MXL 840 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Pairsearch

MXL 840 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Pair

MXL 840 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Pair

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Any comments for recording acoustic guitars with these? Gonna record multiple layers, so signal to noise ratio is an important quality for me
How would this be for a hi Hat mic? I really only need 1 but for the price sound like a good deal. How does this mic compare with the Shure SM 94?
I would say they are better used as overheads - but one on snare and one on hi-hat would work also.
would these be good for stero miking a piano?
They wouldn't be my first choice. But as rooms in an xy configuration they would be ok.
Could anyone comment on how good these mics would be for vocal recordings? Right now I am using a CAD GXL2200 mic, and I wonder if these would be good to augment or replace that mic.
For vocals these would be good but not ideal. You're better off getting a cheap 'streaming' condenser mic off of Amazon for $30~$50. If you'd have a use for 2 on the other hand these might be a good enough deal for you to give up the draw back of the physical size.. If I could recommend a professional mic, I'd recommend a Blue Microphone, Audio-technica, or Senhieser!
You're looking for a Large Diaphragm Condenser for vocals.
Does anyone know if these would be good mics to record flute with?
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Yes! These are excellent as a close-in mic or an overhead mic for flute recording.
These should do fairly well for flute recording using an overhead position placed about ~6" above and angled towards the mouthpiece. Check out/search for the following YouTube video for placement using a Shure SM81. The recorded sound quality, production, and performance on this jazz album is excellent and I highly recommend this for-some-reason-relatively-unknown-artist... Search for the YouTube video (Amina Figarova "Making of CD TWELVE ". The flute starts at around 6:56. Also check out the mics being used on the other woodwinds and horns (mostly ribbon mics).

Happy recording.
I could use some help, Pro Audio folks. I'd like to get a pair of mics for a home karaoke setup. USB makes the most sense to me since it'll all be laptop based, but I have no idea. This price point, i.e ~$100 for two, would be ideal. Any recommendations?
this isn't the kind of microphone you're looking for. these are small diaphragm condenser microphones intended for use in a recording studio. not only are they XLR (standard microphone connection), they require phantom power from the pre-amp. if you don't know what this means - you're in the wrong part of the website.

check out amazon for USB dynamic mics. you shouldn't pay over $30 for one anywhere. in fact, radio shack has them for around $19.

there really needs to be a distinction between "pro audio" and "everyone else" on this website.
Gogreyhound ,

Thanks for the info. Sorry for muddling up the discussion with my non-pro-audio question, just thought I could get a reasonable answer from this crowd easier than most. I'll head on back to the "everyone else" side of website now. Cheers.
this drop is a steal. I'll have to see if I have it in the budget...
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