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Pioneer 5.1ch AV 4K Ultra HD Receiver Bundle

Pioneer 5.1ch AV 4K Ultra HD Receiver Bundle

Where's the price?
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Maybe it's referring to the clearly focused sound imaging that the speakers provide and not the class of container that they're in. ;) Then again, maybe it is about the container.
I have a pioneer 1130 hooked up to some klipsch gallery speakers and I have to say that it does a reasonable job of making those <poor> speakers sound good.
This is disappointing, it's what I would expect from Woot, AV for the masses. How about an LX-SC701 or LX-SC801, which are actually ATMOS enabled, as well as being 9.2 and more tech oriented. Does anyone who really cares about surround sound do 5.1?
Please shipping to Europe Massdrop
Can this thing REALLY support 4ohm speakers?I don't believe it. Maybe at 0 volume lol
Make the drop for just the receiver next time
At the top the bundle says it includes the SP-BS22A-LR (Atmos Version) and at the bottom where it says whats included it says SP-BS22-LR (Non-Atmos Version). Can someone confirm whether the included speakers are the "A" variant for Atmos?
My question exactly...the image they have here shows the non-Atmos version.

If this is Atmos it's a steal. If it's non-Atmos it's alright.
This drop includes the SP-BS22-LR speakers.
I've read some bullshit in my time but nothing takes the Cake like object-oriented sound.

They are sinusoids, not data structures in memory.
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