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Ninja All-Stars Clan Bundle

Ninja All-Stars Clan Bundle

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Train Your Warriors

Prepare your fierce clan of ninjas for battle in the annual ninja games in this campaign-style clash. Featuring artwork and sculpts from world-famous Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja All-Stars pits clans against each other in an epic journey to acquire experience, gain skills, and master the elements of the ninja world. Using unique dice mechanics based on a rock-paper-scissors style of play, this strategic game challenges players to determine the outcome of various aspects such as combat, searching, and special abilities on their way to completing objectives. It even allows for one-off scenario games and gives leagues the ability to develop their clan over multiple rounds of play.

Note: This drop includes the Clan Ika, Clan Tanchyo, Clan Yamazaru expansions. The base game is not included.

Ninja All-Stars Clan Bundle

Clan Ika

In a land where paranoia is a way of life, the Ika are famous for being even more secretive, cryptic, and distrustful of outsiders than usual. The Ika stick to their own families and clan, taking part in the larger power struggles of Kagejima based on mysterious criteria known only to themselves. They’re also renowned throughout the Kingdom of the Moon for brewing the most potent and delicious sake. Many Shinobi claim this powerful drink makes them better fighters.

Ninja All-Stars Clan Bundle

Clan Tanchyo

Clan Tanchyo are the agile, almost ethereal warriors of the great forests of Kagejima. Masters of air, Clan Tanchyo favor the bow and arrow to launch precise ranged attacks that rain down on all who stand in their way.

Ninja All-Stars Clan Bundle

Clan Yamazaru

Clan Yamazaru are powerful, yet playful warriors that employ a diverse array of weapons and tactics in their quest for the Moon Throne. Capable of great feats of strength, Clan Yamazaru are resilient, nimble, and composed—much like the great earth they champion. This earth affinity clan is an enticing option for lovers of practical jokes, fierce monkey warriors, and for those who want to bury their enemies in the dust of defeat!

Ninja All-Stars Clan Bundle


  • Designed by John Cadice, David Freeman, Deke Stella
  • Artwork by CDS Studio
  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Playing time: 90 - 120 min
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up


  • Clan Ika expansion
  • Clan Tanchyo expansion
  • Clan Yamazaru expansion


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