OHTO Graphic Liner Drawing Pens (10 or 12-Pack)search

OHTO Graphic Liner Drawing Pens (10 or 12-Pack)

OHTO Graphic Liner Drawing Pens (10 or 12-Pack)

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The six pack variety size is $9.98 on Amazon right now (07/17/18). Two sets with with free shipping for Prime members come out to a total of $19.96 compared to $21.74 on Massdrop - and you don't have to wait over a month to receive them.

There was a comment from a drop nine weeks ago pretty much saying the same thing so it's been nine weeks and this is still a very poor deal.
Some goop up a bit but by and large they provide a thick very dark black opaque line. Fairly smooth. Even my point, the 5mm.
I'm a professional artist and I use these pens myself. I think they're great because they're essentially rollerball pens with waterproof ink in various sizes. It's like having a micron pen, but not having to worrying about wearing down the tips. Been using them for years with no issues. If ink dries out, I would just refill it with more waterproof ink...very simple. These will probably last a lifetime.

You can find them cheaper on Amazon. DO BETTER MASSDROP!!!
What refills would you use for these pens.
The first one I used went dry within the first 10 minutes of use. No answer at all from customer service.
Thanks for the stickers, Massdrop. Really adds to the aesthetic.
And no, they don't come off cleanly.
How does one use them then? :-/
Just wanted to let others know that a single 6 pack of the assorted is available for 9.99 with free 4-5 day shipping for prime members

In case you want to try one pack first, or buy 2 packs and still pay less then this drop, without the wait 😒

(maybe worth it for the 10 packs of single sizes? I dunno, I only saw individual pens for sale, but didn't look that hard since i was interested in the assorted)
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Came here to say the same thing. This drop is perfect for those who love to pay more and wait longer.
Do better Massdrop...WTF?!?!
....and now that I see it, the ending soon notification just received is COMPLETE spam
Agree with jb70...initial notification was semi pointless for me as one was already sold out, now totally (basically) sold out so notification was really just spam as it turns out
Another crappy notification by Massdrop. I would have purchased a pack of 10, but all individual packs are already sold out. Not sure why they send out these notifications so late in the drop period. I'll have remember to notify for later.

MASSDROP, please add a notify me later if an existing drop is still on-going, but the size/quantity desired is no longer available.

Can you please get more of the fine tip ones?!?!
Interested but the 0.4 is out of stock, really wish the ACTUAL availability was visible instead of having to go to the order screen
Does anyone know whether these will mark on film?
I'm so nerdily excited to get these babies! I just paid $20 for a four pack of Copic liners, so I'm thrilled to get 12 of these for $18.99 + shipping. Indeed a happy bunny!
Your art is so cute!
Thank you! I’ve been told it’s creepy/cute, and am down with either. (๑・̑◡・̑๑)