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Mine arrived today. A little surprise to see they were just tossed in a padded envelope in their clear poly sleeves with no additional protection. Luckily they both survived and write well. Typical Ohto. Smooth and light.
Is this bait and switch? I get the email about the pen and then find that the drop is not active? What's up with that?
I just got the email and the drop is already inactive?
Sorry about that! The units we were able to reserve for the drop sold out in one day, wow. However, this means that we can most likely get more units for the next drop. Make sure to hit the "request" button, and we'll see if we can bring this drop back as soon as possible.
I'll get it off of Amazon, that way I can have it in two days versus 6 months
Like them, but the refill is not full-sized, which means you have to refill more often. Does anyone know if full-sized refills are available? Really like the needle point!
I work at a hospital and I use them for daily use, looks very professional.
If you are not picky about colors You can get this cheaper on amazon with free shipping. "If you are a Prime Member".
Very odd kind of pen, but also very nice. I like these pens and can recommend them for anyone looking for a ball type pen.
Why am I getting emails promoting ended drops? This is ridiculous.
Email I received says "$12.99 (2-Pack)". Says $14.99, here. Is $12.99 locked? Otherwise, you might want to correct that.
How much of the point of the pen retracts?
100%. The fine point has a shank on it that keeps it centered in the barrel. When you retract the pen the shank and point both recess completely into the head with approximately 1.5mm of space from opening.
Any chance for 0.3mm mechanical pencils?
Absolute garbage! Already falling apart.
I thought is was $15 for 2. This was not a savings of any kind. Fraudulent!
It is for 2. That's why it says (2-pack)
Better deal on amazon...with free shipping
This seems like a higher price than you normally pay online. Is there something different/special about this drop?
All of the orders have been shipped and are now on the way to you! Once tracking is available, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow 24-48 hours for this information to update in the courier’s system.

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