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The Aquamarine looks fantastic in person! I love it!
See the watch reviewed at:
Heres my baby! Love it and wear it everyday.
Not sure if I should get this, or the Seiko Samurai Pepsi (SRPB53). Both are priced similarly. Wish I was rich. I'd buy both if that was the case.
Why not both? 😃
I'm oddly confused here. The watch comes with a pen. You can choose, YES pen or NO pen and there is no difference in price. That's super odd as usually opting out of the "gift" is an excuse the reduce the price below MAP. Here it really is a gift. If that's the case why even have an option to not get it?
It's an IQ test 😃
darn, I just let everyone know that the emperor has no clothes.
Would love to see Magrette watches here at Massdrop!
Bought the rose gold version a year ago... Awesome watch, I wear this as my daily watch and the number of people asking me about it is crazy... I have more comments about this than my Rolex which kinda sux since the Rolex was like 20 times the price. Anyway happy to report to my fellows massdroppers that has been a very reliable piece.
get the rose gold with rubber strap if you want extra bling and attention imo.
I can't decide to go for the silver one or the black one, both look amazing. Too bad I can't afford both :(
I reckon the silver would be a bit more versatile good for sports and casual or formal dress... the black might be more suited to sports and casual. Both look nice though.
If you're looking for a Panerai-esque watch, Parnis ( sells a bunch of cushion-case variations at half this price, the compromise being that most of the movements are Seagull, and most of the second hands are not centered. Parnis has fans here in the Massdrop forums.

Parnis are the worst ever. bought there pilot watch and it choked after 2 months. Was much cheaper yes, but now it’s in the bin. the accuracy from day 1 was terrible over 2 min per day out! tried contacting Parnis support, but no response. You get what yup pay for yes, but in my experience I got even less than what I paid for.
@Gugliermo (Parnis lover), meet @HarleyD (Parnis hater).
Beautiful watch. Ordered mine in rose gold with the tan leather strap as a compliment to a tan nato strap. Had an accident in the hospital which broke the second hand off and I was able to contact Panzera whom fixed the watch no problem and at no cost. We speak Spanish and English in my house and it’s a cool detail to be able to change the day reader between Spanish and English. The kids think it’s awesome.
Why do so many of these higher end watches have such ugly designs? They can engineer something high quality but can't make anything look nice...
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I actually quite like the design of this piece. The case looks a lot like a Panerai and there aint nothing wrong with that... unless you don't like Panerai of course.
It's not the brand I don't like it's just a case by case matter of design -_- and many people like and buy many unfashionable things, just because they do doesn't mean it looks any better. It's like how many people wear boot cut blue jeans with some absurd color tennis shoe, white tube socks, and some ungodly colored sports hoodie that's a different color usually neon or red, and some other hat that doesn't match? Most of the people in my city and my unit and everywhere else I've been don't know how to dress... They buy popular brands but that doesn't make them look any more fashionable. But they can like what they like of course. But then they always ask me what I'm wearing because it's not the same as their trashy look...
Hi All, did these ship today as planned ? Hoping to have mine for the weekend
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I emailed customer support. They said they are packaged for shipment, should go out in 3 to 5 business days ? Why the delay, they are already past Nov. 7. And no email to let us know. Feels like I ordered from AliExpress
I have contacted the support, it seems our watches were already shipped, somehow even the support don't have the tracking details... Weird.

Edit: Ops the support said that the watch was backordered by the vendor, and refunded me. Guess we will have to wait for the drop again.

Edit 2: So the drop is up again, hope they will deliver this time.