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Orient Mako II Automatic Watch

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Only has mineral crystal glass, which means it's useless. They could have paid $10 more for sapphire and added it to the price, so why compromise the watch with shitty glass😠
Does this watch come with a factory warranty?
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So I could get a watch shipped to my door that doesn't even work and have no recourse?
no recourse with manufacturer, you would reach out to the seller/retailer for an out of box failure or serious issue on delivery arrival within a reasonable amount of time and work it out from the party it was purchased from in this case work w MD on replacement product or return and refund
I don't know why the hollow end links is such a big deal for people. For one, my Ray II has more scratches on the side of the case from normal wear than from the clamps on the back of the case...and mine doesn't rattle at all. And while not as high quality as my Prospex Samurai bracelet, it is still very comfortable, keeping in mind that solid end links tend to extend the lugs out more which might not be good on smaller wrists. And way are you going to get a better bracelet for 10 bux more...maybe $50 on the watch or pay $100 for a Strapcode.
Would love to see the Triton on MD. It is a seriously upgraded midrange diver with better lume and a sapphire crystal.
Isn't this Amazon's regular price? Just not much of a deal going on here
Still not the Mako II USA.
I'm still holding out for the Orient Mako II USA.
Where does massdrop keep getting these watches without warranty? Are they grey market pieces?
Is quite strang, no warranty. What kind of watches are they? Maybe those are refurbished?
Is this model made in Japan?
No. This model has the Japan movement, and the rest is China.
cannot believe they still make this watch with hollow clip on end links that clamp on to the lugs and scratch up the back....really a deal breaker. why make a classic sub diver with such a garbage element??? anyone would be willing to pay the extra $10 or even $20 to get this great watch with solid end links. and even a rubber strap version is never available for people who don't want to buy a watch with the back of the lugs all damaged. it's insane/
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Nato straps are what‘s up. Some people don't think they are classy but I do.
I have had my mako door 8 years and do the same. Cheap to upgrade to stronger spring bars and love nato straps for comfort and color options on the fly.
im wondering if the bracelet’s 3 “columns” of links move Independently or if they’re fixed together? Hard to word this questionso not sure if it’s clear....
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Fixed together.
Funny how two folks posted about Oris and Lorier as points of comparison. I own both the Oris Divers 65 and the Lorier Neptune. The Oris retails for $2k while the Lorier costs under $400. Guess which one has the more comfortable, fully articulated bracelet?
I am from Singapore and wanted to place orde but not sure of procedure. I wrote 2 email to the ir committee but can’t get any advise. Anyone can help? Thanks
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I know Creation Watches has terrible customer service, and getting one with proper alignments is a gamble, but I have never known them to sell fakes. Customs may have just said that to not let it pass through. Then again it may be as they said.
Sorry to hear that happened. My guess is that Creation did not sell you a fake. However, I've heard they routinely undervalue items on the shipping manifest, thinking they're doing you a favor and sparing import duties, although there would be no import fees for a watch as low priced as the SKX. Not sure what their rationale was.
what arranty -if any????
Mine had decent accuracy for the price (10s/day), until I went skiing and either the shocks, temperature or both made the movememt go haywire. Mine however might have been a dud, but I'm still sceptical of automatics for harsh use. The lume is disapointing compared to the Orient Ray, but this dial looks more elegant. I'd certainly recomend it if you don't plan on using it for sports. Wrist shot on a Bond NATO: https://i.redditmedia.com/Gru_B-xtCnIAdW4seG0aXBku4EyZWoCzgtIXvwVKdqc.jpg?s=b169015eb761380bc18a9f99ad8c0a7b
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Yes, when cold the dial got some in the middle, but it disappeared very quickly when warmed up.
No, it continued to have extreme accuracy fluctuations even after I demagnetized it. At one point it could gain over one minute in an hour (almost half an hour a day), then the next hour gain around one second. Very weird.
131 for the blue face on Amazon, 135 for the black face on Amazon.
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Yup but $140 for the Pepsi, so the MD price is still pretty good.
Don't forget $15 for taxes if in US and shipping if not prime.
Just received my blue face Mako II-- very pleased so far. Need to size the bracelet, but am leaning towards putting a rubber strap on it.
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Nope, mine is neatly centered. I ended up putting on a more inexpenisive Borealis blure rubber strap. Put it on my watch less than 10 minutes ago after picking it up at the P.O. So far very pleased. (Does 10 minutes use count as a throrough test lol?
The one in the pics was likely shown at 10:05 pm, meaning the date wheel was changing over to the next day. I've looked through a ton of reviews of this piece and not seen any that were misaligned.
Does anyone know how this fits someone with a smaller frame? Maybe that's something easy to adjust.
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If you don't like it keep it scrolling man. It's a community driven site. Maybe it's not for you.
Also, proportions matter, something can still look awkward even if you adjust it to 'fit.' No one wants to have it look like they have Big Ben on their wrist >.<
I think he/she meant more about the case diameter and how it looked on a small arm then the actual strap. And for Miasua the watch looks fine one a smaller arm.
Still waiting for a USA 2...
Wow, this is a pretty solid price. Would jump in if I didn't have the Black one already.
I have the black one already but got the pepsi version and ordered a same color 2 piece nato strap to go with it,
Also stapcode.com makes a replacement band with a milled clasp and solid endlinks specifically for the mako 2. Super oyster style.
Why does the price on the watch drop page say 129.99 but when you click the prices turns into 169.99
Once enough people commit to purchasing the watch the price will drop. So 129.99 is the goal price
Great watch Thanks. Does someone have leather strap or metal band recommendation? I have heard that the stock band is not that good.
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Stapcode you say.
Good watch, but currently $145 or so on Amazon.
Now it’s down to $129. That’s a bargain across the board.
Is there an international forwarder on the current drop? I live in Japan..... :-(
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I've used it 3 times last few months, works well, inexpensive.
Thanks for the tip!
Mine came in several days ago, but I also ordered a leather NATO for it that came today. Super gorgeous.
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That strap is a little small for the watch - it's a 20mm from Line of Trade. It's actually on sale right now on Bespoke Post. It's very thin leather, but has not stretched appreciably in the month I've been wearing it, so I'm very happy with it. I also have a DeLuca from massdrop that's 22mm and a thicker leather I like, but it's definitely a bigger wrist profile.
Thank you for sharing, I have not used either of those merchants but will look into them. I'm a big fan of the 3 ring Natos, and they are not always easy to find, so good to know.
Got home today and had a small box from MD sitting on my bench. Inside the Pepsi bezel Mako II that I ordered, I could not be happier with this watch. Bezel has just the right amount of friction on it. Hands, date and day have perfect alignment. I love the blue face, it is the perfect color for this watch. I think this is a great watch for the price.
How much was this recent drop? If anyone can let me know as I missed it
One pepsi-bezel in the house today! Besides the other listed improvements from the original Mako is that the crystal now is even with the bezel. I had an original black Mako back in the day and that crystal extended well beyond the bezel height and left the crystal very exposed to dings. I really like this improved version. I don't know about anybody else but my bezel has perfect resistance when turned. My original black was very stiff as I recall.


Received the same model yesterday as well. My bezel was rather stiff (I thought mine had a fixed bezel, in fact). However, a few turns and it loosened up quite well. Overall very happy with the watch.
Any update(s) about the most recent drop?
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Mine shipped yesterday with estimated arrival on Monday.
Yeah, mine has shipped as well. Arrival is estimated for Wednesday.
I really wanted this watch and voted for it. Next time, MD pls, make it available to Europe too. In my country I can get it only for the retail price as a bargain, so even with the vat taxes it was cheep.
I even asked some friends if they have relatives in US or Canada. Why is Orient not active in EU, or the extra price demonstrates the exact oposit thing...
You could use some mail forwarding address service in the U.S., like Borderlinx/DHL.