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Orient Sun & Moon Open Heart Automatic Watch

Orient Sun & Moon Open Heart Automatic Watch

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Just got the watch today and it looks great. The only problem is the strap is on the wrong way! And it doesn't seem like the strap are the easiest to remove as they are quite precise fitting.

You can buy a tool to change it yourself. It will cost less than $10. Be carefull the first time you do it, protect your watch
Oh well its too late...
Why I can not purchase this watch today? I did not buy it yesterday because thought I have plenty of time to think about which version to take eventually. Today I made my decision, and now I can only see "this product can not be shipped to PL". Can anyone fix this? :<
Yesterday it can ship outside usa but today its not. Why massdrop?
Of course both options with stainless bracelets sell out right away....
I don't understand why they'd put a Roman numeral III on it, but then not put Roman numeral IX on the opposing side. I guess the lack of a VI irritates me as well, but, in general, if you're going to leave some out and include others why 2? I don't get it. Plus a "sun and moon" dial is just a way to trick people hoping for a moon phase movement into buying without looking into it too closely. I really like Orient and think they're generally an amazing value, but this model is a big miss for me.
Agreed. It's probably for aesthetic balancing, but it does make it look rather half-assed XD Like their value though, as you said
Is the warranty provided an international warranty?
is 14mm thickness too thick?
So, I snagged the Orient Executive Sun and Moon V3 watch a few months ago (pictured), and while not the exact same watch, it pretty much is. I can say that I definitely love the look of the watch, and looking through the glass at a steep angle creates a fun distortion effect, which I really love. My main issue is that the damn thing won't keep the time. I gain nearly 5 minutes a day. This was the issue from the day I got it. When I contacted Massdrop, they directed me to Orient (who supplied the warranty). Orient told me I'd have to pay to ship it back and forth. I live in Asia, and that would a) take a long time, and b) be expensive to ship. I insisted that I received the watch in this condition, and this is clearly a production/adjustment issue, and it therefore ought to be the responsibility of Orient to bear the burden of that cost. They told me to contact Orient Japan, since it's closer, but those guys never replied. So now I just have a watch on my wrist that always believes we are some time in the future.

Is this a moonphase watch?
No, it's a sun and moon. The dial goes around once in 24hrs and indicated day time hours vs night time hours. Moonphases go around once in 30 days or so.
thank you for the clarification!
"The sun and moon are two of the most powerful forces governing our planet." This statement is flawed on so many levels, I just can't
Hello everyone, i would like this model to be my first watch purchase as i fell in love with the Orient brand a few months back, but i have a 6,3inch wrist. Should i pull the trigger?
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probably not. I have Sun and Moon version 3, its the same 42mm face with 14mm thick on my 7.25 inch wrist. that 14mm thickness is going to be pretty big on your wrist. Orient makes a petite sun and moon that is only 38mm wide. It would probably fit your wist better.
I was intrigued by your post so I looked into it since I love the Sun and Moon but think it's too big. From what I can tell, the petite is 34.8mm and uses a quartz movement.