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Panzera Aquamarine Watch

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The copper-colored case/bezel with tan leather strap - Nice!
Great watches from these guys, I already have 2 panzera watches now and they are superb.
Brand name is a little too close to panerai, which this watch resembles. People would think it's bootleg if I wore it..
If you’re buying watches for what other people think, you’re doing it wrong!
when the Massdrop for these watches get back online?
today ;)
What was the price of it ?

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Agree. Very nice watch. Got the black on black with silicone band. First Class all the way!
Yes agreed, the silicon band is very nice.
already have the silver model and its superb, thinking about picking up a black one for when I need to go stealth mode :) I recommend the rubber strap on this model, it makes it a lot more useable.
Great looking watch, I'd jump on this in a second if it housed something a step up from an entry-level, non-hacking movement. Please Panzera, if you're listening, put hacking/handwinding Miyota in your watches. I'd gladly forgo the "bonus pen" for that. Cheers!
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look at it. While the Swiss manufacture and caliber is nice, I'd be happy with this watch just having a Japanese hacking/handwinding movement. Cheers!

EDIT TO ADD: Took a peek at the Flight Master series that Ferrari77 suggested and they look very nice. Unfortunately, at nearly $1000 USD, a little too rich for my wallet. Also per his suggestion, perhaps Panzera and MD would consider doing a drop of them here... ?
Yes, I drooled a little bit over that Ferrari77, your right a Miyota option would fit quite nice ...$$$
its been 2 years since I bought the aquamarine - black with rubber strap. great watch, keeps perfect time. price was a lot more back then..doh. Highly recommend it at this price. Bought another strap just recently direct from panzera and.customer service was first rate with the strap arriving in 3 days from Australia.
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No complaints. I swim with it occasionally, its a very nice strap. I bought the brown leather strap also recently to mix the colors up a bit..
Thanks for the response, great to know.
I noticed they now have a pilots watch that is swiss made. would like to buy that, but dont want to pay full retail. MD can you work your magic and make it happen?
ps. I dont even need a pen if that helps..
too funny