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Ordered 4 several months ago. 3 were warped, 1 badly enough that it couldn't be used. Problems are understandable, but when I tried to get it replaced, a ticket was opened and closed on the same day (I was working and took a day to answer), and all my emails after that were ignored. Particularly frustrating because this one wasn't for me, and I've been unable to resolve.
I got these spacebars in OEM profile and they were perfectly straight! Very happy with this product, I just now have to find a keyset that can match these
Both of my spacebars where a little bent but the switch and stabilizer crosses still line up normally and you don't really notice the bent anyways
Mine turned out great and I have been using them on my daily driver CM QuickFire XTi since day 1.
Only shame that it was a MUST 2 pack buy since 1 is just sitting there which is a shame of a nice keycap.
Got mine, don't seem to be having as severe of warping issues that others are having. Both of mine fit my pok3r fine. However, the quality of the print does not seem all that great, and I will most likely be replacing these quickly enough. It was worth the risk, however I would not suggest.
I have a regular cherry mx keyboard with a spacebar which has 3 switches - however these space bars are made for keyboards with 6 switches, both of these spacebars are useless, feeling sad :(

The space bar has 6 slots so that it will fit a wider range of keyboards. You're only meant to use half of those slots, try putting it on your keyboard, it probably fits.
I received mine today. The stems are too close to each other by about 1/8-inch - unusable. I bought the keyboard from massdrop - I wasn't expecting an incompatibility.
Received mine today. Not warped.
I ordered these a few months ago and looked absolutely horrible. The print looks incredibly low res, never even used them because of how bad they looked.
Will these work on a logitech G610 and a G710 (One for me and my bro)?
afaik both the G610 and the G710 have a non-standard bottom row.I know for sure that these spacebars wont fit the G710 because this is standard 6.25u whilst the G710 comes with a 6.5u spacebar. Its hard to find documentation on the G610 but from what ive seen and read the size seems to be 5.5u - 5.75u. So, to answer your questions: no,they wont
I am going to need a buckling spring variant please :P
So in the pictures which is which Cherry profile vs. OEM Profile?

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Not sure what do you mean by more 'ribbing' as all the different pictures are just showing them in different colorways, but essentially same feel and materials.
Cool, thanks
Joined the drop back in October for these and they met all expectations, and neither was warped. It's unfortunate that the QC seems to be hit or miss on these, because I really like mine. I have one on a Pok3r RGB with Tai Hao Miami caps, and the other the girlfriend is using.
Arrived last week! I cannot see any warp at all. The only thing which bothers me now, that rest of keys are not as smooth and I am not used to it yet. Great piece for great price.
Hey man I got a question for ya. How is the LED through the cap? I would love it if there were not opaque and let some light through