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Nature Power Jump Starter & USB Charger

Nature Power Jump Starter & USB Charger

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no shipping to israel?!
Any one know how many times it would charge an iPhone for long backpacking trips?
Around 6 full charge!
Do you get the usb-c type adapter ends for the cables in the market which would be compatible with this? My phone and laptop both have usb-c type charging ports and while my phone can survive on a usb cable the laptop needs higher input
I recently got a deal on a dbpower 600A from Amazon. 2 days later i had to jump start my car (winter). These compact jump starters are awesome. It is still on 100% charge after first jump.
I used an identical one to start a 1998 Ford V10 6.8l with a completely dead battery. it had held a charge from the year before when it was given as a present. The charge dropped from 100% to about 80% after two cranks. I screwed up the first time I turned the engine over.
So how long does this unit keep a useful charge before having to recharge it?
The included charging adaptor, Can I use it in country with 240v Power socket?
Should I go for this or the big car battery charger with jumping cables?
Even though it says 5L is there a possibility that it could jump a larger engine? Like a 5.7L V8?
There is probably a possibility (depending on how drained your battery is), but I wouldn't count on it as it is not guaranteed.
I bought a jump starter battery back 8 months ago, and it has been well worth the money. My coworker has used it on their car multiple times on a single charge; it is a 2.4L sedan. I paid $35 at the time with fast shipping - got it in two days ;) - but it only came with the jumper cable. As one person put it in a separate online review, "If this does the job once, it was well worth the money."

Personally, I would spend my $50 on one with a bigger battery capacity, packaged with a jumper cable and a cigarette lighter cable.* I am not sure if the cigarette lighter cable in this drop will work because it does not have the blue cable-end like the jumper cable has. And you will get it a heck of a lot sooner than this one.

*EDIT: Misinformed on the purpose of the cigarette lighter cable. My bad.
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There are few to zero vehicles in existence which can be jumpstarted through the accessory port. These ports are fused to maybe 10A generally, which is over a magnitude less than the current required to start a car. The jump starter you're referring to almost certainly does not exist.
Sure, then it's not a jump starter - it's just a car charger. Similar uses, but not the same.
On the contrary, I have one the same capacity as this and it's started a 2 litre diesel and a 2.3 litre Saab that was completely flat. One start only used 12% of its capacity. They hold a charge for months and are very light weight, so perfect to keep in a car if you doubt your cars battery or to help someone else.
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