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OHTO Pocket Fountain Pens (2-Pack)

OHTO Pocket Fountain Pens (2-Pack)

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Today my Tasche pens arrived. In a word: tiny.

Once posted this pen is a nice size and feels quite good in the hand. The nib is fine, which is my preference, and it feels good to write with. Will update post in the next few weeks if my outlook changes.

Very fast delivery to Australia. Thanks MD.
Add to my previous discussion posting: the more I use these pens, the more I like them, and for 10 bucks apiece, you just can’t go wrong. Look, if you want to spend a bit more for a really top-shelf pocket pen, go for the Kaweco Ice Sport—looks cool, and writes well. Of, if you’re budget will handle it, the Cult Pens Mini, a truly classy pen in the same size category. But again, $10 is a real bargain. Nice fine nib, don’t press hard on it.
Posche writes very smoothly, and is light and simple to carry. No skipping. the problem I have is that the pen is not very functional if the lid is not posted, being about the length of a golf pencil without the cap. But the material on the inside of the cap that secures the cap to the barrel when posting seems to be very cheap plastic or rubber. After posting a couple of dozen times, the material stretched, and the cap wobbles when posted. Makes writing very uncomfortable.
Got my Tache and Rook.
I like the Tache, it's a little bit heavy with the ink, but usable. Love having it in my pocket without noticing it's there.
As for the Rook - nightmare! I opened it up and the inside of the cap (cheap nasty steel ring/tube) fell out. It looks like it's meant to be permanently fixed in place, but mine is in pieces. Fortunately Customer Services are onto it, but I am very disappointed at the quality and materials used.
Got the Rook and Pache. The nibs aren't amazing. Aside from that, I quite like the size and form factor. Has anyone found a good converter for these. Given their size, I was looking at small ones like this.
I'd ordered the Rook and the Tasche (blue). The Tasche has a nice flow to the ink. I love the compact size. And my favorite part: there's an O-ring on the backend that gives a great feel when posting the cap. However, I'm really disappointed in the Rook. It was the main reason for joining the drop, but I find that it writes very poorly. The nib is scratchy and it's miserly with the ink. I have to either slow way down or press too hard to get enough ink to flow. Anyone else find this? Is it possible I got a defective one?
These pens are not much.....the nibs are way different from one another. I consider them "cheap".
Received mine today. I am really underwhelmed I must say. On one the nib is kind of loose and on the other the plastic insert that holds the nib and feed in place is loose an rotates inside the body. Both nibs were really scratchy from the start so I had to smooth them to be able to write with them. On a positive side I really like the design and feel of them in hand. They are still usable but not what i expected.
Will these take standard sized cartridges?
I participated in an earlier drop and don’t regret it one bit. In addition to carrying several higher quality pens, I always carry a pocket sized pen in my pants pocket, and these form part of the rotation. $20 for two pens? You can’t go wrong, especially when they write as well as these do. It’s a funny kind of pen—the cap is as long as the barrel, and when posted, you have a full-length pen, albeit a bit on the slender side. As for the way it writes–absolutely nothing to complain about, and I’ve almost always got a Pelikan or equivalent in my pocket.
Rook seems to have some character. Some mixed written reviews and one video review (in English). Does anyone know if the nib is proprietary to OHTO? I can hope it is a #5 or, preferably, #6 nib.
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I have a lot of "cheap" pens using both nib brands. IPG nibs occasionally need minor work (such as smoothing) and inexpensive pens are the best for practicing nib tuning. If you're willing to give that a go these pens would be a fine place to start. Schmidt nibs usually write thicker than their designation because they're wetter than average, and in my experience they always have feedback. It feels like writing with a pencil, really. I've never had to adjust one, but I'm okay with feedback so your mileage my vary.
Edison Pen Co. has a good article on what IGP (Iridium Point Germany) really means.
no one seems to be discussing this particular product.....
so you get 2 fountain pens and 2 cartridges????? for $20????
are they even good quality? or what since most of the fountain pens sold here are like hundreds of dollars..... im deciding if i should get this
I quite like my ohto pens. They aren't the best out there, but I've owned a lot of sub-20 dollar pens and these are very high on my list. I like how compact they are and they are smooth writers. I do have a slight problem with hard starts if the pen sits for too long but that's pretty common.

They're pretty commonly available on the Amazons but this seems like a reasonably good deal and it's good variety here.
I received my pens about a week ago. I ordered the Tasche in Blue and the Poche in Leopard. Although the drop description said the pens would both come with a fine point The Poche laus down a heavier line than the Tasche. I prefer the finer line Of the Tasche. Both pens feel good in my hand and write very smoothly. I look forward to trying them with different color inks. I purchased some short Internal cartridges form Goulet Pens that should be here shortly. You can also find them on Amazon.
Has anyone used these before? I got them on my daughter's recommendation, but it's been a long time since I've used fountain pens. They seem nice, so I'm hoping they're as good as she says they are.
They are nice, steady pens. I've owned two. The point is pretty fine without being scratchy. I have had the occasional problem with hard starts (no ink in the nib so it has to be coaxed) if the pen sits too long; you can usually resolve this with running tissue along the top of the nib or wetting the nib. Other than that I like mine and I rate them quite high in the sub-20 pens I own (and I have dozens.)
Thanks. I've enjoyed writing with these very much. Smooth, clean, only quirk I've noticed is that the pin itself rolls. In my hand, causing a hiccup in the ink flow. However, I think that's on me, and not the pen.