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Noble 5 Universal BA IEM

Noble 5 Universal BA IEM

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Just Drive

Most people are content to drive themselves, or employ one driver at the very most. In the same vein, most IEMs only feature two or three drivers, but that doesn’t make anything more excessive, just outside of the norm. Bringing a total of five dedicated drivers to the table along with a heap of design expertise, the Noble 5 IEM is the most portable way to feel the full power of your music.

Noble 5 Universal BA IEM

Power of Five

After years of working as an audiologist, lead designer John Moulton teamed with Brannan Mason for a series of custom IEM’s, managing to fit 10 drivers into their most popular model. Now tasked with making a universal model, the team had to dial the count down to five drivers, but that’s more than enough to get your head rocking. Between the five balanced armature drivers, one covers the lows, two have the mids, and two hit the highs, delivering a full range of sound with complete clarity.

Noble 5 Universal BA IEM

House of Nobles

Rich in detail and well distributed, the Noble 5 features boosted bass, sparkling highs, and entirely natural mids. In addition to their unique sound profile, these monitors boast ergonomic construction and rose gold plated pentalobe screws to differentiate them from the rest of the line, or any other IEMs for that matter. If that's not enough, the detachable, silver plated copper cable features Kevlar stranding in the shielding, a 45 degree termination point, and superior flexibility, making for a cable that can hold up to 160 pounds. If any part of your sound range has fallen flat, it’s time to get some dedicated drivers on the job to put your music right back where it should be. It’s time to try the Noble 5 IEM.

Noble 5 Universal BA IEMNoble 5 Universal BA IEM


  • 5 balanced-armature drivers
  • 1 precision tuned low frequency driver
  • 2 precision tuned mid frequency drivers
  • 2 precision tuned high frequency drivers
  • 3-way design
  • Impedance- > 30 Ohms
  • Detachable cable with two-pin configuration
  • Rose gold plated pentalobe screws


  • Crush proof carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • 2 audio bands
  • 12 pairs of ear tips (4 kinds, 3 sizes)
  • Ownership card


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