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Looking to get the Godspeed mat if anyone has an extra. I'm in USA
I've got XDA Godspeed incoming... When this thing arrives it's going to compliment the set so well. Can't wait.
Bah, just came across this drop. What's the likelihood that Novelkeys put in additional quantities for sale on their site? Alternatively how soon (if ever) would there be a second run?
I do believe that after the GB orders are fulfilled there will be some available at on increased price on his website.
Anyway I could add another mat to my order?
Contact MD Support directly. Posting here does nothing unfortunately
Does the background of the Ares mat match the Solar Alphas or the Supernova Alphas?
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Thanks! And you're not late at all! I am trying to find the keycap set on reddit, but may have to wait until they drop again in about a year. Just wanted to make sure before I found someone on reddit. Thank you!!
Oh well have you seen the drop? Yu could better judge the colors by going there. I am also referring to the XDA colors not the SA drop
What the heck, this drop ended already?
I hope there will be some extra Laser mats left for sale on Novelkeys. I happened to just miss the drop... :(
What about the grey one?
Seriously! I wanted the grey one =[

Someone said it was just a bad picture of the blue one.
I won’t be joining this drop (although I seriously want to, don’t have the extra cash) I just want to commend Novelkeys, Mito, and Massdrop for this f***ing awesome drop. The designs are dope af and the price is incredibly good (especially if you’re in the US like me). I seriously wish I could join this drop but I just can’t justify having more than one mouse mat atm. (Damn I wish I had money to blow!!!)
Great job! These things blew up and I didn't even get in on GMK Laser, but still grabbed that mat just cause its got a great look.
I haven't looked at this drop for a few days and I see it's now over a thousand units. Nice work mgsickler hope you don't have ship and package that many items 8)
I am down on some of that lazer action.
These look so nice but ouch the expected date of delivery
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There there, take a couple of deep breaths, find your safe space, and everything will be better.
Haha, if you hadn't been such a total douche to Vigrith's polite explanation, all this wouldn't have happened.