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NiZ Plum84 Pro Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

NiZ Plum84 Pro Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

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Reliable Switches & an Efficient Layout

Utilizing electro-capacitive key switches, the NiZ Plum84 Pro combines the silent operation of a rubber dome keyboard with the reliability and tactility of a mechanical keyboard. The construction consists of a rubber dome that houses a slider, over which is a coiled spring and a printed circuit board. The result? Limited resistance from a soft tactile bump, and individually weighted keys for a consistent feel. Outfitted with strong PBT keycaps, the board is durable and resistant to the oils that build up from your fingertips over time. If you want to adjust the layout, feel free: It’s fully programmable as well. 


  • NiZ
  • USB
  • Physical layout: US QWERTY
  • ANSI
  • Switches: 35-gram electro capacitive
  • Cherry MX–compatible PBT keycaps
  • Top- and side-printed legends
  • Compatibility: Windows 8, 8.1,10, Mac OS (10.10 and above) iOS (iOS 7.0 and above), Android (4.4 and above)
  • Fully programmable
  • Software (English) only runs on Windows OS
  • 90 million lifetime clicks
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • 6-key rollover
  • Multimedia keys
  • Switch mount type: Plate
  • Keycap character technology: Non-destructive laser carving


  • USB-C cable
  • Plastic keycap puller
  • Additional springs
  • Extra keycaps


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