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NiZ Plum84 Pro Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

NiZ Plum84 Pro Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

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How hard is it to find keycaps for this?
Isn't this the same thing as a choc mini noppoo?
This uses electrostatic capacitive switches, which are very similar in feel to topre - some even prefer it (myself included). The noppoo, as far as I know, comes with cherry switches. So, while the body might be the same, the switches, feel and sound are entirely different.
Which software is used to program it? Is it compatible with the QMK firmware (
Warning: the sliders are very tight fitting and can lead to cracked keycaps. I put on a set of Maxkey SA and ended up with 3 cracked stems.
Thanks for the warning!
Got this board early this year and have really been enjoying it. The low actuation pressure takes some getting used to, but I got there and really enjoy the feel of typing on it. Its a perfect size for people who want a compact board but still want the function keys.

My only complaint is that the spacebar is basically impossible to replace if you want to swap keycaps.
If anyone has gotten this or any Plum Niz board to work well with a mac I'd greatly appreciate your help. I haven't had much help at all from the company other than the same instructions over and over. Basically similar to the other complaint of keyboard not recognized so remapping won't work even through native macOS sysPref
Where do you get the software for this keyboard? I have one already and I try to use it and it says "Keyboard not connected" even though it is. Its listed under windows devices and I'm typing on it right now.
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Thank you. I tried the randombits one. I downloaded your copy as well and it has the same issue. I have the same problem on my laptop as well, both are running Windows 10, so maybe that has something to do with it. I emailed NIZ to see what they say
This is so odd!
I just tried mine with my software, mk is recognized, "read all" does provide my settings, but altering those and "write" it to the mk isn't saved, no failure message. I'm running Win10, too.
Mehhh why can't they make a nice 66% keeb. Their 60+ has odd layout with shift key as an arrow and short nearly unreplacable spacebar. While this keyboard's layout is good it would look much cleaner without function row. I don't understand why they could not make their 60+% version like this...
pretty sure selling just different weighted domes would net a fair amount of people.
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What's weird is that they make the bluetooth version of this in 45g. I have one.
Plum boards are available in 45g. I don't understand why MD never runs that option. You can also buy aftermarket domesheets for them of 55g and 62g domes.
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Bluetooth models.

Bluetooth models
Some thoughts that, even with higher prices I think would make Niz more productive during their drops are adding different dome weighting options and dropping their current lineup with the bluetooth and RGB options. Apparently their business model is pretty good, they've been at it for years, but imho you've got to listen to the community and fix the spacebar length on the alternate layouts.
Well, besides the Tenkeyless and Full-Size boards, which have normal-sized spacebars. I'm typing this on the Pro 87.