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Naztech 26,800mAh QC 3.0/USB-C Power Bank

Naztech 26,800mAh QC 3.0/USB-C Power Bank

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Another Amazon is cheaper comment:
It's under different brand though, not Naztech but HyperGear ;)
Has anyone taken this thing traveling internationally? I have a trip coming up in August and currently plan to take this with me, but am a bit concerned about the TSA taking it.
Hey all - I have a Lenovo P51s that isn't recognizing the charger over USB-C... ideas? It would be nice to not worry about charging my work laptop while traveling...
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Hi, have you found a solution to the problem? Hi how many watt is the naztech power bank? I have HP Spectre 360 15t laptop with USB C port/ thunderbolt and I am not sure if this power bank would charge it. The battery I have in the laptop is 6 cell 84Wh li ion.
you should take a look at this product from Naztech. It will be back on a drop within the week:
The USB-C charging cable was missing from mine. How do I get a replacement?
Got my battery and it was clearly already opened... Any reason for this? Tampered Lithium batteries are the stuff of nightmares.
I work with the factory and you should ask for an exchange. Call this number (661) 310-1000 and ask for customer service.
How long does it take to charge the battery pack itself?
Initial full charge is about 8 hours, then 5-6 hours to recharge.
I received this power bank in the mail this morning from the recent drop. For some reason the percentage for the bank is staying at 78, never going to 100. Is that normal before its first full discharge(then recharge)? I haven't used its juice for my phone or tablet yet..just wondering.
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Ditto. Same exact percentage; no flashing. Did yours ever improve?
Anyone ever get an answer to this?
Just completed my personal test of Naztech 26800 vs Anker 26800 PD (Power Delivery @ 30 watts).
1. Same USB-C port used on Macbook
2. Same Anker USB-C to USB-C cable used
3. Macbook placed in same location (never moved)
4. Naztech and Anker placed in same location while charging Macbook
5. USB-C cable plugged into power bank using same orientation
6. Both given 30 minutes to charge Macbook in sleep mode
7. Both battery packs near new condition and full charge before testing (both less than 30 days old)

Naztech results: Battery of Macbook before charging..~37% - After 30 minutes..~ 48%
Anker results: Battery of Macbook before charging..~48% - After 30 minutes..~70%

Naztech charge = ~11%
Anker PD charge = ~22%

Conclusion: Anker PD charged at twice the rate of Naztech.

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To add to this, the main reason the Anker device charged faster is because the Anker device supports Power Delivery over Type-C, while the Naztech only supports 15W max over Type-C.

So the Anker charged at twice the rate because its PD spec supports up to 20V/1.5A, or 30W, literally double the speed of the Naztech.

What you need to consider in the end here is what you really need a power bank for. If you have a ton of 2-3 generation old cellphones and USB devices, you might want this Naztech power bank instead because it supports Quick Charge 3.0 where the Anker you mentioned doesn't. If you have current-gen Type-C smartphones, a Macbook, or something like a Nintendo Switch, buying a power bank that supports Power Delivery will benefit you equally or greater over this. (Or alternatively, you could shell out a bit more money and get a power bank with both QC3.0 and PD so you have both options available)

For example, my LG V30 supports both QC3.0 and PD, and charges at the same 18W rate on both, so it makes no difference to me which bank I use. My Nintendo Switch can make use of PD though and charge faster. So in the end, a PD device is better suited for me.

Just things for everyone to think about!
Hi how many watt is the naztech power bank? I have HP Spectre 360 15t laptop with USB C port/ thunderbolt and I am not sure if this power bank would charge it. The battery I have in the laptop is 6 cell 84Wh li ion.
Why does this only ship to the US?
Bare in mind that this power bank does NOT feature "Power Delivery" as it only pumps out about 12-13W (I doubt it will push a continuous 15W like the specs indicate). So it won't recharge a MacBook Pro like your normal power adapter will.

However, as Taiman below mentions, and I have observed with several other high capacity Type-C banks of my own, it will probably trickle charge a MacBook Pro, even while you are using it. But all that means is you'll be able to use it for longer and your internal battery drains just a little bit slower than normal. If you start out at 100%, and hook this up to it, you'll probably get an additional 2-2 1/2 hours of use out of the Mac until it shuts down (even if the power bank still has some charge left). But if you are already low on power when you attach this to your Mac, you will get very little benefit trying to use it with this setup.

Now if you are at 0% and don't need to use your Mac right away, plugging this in while the Mac sleeps or is shut down will recharge the internal battery, albeit very slowly. But it's better than nothing, especially when you are traveling and away from outlet power.

Otherwise, if you need 30W of recharging power while you use your computer, then look for banks that feature "Power Delivery". Currently Anker, Aukey, RAVPower, and others have this feature.
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Great write-up on your part. It got me thinking about comparing my Anker PD vs Naztech. Just finished my semi-scientific test. Please see results above.
You know, I hate it when folks come into the forums here just to sneer, “Well, it’s only $XX on Amazon!” Sometimes they have a point, other times they’re comparing 🍎‘s to 🍊’s.

That said, and not as criticism of the NazTech product here, but, if you do require “Power Delivery” to charge a Type-C device like a Nintendo Switch or a MacBook Pro, Aukey has a coupon for 27% Off on their PB-Y7 which is 30,000 mAh and features “PD”. Look for the coupon link BELOW the normal price of $79.99. Click it and Redeem then add the item to your Cart. You won’t see the discount yet in your Cart but you will see it on the next screen after proceeding to “Checkout”. Before confirming the purchase you should see a $21.00 Discount in the summery making the cost about $59 instead of $80. Mine arrived yesterday.