NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo
NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo

Ultra-Portable DAC/Amp

Small enough to fit in your pocket. Powerful enough to play your music to its full potential. That’s the NuForce uDAC-5, a travel-friendly DAC/amp that—at just 3.5 ounces—makes it easy to enjoy high-res audio at home and on the go. The upgraded version of the popular uDAC-3, it offers twice the power and nearly twice the current reserves of its predecessor, and comes equipped with the ESS Sabre 9010 K2M DAC chip. Delivering clear, detailed sound with support for PCM up to 384 kHz, DSD 256, and DXD, it can be used as both a DAC and headphone amp—or exclusively as a DAC when you’re ready to make the switch to a larger, discrete amplifier.

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Note: This drop is limited to 67 units.

NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo
NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo
NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo
NuForce uDAC-5 DAC/Amp Combo


  • NuForce
  • Color: Silver
  • DAC chip: ESS Sabre 9010 K2M
  • Supported HD audio: PCM 192/24 DXD 384 kHz, DSD 256
  • USB sampling rates: PCM 192, 352.8, 384 kHz; DSD 2.8, 5.6, 11.2 MHz
  • Output impedance: RCA 100 ohm, headphone 4.7 ohm
  • Maximum sampling rate: 384 kHz PCM, DSD 256
  • Bit resolution: 16/24
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 112 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.01%
  • Power output: 2 Vrms
  • Power consumption: 2W
  • Power supply: USB-bus powered, 1A/5V (no external power supply required)
  • Volume control: Rotary
  • Connections input: USB-B
  • Connections output: 3.5mm jack RCA, L+R digital coax
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.8 x 1.8 in (6.8 x 2.1 x 4.5 cm)
  • Weight: 3.5 oz (100g)


  • USB-A to USB-B cable
  • User guide
  • Safety booklet


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is May 7, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected. To deliver the best value to the group the request will then be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Be sure to check the discussion page for updates.

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