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Nix Pro Color Sensor

Nix Pro Color Sensor

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Portable Color Picker

For when green isn’t just green, but “Baby Vegetable” in one color system and “Coconut Grove” in another, there’s the Nix Pro Color Sensor. This palm-sized device allows you to scan any object and instantly view color information on your iPhone or Android—an alternative to bulky, expensive swatch books and inaccurate smartphone apps. Pull colors from the world around you and store them digitally for an exact match every time, whether you’re a photographer color-correcting in post, a graphic designer calibrating your printer, or simply matching paint colors for your home.

Nix Pro Color Sensor
Nix Pro Color Sensor
Nix Pro Color Sensor

How It Works

Featured on Discovery Channel and in TechCrunch, and dubbed “a Photoshop Eyedropper tool in real life” by Apartment Therapy, the Nix Pro is user-friendly and built to last, with more than 10,000 colors in its database. Simply open the app and place the device on or against an object. The Nix Pro then blocks all ambient light, provides its own calibrated light source, and runs the color through its proprietary calibration algorithm, converting it to any color system you can imagine. The app lets you add notes, upload your own custom color database, and later input the data into Photoshop, GIMP, and other programs on your Mac or PC. Plus, as the app is updated frequently (at no additional cost), the product becomes better and better over time.

Nix Pro Color Sensor
Nix Pro Color Sensor

Use Case


  • Nix
  • Provides color information in CIEXYZ, CIELAB, sRGB, CMYK, HEX, ACES, ACEScg color systems
  • User-selectable reference illuminant (A, C, D50, D55, D65, and D75) and observer angle (2º and 10º)
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements (Repeatability Delta E <0.1)
  • Rechargable battery over micro USB connection
  • Long battery life (3,000+ scans, 6 month standby on a single charge)
  • Factory-calibrated to maintain accuracy over time
  • Compatible with iOS and Android (requires Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Made in Canada


  • 60 day guarantee for manufacturers defects


Nix Pro Color Sensor


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