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NuForce BE6i Bluetooth IEM

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Received mine but the end of one the earbuds is missing the magnetic part?
Do I have to send this back or can the missing part be shipped.
What??? I am terribly sorry for this... This is strange.

Please send me your contact details by email and I´ll get you new pair by expedited shipment. jyri.jokirinta (at)

$15 for shipping LOL?
This is ridiculous... It's been a month since the item was shipped and no sign of it being close. The tracking has been stuck for three weeks!
Haven't received mine yet. Already spent a week stuck at JOHN F KENNEDY INTL, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES according to the tracking offered by USPS. I hope i receive them cause i spent about €70 on these.
These have an uncanny resemblance to $20 Acorce earbuds I purchased on Amazon. Perhaps they source the same components and replace the all important driver.

The biggest problem with these rechargeable earbuds is that the tiny batteries are not replaceable, so it becomes a disposable item after a year or so.
Nope. We design our products from zero.

- Jyri/NuForce
I received my unit today. I think it's a dead-on-arrival.

Problem: When I pressed the power-on button for 3 seconds, nothing came up. No light, nothing. I thought the battery was out of juice so I charged it for 3 hours. The charging light was blue, but it kept turning on for 10 seconds, then off for 10 seconds, in a loop. When it stayed blue for a while, I thought it was fully charged so I unplugged it and pressed and held the power button for 3 seconds but the unit failed to turn on.

If someone knows why this is happening, could you please help?

My apologies for the delay, I haven't seen this message earlier.

The power button would need to be held down longer than 3s. You can hold until you see blue light - this indicates the earbuds are on. If you keep holding down, the earphones will go into a pairing mode and you'll see blue and red lights blinking.
Also, the earbuds will say "Power on", "Pairing mode activated".
Here is a short setup video for the earphones:

If this did not help please contact us so that we can trouble shoot, and worst case exchange to a new pair.

- Jyri/NuForce
No warranty offered on these? I imagine a lot of people are going to take a skip if this is the case.
1 Year warranty.

I am disappointed. I received my set this week and was anxious to try it out. A quick test at home was great, pairing to my phone was quick and easy, the earphones sounded great out of the box.
However, i bought these for exercise, and this is where the trouble started. I typically exercise with my phone in my pants left pocket, and despite the short distance, my movements cause the sound stream to constantly break up.
When walking it's not so bad, the stream only breaks up a bit once in a while, not so bad. But when i'm using gym devices, and move quite a lot, and my movements are more extreme, the music constantly breaks up. It's like listening to a scratched CD that keeps skipping. This loses the whole point of getting these, i got them for exercising without tangling cables, but if the music stream is not continuous, what is the point?
The description says they're good for up to 98 ft, but even from 2ft with a layer of fabric separating, it was no good. Not sure if these are defective, or just generally not good.
Please let me know how i can go about returning these.
I already own a pair of these, and can confirm they sound pretty decent. My only complaint is how when you insert the micro USB cable, it bends the flap that covers it. It seems like an afterthough, or slightly unfinished. Disappointing on a product that is otherwise quite well refined.
How well do these fit under helmets and have the charging issues been solved?
These are big, and probably won't fit comfortably under any helmet.
Hi, just saw your message - I’m assuming motorcycle helmet? I currently use AKG 323xs, and when slipping a helmet over them, they sometimes pop out of my ears. If they don’t, then sound great - but because they’re wired, it’s annoying wrestling w them. Have you managed to find a decent pair of small bluetooth buds?
Does this model have a microphone?
yes it has
Just got my set. I am enjoying them, but unfortunately it appears that they do not want to charge. I tried multiple chargers and cables to no avail. The light doesn’t come on which I thought that maybe it just wasn’t indicating so I just left it connected. Came back 45- 60 minutes later and it was still saying 60%. How does getting this resolve work through Massdrop? Thanks.
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I’d be a little more accepting of it failing after 2 years, but I just got mine yesterday so it’s very frustrating.
Yup learned my lesson and just ordered Bose for triple the amount so maybe 6 years of use ??? ya sure!