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Orient Eclipse Automatic Watch

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Sapphire crystal for $160?
- Integrated bracelet
not cool(
MD need some blue sweet things
What is the complication at three o'clock? Can't see it clearly in any of the photos.
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Nothing really. You can see something rotating as the crown spins but that's about it.
It's a window to see skeleton
Would've bought one, but, um, US only.
Bummer dude.
Me: "Thats a good looking watch."
*scrolls through the post, looking at pictures*
Me: "Yeah, that blue dial is money. I'll get it."
*looks at fine print*
*Available in 2 different colours, neither of them the blue one in ALL THE PICTURES*
Nice try Massdrop.
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Was wondering what happened, saw the email late and thought why is there a blue one in the email but not now on the page.
Update: pictures changed. My work here is done.
You have to admire them: They stick to their story, and double down.

"Was this watch a mistake? The balance wheel is not even visible in the open heart window, and the date window has no numbers in it. Did you put the wrong movement in the case or the wrong face on the watch?"

"Uh, no, it's intentional, it's uh ... futuristic and, uh, ... artistic. Yeah, it's cutting edge, yeah, it's an edgy watch."


"What the hell are we going to do with these screwed up watches?"

"I have an idea. Let's give them to that website where we always unload our crap, Assdrop, uh, Massdrop."

"Great idea! They never ask questions."
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I was flipping through a website with photos of old Orient watches and found an old Japanese-market 39 mm dive watch that weirdly has this same kind of face. There is an open-heart circular hole at 9, and then there are two tiny rectangular holes at 3 showing something. So this weird configuration dates back many years at Orient and is part of their internal design culture.


Here it is, in a photo from a Japanese pawn shop online. I figured out that the bogus "date window" is to display the stem so you can see it turn when you hand wind the watch.


Learning more about the watch above, and by extension the watch in this drop. Here's another, larger image of it:

These are still available new, in varoius colorways, from Japanese jewelers and from Amazon.co.jp. They are not really (that) old. They are part of a relatively recent series of Orient watches called the "Retro Future" series, intentially designed with a steam punk look. Retrofuturism is a real movement, not just an Orient marketing idea; see Wikipedia:


The watch in this drop is obviously, to me, one of the designs from this Orient Retro Future series. So, yes, it's weird, but there is a reason for that, to make it look steam punky/retrofuturist.
Here's Orient's explanation of the watch:


Press release below:

Say Hello to the Eclipse Collection

Although Orient Watch may have the most diverse collection of open heart and semi-skeleton watches, the Eclipse collection is unlike any we’ve ever seen. Its distinct look invokes a sense of machismo and retro-futuristic style. Let’s look closer at the Eclipse, the only open heart model in our Sport line.

Right off the bat, your eyes are drawn to the dial design, which takes on a set of contrasting lines that intersect the watch through the hour markers. Each indented line adds dimension to the dial which you’d normally expect to come from the open heart window on the left side. This intrepid, in-your-face kind of look really stands out against related models. The design is stunningly cohesive, with the fence post hands mirroring the rest of the stainless steel accents in both color and finish. Lume runs around the outer edge of the watch.

The case and bracelet really help complete the retro-futuristic design of the Eclipse. The integrated bracelet features smooth, rectangular brushed steel links that stack one after the other in a line. A thin bezel allows the dial to stretch from end to end of the 40mm case. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covers the top side, while the case back prominently displays the engine, a 21 jeweled Orient caliber 46A41.

The Eclipse is available in Gunmetal, Navy, and White.
Great buy. Retails around $200 most other places you look. Sapphire crystal is great and orient makes some very elegant dial designs. The movement is nonhacking, but its a reliable and accurate movement that is otherwise tops for this price range.

The balance wheel is kind of hidden unfortunately. You can see it through the open heart but it's more visible through the case back. Even though the opening in the dial is in the correct place, the wheel is placed towards the posterior of the watch so you only see part of it ticking away.

Despite that little hiccup, this is an amazing value watch for the money. It's at once elegant and sporting. And the open heart still keeps things interesting.
Orient is the most impressive Jap Watch company. It's too cheap to believe even its quality!
I think I would love this design if it didn't have the fence post (pi symbol?) markers cluttering the face. ..
Fair criticism. It doesn't detract from the style for me but I can see how it could for some.
Did they forget to include the date indicator in the 3 o'clock position? It appears that there is a hole there for it, but I don't see any numbers.
Nope. That's the charm of this partiuclar piece.
You can see guts of the watch move in that little section when you pull out the crown