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MSI GL72M Gaming Laptop

MSI GL72M Gaming Laptop

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does not have any discount compared to other place.. u can do better , massdrop
For the price the HP Omen 15 (Micro Center) is better at $999 (GTX 1060 6gb + 8th gen i7-8750)
or upgrade to
Acer Predator Helios 300 with its 144hz screen... $1199 (with a 60hz screen would be $999)
GTX1050 on a laptop = not a gaming machine, whatever the CPU is.
GTX1050Ti 4Gb is a bare minimum for modern games, and GTX1060 is highly recommended.

And MSI is discounting all these old models (i7 7xxx) at better prices on a lot of websites.
What's with all the salt? I mean I am not ordering it but man, super salty crowd. Maybe it's because it's Monday.
calling a 1050 vr ready is false advertising preying on people who don't know any better
GTX 1050 not what I'd call gaming... MOBA tops.
Lol. Lackluster deals are becoming too common.
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I don't understand why they don't do a more tiered system. Where the price drops increase as more sign on to the deal. That particular laptop would be tempting at $899 or maybe $1099 with a 1060 graphics card. Seems like the best deals are usually the made for massdrop items.
I paid this same price for my msi with an 8th gen processor through ibuypower
Has everything I'm looking for in a gaming laptop:

Previous generation CPU: Check
Weakest 10 series GPU: Check
Physical HDD instead of SSD: Check
Unspectacular Pricing: Check

I'll take 2!
Just saying, amazon has it for $150 cheaper, trading 8gb ram for a 128gb nvme. You could even spend the $150 saved on 8gb ram so you're back at 16gb and another nvme drive, giving you 256gb of nvme (or 128 raid 0 if you're crazy) and the 1tb it comes with.
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