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Pioneer Andrew Jones 8" Subwoofer

Pioneer Andrew Jones 8" Subwoofer

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Any chance to get the 10'' or larger SW??
I'm interested on that one, but haven't seen it arround
looks like the 10 inch is there now
amazon has it for $133
are you mad that amazon is more expensive? you should post about that on amazon, not here.
lol @loque, futbolbd you missed the note section at the top of the drop description page stating the following.

Note: The drop price listed is the Minimum Advertised Price set by the manufacturer. Massdrop is not allowed to advertise a lower price than the MAP price.  At checkout you will be able to apply a coupon for (-$50) towards your purchase. 
Silly question here, I don't see a single LFE input to my AVR (Audio/Video Receiver).

How do I even hook this up?!
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Just to be very sure, you're saying I connect the Subwoofer's Left Line to my AVR's LFE using an RCA cable?

Hopefully, my bass doesn't get "surround left" only.
That is correct..
Anyone know if this is LFE compatible?
My SW-10 has shipped. That was fast. I'm excited to add it to my system. Thanks!
And it was here when I got home!
Impressions coming soon.
- The 10 inch model is larger than I was expecting.
- After playing with it a bit with different music, I ended up turning the crossover down to the lowest level (around 50 Hz) and the volume to about 30%, and it's now serving my intended purpose quite well - to fill out the bottom end for my system without being overbearing.
B.Hutch damn, I somehow missed that the 10 inch was on this drop. I sure hope this comes back for a second round soon!
I will do what I can to bring all the Andrew Jones Pioneer products to Massdrop. They have all been received well so far.
I joined the drop for this subwoofer (8") and the bookshelves Pioneer SP-BS52-LR. Now I'm wondering if MD intends to drop the matching floor speakers, that is, the Pioneer SP-FS52. I probably would buy them at the right price.
Noted. I will see what I can do.
I never got this subwoofer to work with the matching Andrew Jones speakerbar; they wouldn't connect. I did have major issues with the speakerbar, though. It would make this insanely loud noise every time I would turn it on. I read somewhere that it was a busted capacitor or something...
Ever since I got Logitech's Z623 for $100 on sale, I've never found anything that can beat it for the price. These Z623's have such surprising power and clarity for 100$. Paying $190 for a 400W sub? I've looked around and that seems like quite a steal. Thoughts?

P.S. Amazon has this in a packaged deal including two bookshelf and a center channel speaker for an extra $270.
Oh hey. I bet this 8" will be better than the sub from the old Sony STR-K750P 5.1 set that has been thumping along just fine in my bedroom since I bought it in 2003.

That auto position on the power switch may be worth it alone.
"woofers have vented enclosures that help extend the bass performance lower than traditional subs"

Who knew traditional subs weren't ported?