Pelikan M205 Demonstrator Special-Editionsearch

Pelikan M205 Demonstrator Special-Edition

Pelikan M205 Demonstrator Special-Edition

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Bought this in Europe for less less money in a normal retail stre
Consider this a coupon for $100--OFF on this drop:

See here--unless you've got a thing for demonstrators, let me hip you to a couple of pen-facts. First, as I'm sure I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, demonstrators are a bit of a rip-off. That's because a big chunk of what one would normally pay for in a good pen is wrapped up in the materials the barrel and cap are made of--be that precious resin or enameled metals, or a hundred other materials that are even more expensive. After the material cost, there's the labor involved in turning that raw stuff into something desirable (usually involves a lot of lathe and polishing work). But with a clear plastic pen (yup, it's just plastic) the material is much less expensive and so is the labor involved. Add to that, the fact that most clear demonstrators appear on the market only after their original, opaque cousins have been available for ages--meaning all the tool and die costs have long been recouped--and you get a pen that costs significantly less dinero to produce. So, you might ask, with cheaper materials, and cheeper manufacturing costs, why do demonstrators often sell for premium prices?

That question can be answered with one word: "Porsches!"

Yes it's true--there are greedy little people in this world who want to take all your hard earned money so they can buy nice cars--or homes--or vacations or (fill in the blank). I have noting against those things--I just don't want to buy them for folks I've never met.

But what if you really, really want to see a plunger fill mechanism sucking up all the pretty colors of really, really expensive ink you already shelled out for (before I could stop you on those drops too)? Well you're in luck!

You can get all of those features in an arguably nicer pend for around thirty-bucks, depending on where you find them. Of course I'm speaking of a TWISB, a pen that for the most part, only comes in demonstrator versions. They fill via a plunger, and their steel nibs are actually quite decent to write with. I travel with a TWISB Echo, (and I travel to and through some some rather rough and tumble places) and that pen (one of their least expensive models) preforms just as well at my better pens--which never leave the house. And if I ever did lose it (through carelessness or misadventure), I wouldn't be out a c-note plus--would I? So, there you have it--do a search for: "TWISB Echo" and spend the other hundred this pen was going to cost you on an expensive bottle of wine or whisky--or anything else that gets your creative writing juices flowing.

Alternatively, you can mail the money you just saved to me, and I'll send it on to a nice charity I know--
MY local Porche dealer!

Or not, the choice is yours, but definitely don't spend too much money on a clear, plastic pen.

PS: This is a TWISB ^
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Agree with the things you said about TWSBI and M200. Although I think TWSBI has improved a lot in terms of controlling the cracking issue, the nibs are not the same level as M200.
As for the price on this drop, I don't think it is very easy to find this particular color of M200 at lower price... one might has to look overseas and take the tax discount. However, if one just wants any M200, then yeah, there are cheaper ones out there for sure.
Yeah, you are right, these are not all that readily available everywhere. In that aspect, perhaps, price can be justified.
Gah, with the dollar, import and customs this gets pricier than Amazon here in EU.
Good looking pen though and while the o M205 is a small pen, its a great looking one.
Well, sure. EU to US to EU? Of course that's likely to be a poor value.
Yeah, should never really be better prices, but sometimes the margines are there... ;)
Perhaps I'm thinking wrong, but I've become spoiled with my gold nibs and can't see as where this pen is worth $100+ with a SS nib. I think a Pilot 92 for similar price and a rhodium plated 14K gold nib would be a better purchase and yield a much better writing experience in return. I'll grant that the Pelikan is a little better looking pen (and I positively love my white Pelikan M605), but I'm willing to sacrifice a little aesthetics for a smoother writing experience. Please correct me if I'm experiences with Pilot/Namiki are limited to my Decimo VP and with Pelikan my M605.
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Well I suppose it would be considered a hard nib, however my goal with fountain pens is to feel like I'm writing on a microscopic cushion of ink, with as little pressure on the nib as possible... I understand with more flexible nibs you'd get more line variation, shading and such, but even with the aforementioned Sailor and Pelikan nibs I use very little pressure. Of course that applies only to me, you might enjoy flexible nibs more.
The Pilot Custom Heritage 92 is IMO the best value on the market. Prices seem to be creeping up, tho, but other than the orange demonstrator (which has been the most expensive consistently since I've been watching...maybe 18 months)...yeah, I believe the prices are in the same ballpark. Some higher, some lower by a bit. Yeah, I'd say a clear PCH 92 would probably be a better choice. And I like both brands (and have several 200's and CH 92's).
Best price I've seen for this pen.
Wow! An extra $10 for the EF nib? :/
Daaaaaamn.... I've long wanted a Pelikan clear demonstrator... I have the blue version, it's awesome... Thinking about the monies.
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