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NovelKeys x MiTo Desk/Mouse Mat

NovelKeys x MiTo Desk/Mouse Mat

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Does anyone know what keocao set is shown in the image with the Miami desk mat? With the pink case, Black keys I think? Looks really nice. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks for sharing this! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond and even providing a link!
Hey everyone,

Round 2 of these deskpads have been officially ordered. They will start production soon. I will keep you all updated once these have shipped to me.


I got mine last week. Extra points for EU shipping (it must have been, zoomed right through customs). Love the mat (godspeed).
I've just received mine. I can say that the quality is superb!
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When was the first drop? trying to estimate arrival times for my Mito mat
I've ordered it around last week of Feb, then delivered May 29. I've used a forwarder company (US based) then ship it here in Manila for a week, then it took me more than a week to pick it up from their office here. Roughly 4 months of waiting but the wait i think is worth it!
UGH! Damnit, I missed it! :<
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That one
MD ate your link but I saw what you were talking about. I can see why it doesn't work with your setup. It's far too busy lol!
Purchased this in June but the shipping date is all the way in September?!? Is there any chance it will come sooner?
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There is a small chance it may come beforehand, but most likely not. It is quite a process to get these ordered, produced, shipping, and then repackaged.
Understood. Thank you for the reply! I was mainly hoping I'd have it before I head off to college, but it'll be alright.
This + laser Alt = perfect
Any chance for a smaller version? Maybe 12x36?
First sentence in the description: "If you’re keyboard"

I stopped reading. I'm sorry for being such an ass but this kind of turns me off when sellers don't put in effort to even click spell check before submitting their product description :(
Massdrop actually handles the product description, but I did check it over. Mistakes happen, in the grand scheme of things, its not that big of a deal.
Do these mats mark up easily?

I find that a *lot* of mats like this will get marks on it like from just barely rubbing the tip of your fingernail on it... little white marks all over..
Nope. I have the Apollo deskmat right in front of me, and it doesn’t seem to be affected