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Hurricane Canless Air System

Hurricane Canless Air System

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I don't understand why massdrop keeps selling these
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Because they trust massdrop
Never trust anyone who wants your money. The only reason these Hurricane units are here is because retailers wont sell then haha. Well in Australia anyway.

Allow me to introduce everyone to the airrow.
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Basically the same exact thing. Buy whatever is cheaper at the time.
I have this, been using it for last 6 months, it's fantastic. I've only used canned-air before, and I can never go back.
The battery has already failed and it bulged so badly that it pushed the casing open. Very dangerous. It also doesn't push a lot of air. Great for sawdust. Not so great for actual dust. I even got the upgraded version.
This thing is a piece of garbage. The instructions had the gall to say it would get more powerful over time. That's not how engines or motors work.
Maybe its battery break in
Super disappointed. This thing sucks. It's very loud and doesn't push a lot of air. I guess it's cheaper than buying canned air for years...
I just got mine in, this product sucks! It looks badass, sounds badass.... but I could basically whisper stronger than this thing blows :/

Very weak....
For anyone in the latest drop, looks like shipping labels were just created. Got a UPS Mychoice notification.
Why hasn't massdrop actually sold a good blower like the DataVac yet?
"o2 hurricane canless air system" on Amazon shows the blue "special edition" for $89.95 w/ prime shipping.
Not trying to shill for anyone, but just to save people money and discourage weak products here on Massdrop: the XPOWER blower is cheaper and more powerful than Hurricane products:
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Yea, I reviewed it on Amazon. As other reviewers pointed out, it's even more powerful than I expected. I bought it just to replace canned air for cleaning electronics (which it does really well), but it also works to blow up things like air mattresses and inflatable tubes. It's available on NewEgg and other sites, so I'd maybe check around and see if there is a place that will ship to you for less than Amazon will.
I saw a review for this on YouTube before I bought my Hurricane. It looks like a great product if you don't need it to be cordless.
From what I have seen, these are garbage. The Metro datavac is far superior.
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We need compressed air in the field and cans were getting too expensive so now we use the Metro Datavac's from B&H. We tried the Hurricanes briefly but they compete with a nice breeze, not compressed air. They are garbage which is why half the retailers in Aus have ditched them now with their "claims". Look up reviews for the Metro Datavac if you need convincing, only downside is mains powered but still renewable. One retailed changed just based on my recommendation, other upside is the Datavac is ESD safe as it is grounded through the mains.
If you watch reviews of this product online (YT) and you'll see that it really doesn't blow as hard as compressed air. Compare that to reviews online (YT) that shows the Metro Datavac perform better. Lastly, the datavac has a 500w motor this does not.