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Orient Ray II Automatic Watch

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Never buying Orient again. Bought this Ray 2 through MD, and it was not even calibrated at factory. The range of +/- time gained/lost each day is pretty wide, but my watch was gaining twice the spec'd time. Straight from the factory, was not even checked (apparently no QC at Orient). So, I embarked on the warranty repair shortly after buying, sent it in via USPS (about $8) to mail it to Orient. Two and half months later, Orient emails telling me they are holding the watch hostage unless I pay them $16 to mail it back to me. Really, defective watch from start, should've been caught at factory that it was WAY out of spec (used WatchCheck app to track). Not very pleased with this watch. BTW, the watch band adjustment screws are super-tiny, so my set of screwdrivers can't remove the screw, either. So, if you want watch band adjusted smaller, you might have to pay jeweler to do that, factor that into your cost/value of an Orient watch.
I had bought the watch orient-ray-raven-ii about 2 months back, now it stopped intermittently, however, it runs well after using it again. i am at fuss., if there is anything to adjust to make it ok?
My Ray Raven II arrived the day before Father's Day and I'm thrilled. All documentation including the warranty booklet arrived in the 2 stage box. Gorgeous watch and accurate!
The Date and Day windows are ugly and ruin this already generic boring watch.
the description shows a blue watch, the drop email says Raven II which one is it?
There is an option for the Ray Raven, its 20$+
I got this as my first-ever automatic. Absolute treat on the wrist. The Orient bracelet is surprisingly nice, too. It comes with three micro adjusters to give you the perfect fit if taking out a link or half link is a little too much or too little.
Well no Ray Raven sold out quick
I have a Ray Raven II and mine has black day/date wheels with white/red printing. These are different, for some reason.
I noticed many pictures on the web with both configurations.
Does anyone know why this difference?
This is $8 less than direct from Amazon. What am I missing?
Thanks for saying this. Thought the same about the Seiko Fifty Fathoms/SNZH57 that was up a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I think the SNZ is cheaper on Amazon.
And, if there's a QC issue with Amazon, return it, rather than waiting 2-1/2 months for service plus postage there and back.
A shame that the blue one isn't available with bracelet. However, I'm steering clear of this drop since it doesn't come with a warranty. If the watch breaks, or even needs to be timed, who do I even send this to?

The Mako II drop was much better-- $10 cheaper and came with warranty.....
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My guess, and it's only a guess as I don't have any information whatsoever about the business relationships that this company has in place, is that Massdrop is able to offer such low prices on certain items because they are not authorized dealers of these items. They have to source them from grey market or unauthorized distributors in order to get them (and sell them) at prices that are lower than the threshold the manufacturer sets. An authorized dealer/seller/retailer usually gets product directly from the manufacturer and is eligible for the support and full warranty that the manufacturer offers, as well as the "AD badge" so that buyers know they are purchasing real items from a legitimate source. In return, among other clauses in their contract, the dealer has to agree to not sell the item(s) below a certain price set by the manufacturer. If they do so, they can lose their "AD" status and the advantages that come with it, ie: full manufacturer's warranty and support.

I've simplified this a bit and probably glossed over quite a few steps in the chain, but I believe that's the general gist. Cheers!
Thank you for pointing this out, I honestly was considering getting on this. I would much rather have the bracelet on the blue faced Ray II anyways, cheers mate!
I've worn the blue version of this watch for just over a year now. It's incredibly accurate, and it's a hacking movement. You really don't see this in anything at this price point. It punches way above it's weight class. It is on the smaller side, which I prefer though.
Black dial Ray II is $206 CAD on Amazon.ca free shipping.

My first Orient I got the blue dial for $160 CAD and I'm really happy with it. +5 seconds a day which is well within tolerance, and none of the alignment and finishing issues that people have experienced. I have a dozen watches and this is my daily driver

Strap is good, but I'll eventually get a strapcode SS.

Now I'm tempted to get the Raven II, good price.
Just went for the Raven Ray II. Looks like the best price out there. Glad to hear the positive experience with your other Orient. It was either the Ray II or an SKX for me.
Wow, I was so excited but there's no blue face/stainless band option. What gives?! I've been waiting for this watch for SO long.
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My Mako ii I put it on a sailcloth strap and my Ray II i ordered I will modified it with new bezel,glass and ceramic incert.
It is a cheap bracelet. If you like the blue then buy a cheap bracelet from ebay for $10 shipped. It will more than likely be a better bracelet than the orient. If you are so dead set on the blue with their stainless it is $149 at Jomashop, shipped with warranty. IMHO this piece looks best on a NATO anyway, but a good run will run you $20-$30.
Most people buy this and most Orient's for the watch and not the bracelet. good luck