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Orient Bambino Automatic Watch

Orient Bambino Automatic Watch

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Mine finally came in today.. Pretty neat
Love it with Morellato strap.
The green dial is $149 on Amazon. Saved 20% on Massdrop at $119. Agree that the warranty issue is concerning, and that Massdrop doesn't ALWAYS have the best deal. But, overall, i am happy with this purchase - have had my eye on this watch for awhile
Why in God's name would anyone want to buy a watch from Massdrop that is more expensive than Amazon, costs more to ship and has NO warranty ????? In my opinion, buying from such an online store with no warranty is borderline illegal.
Not available in the UK through any real dealer from Orient anyway, and the cheapest I can find it is like £200 in stock anyway so for a watch I have wanted for a while it isn't that bad to be fair. I do agree its crazy for anyone in the US though?
Its cheaper on Amazon
Dang, and that one comes with a warranty....
That grey dial one triggers my Bauhaus itch...
Do these not come with a warranty?

For the Orient Envoy drop it says, Included: 1-year manufacturer's warranty. I can't seem to find the same here.
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Thanks for the info.
Dang, no version 1 2nd gen With white dial...
any hope of getting beige/cream dial version 2 (FAC00009N0)?
No beige dial blue hands???
Why no beige dial with blue hands? :(
I just recived my Watch today.
it tooked 15 Days.
I had to Pay 20€ Taxes and 10€ Shiping on top.
I love this Warch
I hope you will bring this drop back again soon and with shipping to Europe. Can't wait to add V3 to my collection.
It shipped to Europe, just got mine in Austria
It would not be the first time that Massdrop stopped shipping a product to EU. It depends on distributor that they use and probably whether they are allowed to sell it internationally.
I own one of these. I've had it for about 5 months and have already scratched the crystal. That's not to say it's cheap, but it is mineral not sapphire. I put my watches through hell and accept that they will show their story in wear and tear.

This isn't an amazing deal but neither is it bad. I got mine for $142 CAD from Amazon with free shipping and none of the Massdrop nonsense.
If you want a Bambino, just keep an eye out for sales elsewhere.