NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack (27 Switches)search

NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack (27 Switches)

NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack (27 Switches)

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27 Switches From the Kailh MX Family

Jumping into mechanical keyboards can be intimidating. Make it easy with the NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack: a 27-switch collection that allows you to try them all before you buy. Because switches vary so much in weight, feel, and sound, it’s hard to home in on a favorite right off the bat. The sample pack includes heavier switches, lighter switches, BOX switches, speed switches, and everything in between to help you narrow it down. You could even put them on a numpad to get a different feel with each keypress. 


  • Red
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Pro Burgundy
  • Pro Purple
  • Pro Light Green
  • Pro Berry
  • Pro Plum
  • Pro Sage
  • BOX Red
  • BOX Black
  • BOX Brown
  • BOX White
  • BOX Dark Yellow
  • BOX Burnt Orange
  • BOX Pale Blue
  • BOX Navy
  • BOX Jade
  • Speed Gold
  • Speed Copper
  • Speed Silver
  • Speed Bronze
  • Speed Dark Yellow
  • Speed Burnt Orange
  • Speed Pale Blue
  • Speed Navy


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