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Orient Envoy Automatic Watch

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According to Orient, the Envoy's white dial has a "radiant finish (sunburst effect)," which I'm having trouble discerning from the pictures. I wondered if anyone can confirm the quality of the sunburst effect, and if anyone knows if the black dial also has a radiant finish?
I just got my Envoy in earlier this week and it looks even better in person. I was worried that the 42mm case would look too big, and while it is large and I wouldn't want anything much bigger, I think the size works well with my wrist.

I am having an issue with it running fast. I found the watch about 8 seconds ahead from when I set it last night. I use the time.gov site and with the hacking seconds, it's really easy to set it precisely. My concern is that 8 seconds gained in less than 12 hours seems extreme, like manufacturing defect extreme. Can any speak to the accuracy of the watch and what their experience is for it running fast or slow. Is it possible I over-wound it and that's causing it to run fast? Any help or advice would be great.
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Great to know, thanks! This is my first automatic so I have no reference point.
If you have any quality watch repair specialists near by, you could also look into getting the movement regulated to some tighter standards, depending on how much 16s bothers you
Why does it say EPSON on the back?
Epson owns Orient since 2017. They are under the same Holding Company as Seiko and Seiko Instruments.
Was going to buy this watch tonight. Better prices available or should I jump on this?
Not to amused to find out that I cant join this drop outside US/Canada.
Should say so in the info!
Yeah, same here :)
Actually bought from another website for a much lower price.
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Bought it from here, only reason is because no one in MD has purchased any and I don't think it'll reach the 149 dollar mark. So I kept looking and found this for $156. Still a good price.

Which site? I like this watch!
No sapphire crystal, NO deal. I wish MassFlop would wake up, it's 2018. I wish Orient would wake up too and stop putting mineral crystals in their watches. If they want to get out of the low tier watch category and move into the low end mid tier place they need to put sapphire crystals in all of their watches. You can't feel good knowing you have something low end on your wrist.
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Really? Well, if any watch company is going to put sapphire crystals in their sub-$200 watches, then it'll be Orient.

I've sold my Seiko 5s, but kept my Orients... My Orient Defender, for instance, is less than 1 second fast, the Pilot, less than 3... that's just incredible for an affordable automatic.
I know what you mean I recently picked up one of the Orient Symphony watches that was on Massdrop, I could not help it the below $100 price for a watch with sapphire crystal was too good to pass up, you would think if the Symphony could be produced with a sapphire crystal, the Envoy and Defender could also too.

$149 at pass the watch today. Shipping also free.

No deal, it's a steal.

You are the victim.
It was President's day special for $180 just this week. The watch deals here are getting progressively lamer.
This is not exactly a deal as this watch is regularly $180 on Amazon sold by Orient.

Though, honestly, if 4D version was available I'd commit to $150 in a heartbeat.
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