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I got mine last week and like them so far! They sounds great, but as other users have expressed, they lack and real low end. If youre looking for a full range sound, I would suggest looking elsewhere. The fit seems pretty good as well. Im having to get used to using IEMs like this, as I’ve never been a huge fan, but these aren’t bad at all. As far as packaging goes, my box came damaged, but I attribute that to fedex, who ended up giving my box an extra trip out of state..... the accessories all seem to work well at the moment. I’ll comment back fine I have problems!
Comparison between HEM8 and Shure SE846?
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Thanks for the reply! Own the 846 (love it), so wanted to hear comparison to see if it's worthwhile to add the HEM8. Guess what I'm looking for is something at the 846 calibre, but with different characters.
Hi OracleKev,

If you love the 846, then you want to get married with the Noble U10! :)
FiiO Fh5 is by far a better buy. Save your money if you plan on getting the HEM8 and get the Fiio Fh5. They got the bass these lack and the mids/highs you still need.
WOW look at those accessories!!!
Although after careful consideration I will be stearing clear. If you check the reviews on amazon and google there are tons of people having horrible issues with Hem6 & Hem8. I was going to order Hem8 today but after seeing so many reviews where buyers have driver failure on these iem within one month ofpurchase, cable problems and so much more.
I decided to not buy this. Great accessories though but I doubt the quality is there. Plus, hearing how bad is the customers service isnt helping either. You would spend almost $300 and fifity fiifty chance that you could end up with failed product, no way.
I bought the HEM8 on Amazon and had an issue with the cable (no issues with the drivers yet). NuForce was very communicative and offered to send me a new pair. They ended up sending me a new cable at my request. Pretty good customer service IMO. I can't speak for those other customers. Also, if NuForce doesn't honor a Massdrop purchase as legitimate, Massdrop has been really good as well with customer service, replacing full headphones that I had issues with. I think you'd be safe buying these.
Does anyone know how I get support / RMA on these? Got the hem8 in the last drop and the right phone has some distortion/rattle primarily on low frequency. I have used them for 60ish hours on multiple devices, DACs, amps DAC/amp combo, phone, onboard sound. I have also tried all kinds of sound formats and quality.
Contacted optoma support over 2 weeks ago via the online form with no reply ...
You might need to keep emailing them, maybe check your spam email for a response. I had a good experience dealing with them. Or call them:
Customer Service
510-897-8600 1-888-289-6786 (6am – 5pm PST)
Can anyone comment how these compare to Primo 8 and EDC3?
Why does the URL say HEM8?
Plz any one tell me which is better nuforce hem6 or ue900s
Had both of them, kept UE900S. It sounds more neutral, however the fit (therefore the isolation) and the cables of HEM6 were better. Even though I like the MMCX , two pin connection feels much safer. Both of them have great accessories however the carrying case of UE900S is a joke, so I bought the older version. Both of them are great actually. HEM6 is better if you like to listen to more bass heavy songs. Don't get me wrong, it's only relatively bass heavy. UE900S is on the other side more detailed and feels wonderful to listen classical or acoustic.

Just a side note: If the color is not an issue, check the HEM2. Even though it just a single BA driver, it sounds perfectly fine, especially considering its price. Not to mention that you get all the goodies in the box, just like HEM6 or HEM8.
Not many purchases... seem like a bad buy?
I’ve heard these are VERY good, especially For the price. There were just a ton of IEMs on here at once. Several NuForce even. It was bad of MASSDROP to “drop” them all at once.
Be very careful with how to drive HEM8. Some devices will give you dirty sound. My guess is that you need an amp with very small output impedance (<1 ohm). So it can be a bad buy for some people.
4 balanced armatures for commit at 279$? Yes please.
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I honestly feel like this is one of the rare deals I’ve had on this site. When I purchased those for the price I did, lower than the price you’re being offered now, they were close to $500 on Amazon at their lowest. And honestly they sound really good. I do not like bright headphones I don’t like bright earphones. I like a little bass and that doesn’t mean it’s not audio file. Audio file just means what’s sounds good within 0 to 50,000 kHz or some shit and sounds good to you with good quality components. Bass to m audio file as shit and D’s for just over $200, for bass in mid heavy for balance Armature drivers were a good deal and I recommend them to anyone.
That's "audiophile." One word. An audio file is something on your PC. Sorry, but using a wrong (and ludicrously wrong) usage multiple times made my head ache. (If English is not your first language, I apologize. But from reading your posts, it sounds to me like it unfortunately is.)
I might just ask directly through Nuforce support but anyways.... since the cable connection of this HEM series is so unique, do you plan to release balanced cables? I think my HEM8 would deserve a 2,5mm TRRS OFC cable :)