NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Heavy Switches (70 or 110pcs)search

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Heavy Switches (70 or 110pcs)

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Heavy Switches (70 or 110pcs)

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Just got my BOX Heavy Burnt Oranges and can't wait until October when I can put them on the Kira.
So I got in on this drop thinking the BOX Heavy Burnt Orange switches were actually Speed Coppers with a heavier spring. Is this not the case? Im not opposed to trying them out but the description says its just a heavier brown... Wouldn't the stems be brown if that were the case? Seems necessarily complicated to make a special run of the brown stems in a different color just to make it more confusing haha
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Kaihua has been a little crazy with their stem colors lately - but they don't look like Speed Coppers at all. vs
Heavy Speed Coppers were part of the drop located here , called Speed Heavy Burnt Orange
Is the only difference between the box navy and the sage the box? The box is better for dirt and grime so therefore better for messy environments while the sage is better for clean environments. Also so the boxes are better for floating key designs while the sages are better for bezled keyboards because dirt. Are the boxes better for keycap wobble as well?
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I have Hako Trues on my GMMK in a few areas. They're box switches and the stability is really nice. It took some getting used to the 70g on these but after about a day or so, I started to like them. I wouldn't say these particular ones are as close to Topre as advertised, but they're solid and you can really tell when you're actuating.
I want some box switches but I have to save money right now and I’m going to college next year so yeah...
As someone coming from MX Blues to the heavy BOX Burnt Orange (hypothetically), would I see an increase in fatigue due to heavier weight? Also, would I expect a drop in gaming or typing speed and/or accuracy? I know that goes against conventionally advertised wisdom to use BOX Burnt Orange as a hybrid gaming/wordsmithing switch, but then again the same logic applies to Blues.

Also, evem though the switch is waterproof-ish, how would one protect the PCB from splashes and spills (especially with surface mount components)?
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Little did I know how deep this rabbit hole goes. I did end up jumping in for a set of Burnt Orange switches. They don't let usbring our own kb's to work, and the one I do have is a membrane but one with very heavy clicks for some reason. So, even though the login card reader is broken, I've kept it since I like the way it feels. Hopefully, that carries over to an enjoyment of these slightly heavier switches.
They obviously can't do as much about your keyboard, aside from putting some kind of grommet around the switch housing, but this would at least supposedly protect your investment in the switches. At least you wouldn't be having to swap out the keyboard AND switches.
How does the orange compare to other tactile switches? Like zealios for instance. I really love the sounds of these switches thou.
Can someone remind me , operating force is average, actuation, or bottom out?
Can anyone compare these to MX Clears?
I’m trying to find something with a bigger bump but I’m terrible at interpreting force graphs.
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Thanks for the advice! Do you have any other suggestions? I was thinking maybe the Hako (or was it Haro?) Clear Trues
I have mx a pretty new mx clear board and it is smoother than a my pok3r with nature whites

I already got them the moment I saw them on novelkeys, but damn. Waiting for a looong time.
**IMPORTANT**: Are these the re-tooled burnt orange or are they old stock??
These are the newest versions.
has anything changed with the yellow or pale blue?
I am sorry but can someone tell me the advantage of buying it here ? Am I missing something ? It is almost exactly the same price on aliexpress which has a few more quantity option and arrives faster.
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Why sketchy..? I mean I have bought from aliexpress about 4 times.. they were late but I wasn’t in a hurry... still faster than mass drop most of the time.. and anytime ur not happy with something, I be heard they are more responsive than mass drop.. not trying to dump MD.. just curious..!!
Seems to be literally more expensive, with estimated shipping of 19-39 days. Maybe for other international folks its a good deal somehow?