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Wear mine all the time.

i have the pilots watch and aquamarine. Quality is excellent, I’m very happy with them. Recently broke the glass on one, contacted Panzera, had it fixed in under 10 days at a fair price. Great service.
While they look nice, these watches even at this price are overpriced. The movement is a cheap movement and not worth the almost $300 they are asking. Look around and you can find same movement in watches that are also a homage to Panerai for $100 less, with the same 2 year warranty they offer. It's your money at the end of the day. But after thinking about buying one, doing a good bit of research on the company, and the watches they offer, it's not a good deal. Just passing along some info.
I couldn’t disagree more, but hey your are entitled to your say
Fantastic watches with a real quality look and feel. I have both the breuer 42 and aquamarine and they both are on high rotation in my watch collection. the aquamarine is more of a statement piece look at me watch where as the breuer 42 is a lot more toned down. Both have been really great pieces and I cant really fault them. I agree they rival the quality of higher end brands.

my heart says yes, but my wife says no. LOL
I no longer listen to my what my wife thinks... but I have been divorced for 10 years too.
Very happy with my flieger pilots watch. This also looks very nice, could be a new addition my ever expanding watch collection. Also noticed this watch featured on the "producermichael" youtube channel recently, you guys are everywhere now.
I saw that video too! Am a big producer michael fan he has some pretty expensive and extravagant watches. Think he has about 20 Richard Milles in his multi multi million dollar watch collection!
really like this one, especially the rose gold with tan strap.
After purchasing another panzera watch, I also received an aquamarine as a birthday present in June 2018. Its a very nice watch that fits nicely on the wrist despite the 45mm case size due to the curved shape of the lugs. The dial is very readable with the contrast of the white hands on the black dial. I like that the hands are cut out too so they dont cover the day and date window. My tip would be to go for a the rubber strap though if you are planning to wear it swimming. Mine came with a leather strap, so I contacted panzera and they arranged a rubber strap as a spare part which I received in 2 days. From my experience I highly recommend this watch.
Very nice, a tad too big for me. But I did get a Breuer 42mm which has been perfect. The quality of the timepieces that panzera make, as others have said is surprisingly better than you expect. Really like the new swiss breuer 43 chronograph, this could be my next panzera addition. MD if your listening please get that model on here for a similar discount and I will be very interested.
I like the Breuer 43 also Interested in buying
I own three Panzera's B44-01, F47-01 and A45-01. The oldest is now coming up to three years. Wonderful watches. I also own a Breitling, a Bell & Ross as well as a Rolex. In terms of quality I find the Panzera's not only equal the other more expensive brands but generate more positive comments when I wear them. The solid movements have not lost a beat either. Found the support staff really accessible when I had a question about buying additional straps. Great watch and service guys. I hope to see some new models to buy in 2019!
I am almost 3 years in with my Aquamarine. and can't recommend this watch highly enough. In fact I have and most of my colleagues purchased there own now also. Where is my commission panzera :) Also recently contacted panzera and had my watch serviced. Very professional operation. watch service was arranged by the support team and carried out in under 2 weeks. Brilliant service, defiantly will be a future purchaser and promoter of this brand.
good to know support is good 3 years after the sale. A lot of companies either dont have any support or have disappeared after 3 years,
Unfortunately my experience with Panzera’s watches has not been good. I’ve had three now, all of which have had issues. Although minor, it’s getting the details right that sets a good watchmaker apart from those that seem to be more interested in making products to a price point. I’m honestly disappointed because most of their designs are quite appealing, and I like their larger sized options, but the quality in their execution is poor. The first problem I had was a faulty band on an Aqamarine. They allowed me to return it but I had to work very hard to get them to cover the cost of my return postage. The second watch I had issues with was their Breuer line. There was an obvious gap in the spacing between the marker dots on either side of the 12 indicator. I have reached out to them to allow me to at least exchange this watch, but so far they have refused. (Happy to provide pictures if your interested) The third watch I have a problem with is a Flieger 47. It has a bent minute hand. None of these issues are ‘glaring’ (except the faulty watch band) but they are noticeable and once seen, can’t be unseen. And, like I said earlier, it’s the details that count. Unfortunately, after three watches in a row with issues, I cannot recommend Panzera until they improve their quality, and in my case, their customer service.
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I was thinking that also
I’d really like to hear their story as well. So far all I’ve gotten is that basically the uneven spacing is within normal tolerances and they can’t help me further because I posted a review here on Madsdrop. I’d be happy for someone higher up the line from Panzera to chime in further and elaborate. I made it clear from the outset that if they do chose to do (admittedly what I believe is the right thing: let me exchange it) then I will update this review accordingly.
I purchased a Panzera watch about 3 years ago, after following up on a service just recently they offered me some great solutions...I wish all retailers operated and treated us, the consumers, like Panzera staff, their support, even long after my initial sale had been done they bent over backwards to help me.
I bought the Aquamarine, and quite how Panzera manage to make this watch at this price amazes me, the look, feel, and quality of this timepiece is up there with watches four times the price! Get one while they’re still this cheap. The Customer service is amongst the best I’ve experienced anywhere, it’s so refreshing to find a company that genuinely loves what they do, and it shows. I really can’t recommend this brand enough.
Fantastic watches! I own 2 Panzeras and they are superb. Look forward to seeing some of their Swiss models on MD, I would be your first customer :)
Ive had mine for going on a year and half. Has become one of my fav everyday pieces in my collection. Excellent quality for price, gets a lot of looks and extremely accurate. Highly recommended!
Baught this watch direct from Panzera .It was defective sent it back.When I complained I was met with indifference. Will NEVER buy on of their watches again.You get only one chance to make a good impression and they blew it
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but wait he has 30 years experience!
doesn't sound like it
It's was on sale for $229 in Touch of Modern during Thanksgiving.
Thats weird, I saw that sale and it definitely was not $229 on TOM. From memory it was around $299. Massdrop has the lowest price I have seen so far for this watch.
It says in the description that we have a choice for the included PEN of chrome or satin gold, but there is no option to choose. MASSDROP PLEASE READ THESE COMMENTS AND ADDRESS THESE ISSUES!!!! HELP MASSDROP HELP
The price addition/correction for the different model numbers in the pictures is different than that of the actual drop when you go to order, so Massdrop WHICH IS CORRECT PLEASE
The copper-colored case/bezel with tan leather strap - Nice!
Great watches from these guys, I already have 2 panzera watches now and they are superb.
Brand name is a little too close to panerai, which this watch resembles. People would think it's bootleg if I wore it..
If you’re buying watches for what other people think, you’re doing it wrong!
when the Massdrop for these watches get back online?
today ;)
What was the price of it ?
---- Email: Site:
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Agree. Very nice watch. Got the black on black with silicone band. First Class all the way!
Yes agreed, the silicon band is very nice.
already have the silver model and its superb, thinking about picking up a black one for when I need to go stealth mode :) I recommend the rubber strap on this model, it makes it a lot more useable.
Great looking watch, I'd jump on this in a second if it housed something a step up from an entry-level, non-hacking movement. Please Panzera, if you're listening, put hacking/handwinding Miyota in your watches. I'd gladly forgo the "bonus pen" for that. Cheers!
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look at it. While the Swiss manufacture and caliber is nice, I'd be happy with this watch just having a Japanese hacking/handwinding movement. Cheers!
EDIT TO ADD: Took a peek at the Flight Master series that Ferrari77 suggested and they look very nice. Unfortunately, at nearly $1000 USD, a little too rich for my wallet. Also per his suggestion, perhaps Panzera and MD would consider doing a drop of them here... ?
Yes, I drooled a little bit over that Ferrari77, your right a Miyota option would fit quite nice ...$$$
its been 2 years since I bought the aquamarine - black with rubber strap. great watch, keeps perfect time. price was a lot more back then..doh. Highly recommend it at this price. Bought another strap just recently direct from panzera and.customer service was first rate with the strap arriving in 3 days from Australia.
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No complaints. I swim with it occasionally, its a very nice strap. I bought the brown leather strap also recently to mix the colors up a bit..
Thanks for the response, great to know.
I noticed they now have a pilots watch that is swiss made. would like to buy that, but dont want to pay full retail. MD can you work your magic and make it happen?
ps. I dont even need a pen if that helps..
too funny
It says "double ar coated", means both side of glass? Not going to buy if it is
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Thank you.
the double AR has not been an issue for me if that helps...