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I own one of these. I've had it for about 5 months and have already scratched the crystal. That's not to say it's cheap, but it is mineral not sapphire. I put my watches through hell and accept that they will show their story in wear and tear.

This isn't an amazing deal but neither is it bad. I got mine for $142 CAD from Amazon with free shipping and none of the Massdrop nonsense.
If you want a Bambino, just keep an eye out for sales elsewhere.

+-$100 for FAC08003A0 (10% discount until 30/4)

any hope of getting more biege/cream dial versions (FAC00009N0)?
No open caseback?
Buy cheaper from here...
Really? If you are not lucky, you will get the imported tax. That will be more expensive. A $3 difference is a big deal?
I'd get the import tax from massdrop
Is it just me or do the 2nd gen Bambinos not have a signed crown?
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Sorry typo it doesn’t have an signed crown is what I meant to say
My version 3 has a signed crown.
No version 2 white face or rose gold? And cream sold out, damn I missed out
£95 creation watches come on massdrop play the game!
“Mass Drop That Price” game!
not seen no mass drops to date!
$140 on jomashop today.
cream dial already sold out? :(
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I am serious. I really got 1 "cream dial with the blue hands" yesterday. I immediately get it first before it goes out of stock. So I'm lucky then. Hurray!
what? damn... should have lurked harder
Love it!!! But going to hold out for the Bambino SS (maybe called classic SS?) later this summer :)
It's good that they included the generation name...

$137 on long island watch today.