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received mine yesterday.

sounds good and Looks great. BUT... why isn't this package come with carrying pouch or cable shirt clip....
even $10 IEM comes with shirt clip or pouch... jeezz...

besides that this is sound good. love the design.
I received a confirmation today. It reads it will be shipped by May 25. And then another couple of weeks to come to Canada. Why should it take so much time? Sometimes the stuff from aliexpress comes twice as fast though it's sent from China.
Received mine yesterday; look fine, sound fine; plenty of reasonably tight lows, very nice body/mids/.... good, warm high end without getting spiky/irritating (thank you). I'll have to break them in some more, and then play with the different tuning tips. Overall initial impressions: very good, good value, and a happy customer.
can a phone drive these?
Rated impedance: 32 ohm +/- 15%, so i think most modern smartphone will not have any problem driving KC09.
These pair are unbeatable (imo) at this price point. For what you pay, the clarity, the amount of details and overall audio quality are incredible.
Does anyone know where I can get a cable for these. When I got mine, it shipped with on of the sides bending in an awkward way. This eventually caused the cable to come out of it's sleeve and the left earphone is now starting to cut out.
So, I really like the HiFiMan RE400's sound signature, and it's my daily IEMs. Are these similar? If not, how do they compare? I don't see that many reviews that reliable talk about their sound signature.
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Ah, okay, that's what I needed to know. Thank you!
Really different. RE400 is just smooth and neutral, these are slightly bass heavy with more impactful sound
I’m in.
TFZ Exclusive 5 or these? Comments?
I've seen a review comparing the 2, but I'd forgotten where... From memory these were better
For what it's worth, I enjoyed the Exclusive 5 earphones at first for their fun sound but seldom listen to them anymore. The bass seems over bearing, and the highs don't have enough sparkle for me. The Ostry KC09 sound more balanced to my ears; they have good bass extension without overpowering the mids, and the treble is more pronounced. The Exclusive 5 are meant to be worn over ear, while the KC09 can be worn over ear or down . These are subjective impressions. If you like enhanced bass, the TFZs might suit you.
I joined the drop because of how impressed I was with the KC06a
But the cable on the KC06 broke very fast so I though KC09 with detachable cable would be a better choice.
And in a way I am right, but I was also slightly disappointed.

The build quality is really bad here. the chrome finish is a fingerprint nightmare. It wasn't as bad on the KC06 as the KC06 has smaller surface.
The cable went bad on the first day, with craking static on the right side, I had to change them out and it's fine after that.
The faux leather accent looked cheap, with glue stain around the edges, making the whole pair looked really cheap.

But that's about all I would complain
The sound is great, it sounded fun, not very neutral, bass packs a moderate punch and mids are clear. The highs are a little muddy and details are fuzzy at times.

Overall, a fun pair. The fit needed a little tinkering but I found a fit with ine of the included tip. (Spinfit did not work well for me with these. Haven't tried on my comply foam yet)
How are these compare to 1more triple drivers? i was told that 1more is one of the best and here i reading this should be th best... Grrr decisions decisions
These are very nice. Slightly warm, but clear highs and mids, a little bit more bass than 'neutral' without overdoing it. Smooth. Comfortable to wear as well. These are a great buy for sub-$100 iems imo.
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how are these compared to the kz zs6?
I haven't heard the KZ ZS6, so I can't give you a comparison. Sorry!