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Muroexe Eternal Atom Sneakers

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I bought these ages ago, and have had no issues. I don't wear it on rainy days though. That might be why.
So far, so great on my feet. Surprised that the grip isn't better-- my only complaint is that I slip a lot.
I stopped wearing these shoes because I slipped so often it was a safety concern.
The soles stopped adhering after three months of wear. They flap around at the toe.
I also bought on the last drop and am also hugely disappointed.

The insoles come out often. Both outer soles (the rubber part) started peeling off on the toe, just like an old-timey hobo's shoes, and I had them fixed by a handy shoeshiner. He's apparently a better manufacturer than Muroexe because his fix has lasted longer than the original construction. Don't spend any money on these unless you plan on wearing them only a few times a year in a calm indoor environment.
I had the same issue of the sole peeling off.

However, I'd like to say that these shoes are wider than common brands and fit my fat feet quite well.
Last time they dropped I picked up a pair and since had to re-glue the sole 4 times. The black is not true black and the outer material will rip in the toe area from use. These shoes have been my worst shoe purchase to date. Not to mention they took almost two months to fulfill the order.
I'm interested in these shoes too, but hesitant based on the durability issues from the last drop - would be curious to hear if they have commitment to improving quality?
I may have been lucky but I have not had any issued with wear or build quality. My shoes are still like new after semi daily wear since the last drop. One word of warning to potential buyers is don't mind the warning to purchase a size larger, order the size you normally wear in shoes and it will fit fine, they are not any thinner than a normal sneaker.
It's kind of surprising that people are ordering this given the feedback from last time. Has there been some improvement?
Mine are already falling apart.
The sole has separated from the toe region after very light wear.
Hah! Trash.
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Muroexe """Eternal""" Atom Sneakers
Catch and release for me, anybody interested in a size 44 eur or 10 USmen? I'm in Australia
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I have 9.5's in black, blue and grape. I'm in the states, but hey better on you than sitting in a stack on my floor.
I have a size 10 in grey would you be interested to trade for the black?
I just got mine today. I am definitely disappointed. I got the 43 which translates to 9.5 which is fine for length but not nearly enough for width. I have 3 pairs blue black and grape. Looking to trade for a 10 or 10.5.
Anybody get them, and can confirm if they run small? I'm guessing I'm part of the backorder, and wondering if I can change my size.
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I ordered size 47 and they run HUGE. I normally wear size 12 shoes, sometimes size 11.5, depending on the manufacturer (which is between size 46 and 47 according to the sizing chart) but went for the 47 on Massdrop's recommendation to size up. I just tried them on and my toes are about 2" from the edge of these shoes. Now it appears I am stuck with them :(
Fair, but you're the one who agreed to the exchange. That's a part of how Massdrop works unless specified otherwise. Other brands do state their warranties/exchanges in their description, so they treat you the same.

Muroexe either doesn't care, or is too small to have good pr/cr just as they disclosed to you. It may suck to have regrets, but in the end it's what we agreed to pay for. Hard to be upset if you see it that way 😗🙂