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Bought one back in Nov thru massdrop. Everything seems great till a few weeks ago, not able to charge the unit. It still works when the power usb cable is connected and charging. But the moment the usb is unplugged the unit goes flat dead experience the same ?
Anyone else getting static noise and popping even when no music is being played? Is there a solution or are mine faulty out of the box? Or maybe thats just normal?
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Let's get you a new pair. Can you call us or send us an email

Alright, but what if I'm not from the US? Is that still ok? I'm from Poland btw.
Why did you link this?
Why my NuForce shipped to Singapore, but can't reach my address?
January 25, 2018, 7:52 pm Incorrect Address - Item forwarded / redirected SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE

I haven't not received any email or phone call.
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Thank you for the recommendations, i was typing in all caps so i could call for attentions seeing as the drop for the TFZ Series 2, 4 and My Love II's where ending and those where the ones i would've originally bought. This is also my very first time buying IEMs so i think i got a bit to exited and just jumped on the EDC's when i saw how many positive reviews it has. Thank you again, it has inspired me to think about the product more when i get it, whether it is in the audio departement or more in the tech departement's.
Any time, pjetore!
I had a set or should I say 5 of these. They do sound good and have good battery life, but they continually broke on me ( an ear bud would go out) and i had to send them back to Optoma about 5 times in a 6month or so span before i gave up on them. Their support is easy to work with so i commend them on that, but i would not recommend them at all.
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I wish I knew why they kept failing, I consider myself very tech savvy and did as much troubleshooting as I could under the circumstances of not tearing it apart. I really wanted it to work! As I stated the battery lifeand sound were both great along with having an attractive build aesthetic. I eventually called it quits though, and bought a different set of Bluetooth earbuds which I have had no issues with.
What was the Alternative you went with?
I have two questions:

- Would these be comfortable for a person with small ear canals? I've been reading a lot of negative comments about the size of the earbuds and how they don't fit into one's ears.

- Is the range really 30 m? I intend to play basketball with these on, so ideally I'd like the range to span the half court.
The part you insert in your ear is tiny, as long a you pick small tips you should be good.

As to range, in my experience there is no way it extends to 30 meters. I’d say 10? The range on these is nothing special.
The main problem you’ll encounter (and that will be a problem with more or less any wireless headphones until at least Bluetooth 5.0) is that a wide-open basketball court is the worst place for signal quality. With no walls to bounce it gets lost. Just turning a corner into a large avenue I got cuts and interference, so much so that I bought wired headphones for when I’m out and about.

Settling for a lower-quality SBC codec should alleviate the issue. I’d say it‘s a shame to get these and use a 160 kbps stream, but at this price...
Thanks a lot! I'll opt for cheaper headphones, then.
I’m reading a lot of über-negative comments that baffle me. Obviously a lot of people are having issues and I don't doubt anyone’s claims.

However. I DO work out with those in my ears, several hours a pop, with a lot of inversions and balance tricks upside down, as well as running and a lot of dynamic movement. If anything bothers me in terms of fit, it’s the rubber of the cable between the earbuds that tends to snag a bit on a sweaty neck. Note I’m not even using the accessories provided to fit these stronger inside the ear.

These ARE athletic iems, why even dispute that? They are waterproof, sweatproof and dustproof, perfect for outdoors trails as well as the gym. They’re quite big but I can’t imagine a situation where that would be a problem and they look great and are sturdily-built. As to weight - it remains negligible compared to headphones.

The way I see it many have trouble finding the correct seal. I myself had to go for Comply tips in Large, otherwise I would indeed feel the iems moving around and the sound was crappy. That would also explain why some of you are dissatisfied by the bass - these are not for bassheads, granted, but the bass is very punchy and outstandingly detailed for the price and considering this is bluetooth. Stereo separation is top-of-the-line, on a par with very expensive gear, which adds to the fun even if the general soundstage is not comparable with open headphones. I’ve auditioned $300+ wired headphones from well-known brands that sounded noticeably worse and lower-fidelity than the Be6i.

Battery life on my unit and my wife’s wasn’t 10 hours at all, more like 6 at the start in AptX/AAC, which is already better than most athletic iems. It went down to 3 or 4 after a year, at which point Nuforce replaced them for us. Quite the great customer experience.

For people frustrated by the amount of bass in the Be6i the new Be Free8 by Nuforce (so-called « true wireless » iems) are more tuned to emphasize bass.
This is a pretty darn good set of Bluetooth earphones for sure;

Some solid alternatives would be the ADVANCED Model 3 or Evo-X, just keep in mind their wireless connections aren't as stable nor do they offer the same crazy range or battery life. If you want something bassy, give the Brainwavz BLU-200 a shot.
Here's my review of this. Definitely take a read, there are distinct pros and cons to this earphone.
I enjoyed your review as well as some of your others. Could you suggest a couple other BT iem you prefer, in terms of sound? Thx.