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NuForce HEM6 & HEM8 IEMs

NuForce HEM6 & HEM8 IEMs

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Can any one tell nufore primo 8 and hm8 which one is better
What is this commit for 249 usd
If enough other people join, you'll join when the price gets to $249,99
But now priece 249.99 is in drop u can see plz reply
When are these going to be available again?
Here they are
Jyri where can we get replacement cables for these hem8's the mic cable i got with mine cant be plugged in all the way on the left side otherwise it cuts in and out when i move my head, if i pop it up a finger nail width it works but is prone to falling off. the ofc cable works no problems
Please contact us and we'll arrange the replacement cable.

- Jyri/NuForce
These or Audeze isine 10?
Ooops, waited too long, now the HEM8s are now sold out. :(
More HEM8's are now available Hoho
Sweet!! Thanks for the heads up! Just joined the drop!!! Can’t wait to get these!!
So many NuForce drops In such short time
I thought and searched today for HEM8 and at the same day Massdrop activates this drop :) However the timing is not the best, since I need to save right now :/ It'll be active again later I hope. I've uDac 3 and BE6i from Nuforce and I'm totally satisfied with both of them, so I guess the HEM8 would also would be great. I'd like to read more user experience from the community though.
Just FYI, never heard these but in terms of other similar IEMS with 3 balanced armature drivers....isn't the Massdrop NuForce EDC3 also have 3 balanced armature drivers for $99? Also, fyi, the Brainwavz B400 has 4 balanced armatures for about $190. Again, never heard the NuForce HEM6 or HEM8's but I do own the Brainwavz B400 and the mids on these are amazing. If you like vocals, the B400 are worth a serious look.
I've read multiple comments comparing the HEM to the EDC3.

Most people claim they are about the same quality. But that the HEM's are more Bass heavy.
Have a pair of HEM6 for sale (like new, aside from the eartips I've used, of course) for $220 if anyone is interested. Includes US shipping.
Hi, in case I wanted to replace the cable for another with 2.5mm balanced termination, does anybody know the exact measure for the 2-pin plug with goes to the IEMs? I read somewhere it's 0.77mm whereas other comments point at 0.78mm instead, like that for the Westone brand. Just wondering.
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Thanks HifiHero!
Wouldn't sand paper remove the layer which protects the pins from corrosion? I'm curious.