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I ordered mine from the Taobao store 3 weeks ago and got mine in today. Both of them were not warped for me.
you know, i thought mine were fine because they look pretty straight, but i'm noticing that once in awhile my spacebar keypresses don't register and i have to assume it's due to this thing being just a little crooked. never happened with any other spacebar i've used.
Got mine today! Paired with Anne Pro! :)
This spacebar is just stunning! :) Makes me wanna do creative things with PC instead of gaming
For $20 I'm willing to take the risk, but I'd suggest people buy through PayPal so you can be assured of a refund in case of any issues,
Here is our official instagram. All related photos are available in here.
i keep thinking how awesome these look then i keep seeing that the QC is total crap and they never bother making anything other than 6.25 so the damn thing wouldn't fit anyway this drop is nothing but a recurring litany of dissapointment
anyone slap this on alongside a sa/dsa profile keyset? would it look TOO weird? I love these just only have dsa and sa keycaps.
I have a Cherry profile one of these with DSA keys and it looks fine. That said mine are both a tad warped.
the two i got are just fine. i'm pretty happy with them, honestly. guess it's just up to luck...
Too bad there is no 7u option :/
is qc still an issue?
This is actually a pretty decent deal for a 2 pack. How is the QC on these?
Edit: Apparently not good according to the reviews on here. That must be why these are so cheap.
yea i bought these last time they were here. Very disappointed they look really bad if your within 5 feet of them
That's too bad... They have a cool design :/
Did any of you with warped spacebar contacted Massdrop support? What was the resolution?
Not worth the buy.

Got mine 2 weeks ago.

Both are unusable, warped beyond repair and the stems are messed up so much it doesn't even go on.

& these guys still able to start selling more lol.
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Did Massdrop give you a refund?
Most people that did contact massdrop about the issue i believe some got a refund.
The other half of people myself include cba when we really should, it was only $20 including international shipping but still $20 regardless i really should ask for a refund.
Dont know if i should join the drop... after seeing all those warped