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Do LEDs fit on these?
Installed the Pale Blues in my K-Type (with genuine Cherry stabilizers, otherwise stock) yesterday and I'm in love. This is a spectacular switch, and my wife (who is a Cherry Blue/Razer Green user) is jealous. Completely agree with the below comments by Applehugger and etatauri in comparison to Cherry's Blues and the click-bar design, it's phenomenal. I also greatly prefer this weight and distance of travel to those of the Speed switches I initially ordered in the K-Type.

Out of the entire board, I bent one of the switch contacts going in, which wasn't an issue as I had to get extra to populate the K-Type. I think it can be bent back and used in future if needed, though, and it's my fault.

Honestly thought I'd have to go through several additional switch types before I found my happy switch, but the Pale Blues hit it out of the park.
I bent like 3 during installation but bending it back worked fine.
I installed my Pale Blues on my DasKeyboard yesterday. What a fantastic switch, especially for the price! They're extremely smooth, almost on the same level as ALPS SKCC switches, and the weighting is absolutely perfect. Of course, the sound is way, way nicer than the horrible rattly plasticy noise that MX Blues make, and although these Pale Blues aren't really much more tactile than standard MX Blues, the tactility is extremely clean and precise: a massive improvement over Cherry's click jacket design. The lack of keycap wobble is really nice too; the keys feel very solid with these switches installed. I think Kailh's click-bar switches are about as good as a clicky MX mount switch can get given the limitations of the MX design. ALPS tactile and clicky switches are still way more tactile, but these Pale Blues finally give me a clicky switch option for my Cherry MX compatible keyboards that isn't completely awful. In fact, I really enjoy typing on these things!

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Thanks for sharing this. Are they high pitched like Cherry blues or do they have a deeper click like Alps blues? It's a little hard to tell from the video.
Actually, they’re even higher pitched than Cherry Blues. I only have experience with White ALPS, but these sound nothing like any ALPS switch I’ve tried and the click is totally different from White ALPS. However, I personally think these Box Pale Blues sounds really good; it’s a very crisp and clean click, and they click on both the downstroke and upstroke. For reasons I can’t explain, the sound just makes me smile :-) They aren’t as loud as ALPS click switches either.
Just came in and first impressions are good! Unlike cherry blues these don't rattle and don't crunch. It clicks satisfyingly and feels solid with no rattle. I don't feel any hysteresis and I gotta say these feel closer to my co-workers unicomp than any other MX style switch Ive owned.
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There is less of it. But the click is sharp and crisp so it's still noticable in a different way. Feels more solid with no rattle or scratchiness. No hystersis that I've noticed either.
Like etatauri said, the Box Pale Blues are less tactile than MX Blues but you won’t notice much of a difference in tactility unless you really pay atttention to it. The tactility is still obvious , not because it’s so tactile but because of the click. Like with any clicky switch, the click is what points out the tactility to you. With noise cancelling headphones, MX blues are about as tactile as MX Browns (not very) but the click makes them seem more tactile than they are.
For those of you wondering, I was told by Kristina from Massdrop support that labels have been created for these orders of Kailh Box Heavy switches and they are on track to meet the 1/12 shipping date. I contacted support for another reason, but they gave me this piece of information in my support request.
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I like your tastes :)

I will have practically the same set-up as you (K-Type /w GMK stabs, dev/tty, Box Pale Blue switches). I did end up preordering the Box Navy switches whenever they come back in stock, and will likely replace the Pale Blues in my K-Type with the Box Navy whenever I get those in.
I too have ordered the Pale Blues. I love heavier switches like the MX and Halo Clears and their tactility. I like the idea of clicky switches but never liked MX Blues all that much so I'm pretty excited about this one.
So I'm new to this whole Box Switches thing. Did a brief readup, but still have two questions:
- Does this work with the K-Type?
- The description of the clicky Box White switches is that they are linear clicky switches in feel. Given that the Box Heavy Pale Blue are similar, how do they compare to a standard MX Blue switch?
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How can they be less tactile than Cherry MX?
The tactility in Cherry MX Blue switches is barely there.
Am I gonna hate Kailh BOX Heavy Pale Blue switches when I love the tactility of Matias Click, SKCM ALPS White switches?
They are less tactile because they use a clickbar mechanism with a more linear stem.
This drop is really grabbing my attention. I love heavier switches like the Halo Clear and Cherry Clears. And I love the idea of clicky switches but the MX blues are just not for me. The sound isn't bad, but the hysteresis is so bad it almost feels sticky. How do these compare with MX blues? It's pretty hard to judge based on the graph alone.
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How is the tactility compared to the MX switches? And is it as loud?
These aren’t as tactile, but are probably slightly louder than blues
My partner got me light blues for Christmas! Super excited to try these on my K-Type, too bad this drop doesn't ship until January...
Considering some pale blue for a Tina A build.