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NYM96 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

NYM96 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

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Sharing the layout map here

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Unfortunately there's not been much info about this drop. All that can be gathered from this diagram is that the PCB presumably supports these layouts. However there may be an included plate as well that might limit the possible layouts. Though worst case scenario you could omit the plate and use PCB mount switches.

Hopefully Massdrop can give some more info to clear it up.
Thank you!
For those of you that are looking for a barebones option - whether for the assembled or kits
I have talked to our suppliers, they are more than happy to support that. However, since we cannot modify the structure of this drop (can only add in items but not split), I will create a separate barebones drop for those who are interested :) Hope this helps.

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The mistake is mine, i misread your comment as question and not as a wish. My bad!

Whatever you like and prefer, my answer had been aimed at, what is offered at checkout stock.
"Closest" Cherry to Topre doesn't exist for me, reds and blacks without tactility are even less close, but to each his own!

Edit: You edited the picture in, i edit a Plus/Like for those nice boards :)
any news on this?
Why not just get a Kira instead..?
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" In case you need to replace a defective switch or your tastes in key actuation change, you don't have to buy a whole new keeb. "
Fair point, but to late for me, having way to "many" keyboards, been stuck in the rabbithole for years now.
If a switch "brakes", no problem for me to (de)solder a new one, part of the fun.
lol, yes, a rabbithole indeed :)

Happy typing!
Would have joined this if it had an option for Zealios!
XiK You know how I love those NovelKeys BOX Royal switches...Any chance they can be a switch option for this drop since we can't get a No Switch option??? :)
This time the GB has set as switches included.Next time will get non switch options
When will the next drop be?
As a ham-fisted mono-browed ape, I wish companies would just make 96 key layout Keyboards
Is this connected to YDMK in any way? Because this looks EXACTLY like the Melody96, minus the sidecuts.
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This board only supports 1 layer of programming? I figured with QMK it would support multiple.
I don't think that's what was meant
This or the Kira board from kono?
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If you want more stable keyboard,this one is a good option as well.
Stable in what way? Like the firmware or something else?