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Ostry KC09 IEM

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On hindsight I prefer the KC06A. Still, different flavour in a different packaging, this deserves attention.
Hmm those look sexy
How is the fit for smaller ears?
How does the sound compare with the EDC3?
When the product will shipped i joined the drop
What is the difference between IEM's and in ear headphones?
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more recently, "in-ear monitor" seems to be turning into a buzz-term to make standard in-ear headphones/earbuds appear to be more high-end.
Yeah. IEM used to refer to a high-end earbud which provided a similar quality of sound to headphones, so could potentially (though not often) be used as reference headphones.

Now, it's just another term for earbuds, although mass drop seems to be trying to correctly term them.
So i got my earbuds in the mail and as im trying out the different ear tips i noticed mine didnt come with any that have a metal mesh (tuning ones?) Were they supposed to be already on the earbuds? The one pre-installed look like the regular matte ones
Exceptionally good at this price point. Sounds warm and clean. This is my travel set of IEMs -- the plan is for the materials and build to be more durable when getting tossed around
Which one is better the 1more triple driver or these a big question that I can't seem to get the answer to? Also I'm looking for something with a meaty midrange range and a bit of bass, any ideas anyone??? I had the dunu titan 3 which I loved but the sound was too thin for my liking I also have the rock jaw Alfa genus 2 which is good but just broke on me. Some help would be nice please
I see a lot of people praising the clarity of these which is awesome but how is the freq response? Id like to be able to listen to all my music (everything from hip hop to metal) not just half.
These are balanced sounding with a hint of warmth due to slightly boosted bass. Slightly boosted when compared to Fidelio S2, GR07X, GR07 37 and the like, but not overbearing in the least
Out of curiosity, I have the KCO6a, and I really like the a lot. How do these compare to those>
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Appreciate it! I dont know about what people think about the build quality of the KC06a but its certainly not what I'd call shabby.
Ok, a quick breakdown! KC06A's sound is more upfront, dry and textured while KC09 is more full bodied, smooth and laid back. It's something like being involved vs being an audience. As of now I'm still burning in the KC09, but I think I prefer the signature of the KC06A. Build quality on the KC09 is undeniably better though :p
If anyone having a bit of comfort issue with this pair, apparently theres like few mm gap that will cause the eartip to slide around since the nozzle is so long, and will cause fitting issue. What i did was cutting a small ring (around 2mm thick) from extra eartip im not using to fill this gap. Havent had any comfort issue since.
How does it compares against the px I'm gonna receive?
They sound very similar. The PX has better clarity but I found the KC09 more comfortable.
received mine yesterday.

sounds good and Looks great. BUT... why isn't this package come with carrying pouch or cable shirt clip....
even $10 IEM comes with shirt clip or pouch... jeezz...

besides that this is sound good. love the design.
I received a confirmation today. It reads it will be shipped by May 25. And then another couple of weeks to come to Canada. Why should it take so much time? Sometimes the stuff from aliexpress comes twice as fast though it's sent from China.