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Orient Bambino (Version 2) Watch

Orient Bambino (Version 2) Watch

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I purchased this watch on the drop 11 months ago. Beginning this month, the date complication ceased operation.
Just letting folks know for FYI purposes; only for those interested!
I echo OdsZulu on Orient making it inhumanly possible to honor their 12 mo guarantee, so I'm taking the lazy way out and just dealing with it.
Unlucky for you. I bought it in June, 2015 and its still working fine
I'm sure most work just fine, but you take that risk on a sub $100 automatic. Just warning folk that if they pull a bad one, there's no assistance from Orient.
The drop says that after 200 requests, you'll contact the vendor to launch the drop. Right now, it shows 874 requests.

Any update on the drop?
Not enough inventory is available for a drop currently.
Do you know if there will ever be more inventory, given the model has been replaced by version 3?
If anyone is still monitoring this thread, will the Bambino ever return to Massdrop? I'm looking for a grad gift, and the white with blue accent watch would be perfect. Thanks!
I certainly hope it will! The main thing is that it's just very hard to get enough inventory - last time we did this we sold 600 in about a day, so it's hard to secure enough units to make the drop feasible. We'll keep trying though!
When will this be available again?
Well it was in "repair" for 2 months and it is STILL NOT WORKING. Garbage watch, terrible service , I had to send it to the US. So with shipping and customs I did not save any money on the watch. CANADIAN DO NOT BUY IT! Go for a watch that has a repair depo in Canada.
Just received, very beautiful. Mechanism noise very normal typical analog level.

Anyone have any time accuracy problems with their watch? Mine gains 10-20seconds a day...that's not normal.
Mine still long way too go.

Thank you for the tip AlanGee! My watch arrived two days ago (Black dial, silver hands) and it looks gorgeous. Picture don't describe the look and feel of this watch with justice.

First watch done.
Received my watch today. Got hit with an additional $27 in customs charges, which was a bit of a downer.
Received my watch yesterday (white w/ blue hands) - gorgeous! I agree with others that the rotor makes some noise, but I love it nonetheless. Great drop!
Received mine in OZ ...thanks ...nice watch.
I might want a different strap down the track though this onesa bit glossy.
Anyone find a nice replacement ?
I still haven't received mine
The majority of the domestic US orders are being received around now, so if you're in the US, it should be arriving shortly. Also, you can always check your tracking info to see if there are any hold ups from your end.
My watch is in a sort facility for 5 days already. I'm used to getting stuff from reputable sellers from Asia in a week tops. I hope it's just DHL's way of handling updates, and I'll see that the package is in EU soon. I wish Massdrop would let me pick shipment plan, with some things I don't really care if it gets here in 2 months, with others I want it at customs NBD..