laid back jazz and vocal type music? Edit:I was going to buy a FH5 at $250 but even though a lot of people like them I am not convinced especially with so many reported fit issues with some FH5 users
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The FH5 cable has good build quality with no microphonics. It’s sturdy and seems like it will hold up for a long time.
The Harman target tuning for Kanas Pro makes it good for Hip-Hop and EDM as the bass and treble is controlled but pleasurable to listen to. I just got the Periodic Audio Be and the Be is better for Jazz & Classical music.
so what should I expect in terms of build quality with these?
I still believe sub 200$ IEM campfire audio comet is the best so far for me. Built like a tank, feel like a feather, sound likes speakers on your ears.
Comet's end to end extension is disappointing.
I usually insert my iems as deep as they goes. Wonder if that "line" on the housing going to be a bother. Gap that wide must serve a purpose.
  1. He recommends it.
  2. Harman Target tuning instead of a particular house sound.
  3. Natural sounding.
  4. Non-interfering Bass and Treble.
  5. "This would the most easy-to-get high quality-sounding chi-fi, probably, that you can get today."
Excellent earphones. I've bought two in a space of a month! I actually gave away my first pair to my dad because he liked it after trying out my newly arrived Kanas Pros. Build quality is much better than BGVP DMG or VSonic GR07x & GR07 37AE.
Is it just me, or do the pictures kind of look like the brushed finish version, the regular non-pro version? It’s not as obvious as the pictures posted in the discussions. The Pro version should have the polished finish. Please confirm this drop is indeed for the Pro.
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The Pro model has a polished, gloss finish. Most people don't see that — and it's not their fault — but the KP's finish does mirror their environment, in this case the massdrop photo studio set-up. Thus it is picking up the studio's white paper, making it look sanded. If you look at the nozzle and the edges of the IEM, u can clearly see that it is gloss.
I dont know if its polished, but a big difference i see is that the letters of the logo appear to be painted in black in the massdrop pictures
Just bought these on Amazon a few days ago. They sound incredible to me. Most noticeable is the attack or impact of the sound. Really shakes your ears even at lower volumes. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better sound for this much money. Dekoni tips because I can't handle silicone.
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Okay, thanks for the response.
That's a wide range, but it's impressive how it compares to other IEMs. Thank you.
Couple of problems to keep in mind: The earbuds themselves will lose their "shininess" after months of use, they also collect a lot of fingerprints. On top of that, the KPE is also known for above average defect rate. Hope that helped you make your decision. These iems receive very positive response in Chinese forums.
May I know what is KPE? Sorry, I'm a newbie.
KPE is Kanas Pro Edition
I think I can provide a better description about these IEMs and the company. These have stirred up quite some thimgs on china's Baidu, and that's an achievement I think. Not even BGVP made it over there despite the hype. It's mainly because of the tonality, see. Very few IEMs sound this accurate in that price range. i own one. It's been two months now. They shine with good power and thus Balanced dacamp and cable will go a long way. They provide a smooth and laidback, relaxed sound. It's a delight to listen to almost anything on these. On top of that, they are quite the looker. Just be sure to get backup tips for these as the provided ones are poop. End to end extension is good. No, it doesn't have raised treble and sub-bass at the extremes of the spectrum which I personally find quite annoying. But it does have delightfully raised midbass. Let me repeat that, delightfully raised, not brutally murdered with SPL. The rest is fine, midrange is clean and neat, treble isn't hot. You'll head everything intended tl hear. They sound exceptional with classical but don't hurt like a biach on every other genre. I personally think they're pretty close to 650s. And yes, the picture here isn't for the Pro version. I'm adding a picture that I took.

Is it just me or in the photos the finish looks brushed? I thought the Pro’s were polished.
WARNING: Look up Zinc KeyCaps There is a Chance your IEM's coating will fade and give a nasty, rusted feel, it has happen to someone on Head-Fi.
I have them, they go head to head with the Final E5000 for musical enjoyment, however the Kanas Pro is more technical, it has better treble extension and the mids are not colored, also the soundstage is very wide and deep, there is a measurements on and the distortions numbers are very impressive, under 0.2 % in the very low sub bass (20-30hz) and under 0.1% for everything else, that must be one of the lowest distortion measurments ever in any headphone
Nice IEM, just don't expect thundering bass from these (and I personally think the highs can be a teensy bit precarious, your mileage and tolerance may vary of course).
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Haha! My bad! Didn’t mean to come on so strong...I just love these IEMs and want everyone to at least give them a shot. Smart move on going through Amazon. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard the Dunu Falcon C IEMs yet. They’re on my list to buy but keep getting pushed back due to other IEM interests. Currently waiting on Tansio Mirai TSMR3 IEMs to show up. I’ve read great things about these. Check ‘em out!
You'll be surprised to see how different people leniency on what 'sibilant' is. Most Moondrop stuff tend to exhibit more excited highs than some may be able tolerate and is big part of why I'm not too keen on them personally. Not saying that you're wrong (it's your ears and preference after all), but I'd rather not speak in absolute terms in this hobby.
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That's the regular Kanas. Tuning is a bit different than the Pro edition and most reviews are about the Pro one.
I wonder how many people are mislead by this and bought thinking it was the Pro version.
I’m kind of tired of seeing IEMs on here. I just dont see the appeal of them compared to on ear or over ear headphones.
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I second the vote for the Elegia. I love it. It's just a great sounding closed back that does not sound like a closed back. It's very DF neutral and shares many similarities to the Focal lineup. The RME is my next big purchase. I have the Monolith THX-AAA dac/amp which is like almost there with some of its features, but the RME has that beautiful display. :)
I agree with the fact that over the ear headphones with an amp sound wayyy better than any iems..However, I have purchased a few iems from massdrop...I enjoy the DD types the best. Balanced armatures contain too much treble and lack good quality punchy bass. Iems that fit and have bass are incredible!!!
Moondrop is one of the few Chinese IEM studios I can whole-heartedly recommend. Most of their IEMs and earbuds focus on what they refer to as "water-style tuning." (Moondrop's chinese name 水月雨 literally translates as "Water, Moon, Rain") Summed up in one sentence, it's a romantic style that emphasizes ultra-smooth mids with slightly rolled off treble to take off the edge and it's a vocal-lover's dream. This is not a common style of tuning for Western brands and closest comparison I can think of is probably the JH Angie. The Kanas Pro is closer to the neutral than some of their other offerings but the philosophy is the same. It's not super detailed but the timbre and soundstage are excellent and and it's tuning makes it a joy to listen to when you just want to relax and enjoy the music. Couple that with the visibly excellent build quality and fit and you have a winner. I was wondering when Moondrop would finally it's debut on MD, and I'm glad they went with this one as some of their cheaper IEMs are not as complete. Hopefully, we will see what I consider the best (considering price and performance) in their product line, the Liebesleid at some point. Bassheads need not apply but for everyone else, this is a great IEM at a good price that is definitely worth a listen.
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Hey, I've been busy travelling for business. I was going to suggest you try the treble filters but I guess you figured that out already :D Anyways, thought I'd share this with you since you love Dynamic drivers. Picked this up during my time in Singapore.
Dita's new project71. Much closer to neutral than Dita's usual V-shaped tuning but the same super fast and powerful bass that blew me away when I first listened to the Dita Dream.
Ah yes, the treble filters helped a lot. It’s still boomy but at least it doesn’t sound strange anymore. Man the Dita project71 looks great. If it’s neutral then it’ll be something that I’ll like.
This sounds very similar to the ADLC driver Campfire uses for the Vega and Atlas. Anyone know of or have any impressions comparing them? Almost tempted to just jump on them as they're right at my price point for random splurging...
I sold my Vega a long time ago and have only listened to the Atlas a few times, but I think it's safe to say they are not similar to the Kanas Pro. Vega and Atlas are what I consider to be quality basshead IEMs, V-shaped tuning with great quality and quantity in lows that doesn't drown out the other frequencies and energetic highs. I remember plugging the Vega into my Woo WA8 and was immediately blown away by the powerful bass, in a good way. The Kanas Pro is mid-centric, neutral tuning with some warmth in the sub-bass and smooth highs. It's a far more gentle approach that just let's the music flow.
Interesting, thanks. I actually use the Atlas daily for classical and think they do something wonderful with cello and all other percussion instruments I just don't get from many sets, even my over ears. I really don't need another mid centric or neutral IEM so many thanks for making that point known. I'm still curious about this though just for the tech at this cost. The times I wish MD had loaner tours or even a 14 day return policy. Oh well though. Thanks for your insight.
These sound great. To the extent that I’m torn between if I like these or the BGVP DM6 more. Great bass, neutral mids, and just the right amount of treble. No sibilance at all. The sound signature is tuned to Harman Curve. Totally worth the purchase.
huh, literally just got this. It's quite nice, decent sound stage, has some dropoff for deep subbass. Some people say it's neutral, but I don't find that to be the case, there is quite a bit of bass. For the price, it's killer. Adding a balanced cable if you have a balanced dac/amp is totally worth it too.
To me neutral means presenting what's in the recording as is, not 'little to no bass no matter what!'. That said, I do think KPE leans a bit to highs than really neutral and with some sub-bass roll offs like you said.
a great IEM from an enthusiast that set up his company to make good IEM.