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This watch is a lume monster hands down.
It doesnt ship outside the US because Orient USA were undercutting other Orient distributers....Theres no Orient distributer in Australia that I know if though. Plenty of Singapore vendors....
You know what I'd like to see dropped? The Orient Pro Saturation Dive Watches, EL02003W, EL02002B, and EL02003H,

These are Orient's big boys, big, thick, and heavy,

Maybe price them at $999.99? ūüėÄ

where can i get whatever you're smoking?
That price would be reasonable ... in Japan. The model numbers for the domestic Japanese versions are WV0101EL, WV0111EL, and WV0121EL. The current exchange rate is JPY 111.260. The watches are priced on at JPY 120,900 for the white, JPY 115,300 for the black and orange. There is no customs duty on watches for the U.S. Therefore you could order one today retail for USD 1,036 plus shipping to the U.S. Given these facts, it seems like a sub-$1,000 price is possible for a group discount.

In person at BIC Camera or Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo I think, if you waste an hour of a salesman's time and then give him an ultimatum, assuming the watch were in stock, you could get it for 55 percent of list or JPY 88,000 (list price is JPY 160,000), i.e., under $800 ... plus 8 percent sales tax.
Late to the party for the all black, but interested if more become available or next time.
Nothing ships to the EU anymore.. such a shame. Massdrop was awesome back in the days.
I'd love to live in Europe and buy those watches from companies that don't bother to set up shop in the U.S. or even have authorized dealers or distribution agents, such as most of the German, Swiss, and Italian makers.
Doesn't ship EU, too bad :(
I also want BLUE one.
Any more blue ones being added to the drop?
If they had more of that all black one, i would have bought one. This watch would look great with my suit
This is bullshit, another item I wanted to buy which can't be sold to EU
Never understood the interest in this watch, looks like a generic diver to me.
It looks like a Rolex submariner
I like the Ray II for basic tool value (I probably wouldn't dive with this at 30m) at a beater watch price. It's a bit generic, but it's very legible and clean.

Pibb-I agree there's some homage, though I actually prefer the Ray's curvier lugs and crown guards to the blocky angles on a Submariner.
What is the total weight of this watch???
Still waiting on my Maki II USA...
Still waiting on my Maki II USA...
Why is this raven different than the one everywhere else? The date window is white on red as opposed to the black on red p pictured everywhere else, including the orient site.
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Sweet! Good to know now lol
Color me surprised, I'm glad that the photos are correct and that it's sticking to the blackout vibe.