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NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo

NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo

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NuForce products are badly designed shit, do not buy this.
The USB input for the DAC is "B" type? If so, I can get a USB type "B" female to USB type "C" male to pair my Hiby R3 to it? I see it comes with a type "B' to type "A" - I imagine that's to connect a PC to the DAC unit, correct?
Hi guys , How about this NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo compared to Schiit Fulla 2? Many thanks for your comments
Does anyone's distort when the volume pot is above 2/3rds? Mine does... I'm wondering if my unit is defective?
This or a magni 3 for the hd6xx's?
Would this be worth to use with the Massdrop plus for a home set up?
I've had enough of Windows 10 and my Creative Sound Blaster Z not playing well together. Time for a USB DAC/Amp that can do at least 24/192 and this does better than that. Hopefully it's worth the money...

What would be the best setup for a PC? Would using the rear RCA jacks and cranking the volume to full blow out the amp on my computer speakers? And does plugging in headphones mute the rear outputs?
Did the price drop on this? I thought it was $150 sometime back
What are the watts at 32 ohms? I'll be running hd58x's on this... powerful enough for these?
How would this go driving HiFiMan HE4XX's occasionally? Need something lightweight as a 'LAN' Dac/AMP so I'm not using the onboard audio on my PC...
anyone know how this compares to the NuPrime uDSD?
this or dragonfly black for iems
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I can't imagine it would be a problem. I've used the MD/Mee PXs with both the Q1 Mark II and the F-Audio DAC-X6 and neither of those sounded weird or off with IEMs as far as I could hear.

But someone else may have more personal experience with this amp/dac and it's noise floor.
Dragonfly is a MQARenderer so you can get most out of it from Tidal MASTERs tracks. It will drive headphones up to a 100 ohm. Very good dac for phones.
This is a nice little headphone amp, easily seen by my notebook and drives my medium- impedance Beyerdynamic 880 cans very cleanly with good bottom end. You can spend a lot more on a headphone rig and get more resolution, power, balance, flexibility. But 99% of headphone users will love this. the first laptop maker that builds this circuitry into their machine will get my dollars.

I use a Schiit stack by my favorite chair with a pair of HD650s and an Airport Express grabbing uncompressed audio from the NAS, using my cellphone as a remote control. That sounds really good and so easy to set up if you already store your music on a network drive. Can’t do that for the laptop because of the lag so this little box is still needed.

The uDAC-5 sounds good with my cans, even when I plug in the Sennheisers, and considering that it isn’t all that easy to make HD650s sound right, I’d say this box is a winner for the price.
This will probably work well with an
Audio Technica ATH-M40X right?
Would this work with AudioEngine A5+? I am comparing this to the D1.
It looks, spec wise, nearly identical to the D1. I’ve had the D1 for about 8 year driving my desktop speakers, Audyssey LES. It’s a great sounding combo. This Nuforce should do a good job with the A5+.
This vs. Schiit Fulla 2?
Fulla doesn't have DSD...