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Hi Guys,
Was just informed that the logo was designed upside down on purpose by Jack (OKLB), the real defect for these b stocks are actually the tiny scratches and the irregular spots/textures from anodization on the surface. Here are some photos I took of the the current samples we received, since all of the red arrows defect indicator stickers were removed for photography purposes from our creative team, and it was really hard to capture the defects. I have circled the areas for your reference. Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience. (Please also excuse the messy desk :x )
hope this helps with your final purchase decision.


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Dude, you are missing the point. The first description clearly stated that the only imperfection was that the logo was upside down, then they changed it to that they have scratches and uneven anodization without informing those who already bought in on it. I’m well aware of the term b-stock, but don’t change the premisses without notifying customers and they stated they will so... all good. Blown over
A drop to get the lo-pro mx plates would be really nice and useful !
I regret purchasing a black one instead of a pink one. Anyone willing to trade?
Can I drill holes in an EOTW plate to use with this case?
any preonic b stocks? lol
This drop would make a lot more sense if it had the addition of a top plate. All most no-one will have a spare Planck top plate, and they are surprisingly hard to come by.
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@ProtoTRD Those top plates will only fit the Hi-Pro and Mid-Pro cases, not the Lo-Pro cases in this drop. You can tell by the screw hole placement.
I agree, have they not had any extra plates produced? I'd love a steel plate, too. For people in Germany and EU, Germany-based store Keycapsss sells carbon fibre lo-pro top plates which I think are pretty nice. They cost more than this milled bottom though...
does anyone know if this this case comes with the necessary mounting screws?
i got one on the last b stock sale. it does.
Dang wish I waited to buy... I haven't even installed mine (no lo-pro plate) and I paid a couple bucks more earlier in September when this was first available.
It's a long shot, but anyone reckon this would also fit the UT47 board?
Unfortunately it doesn't.
Will this fit the Contra?
We cant find our lo-pro plate. :( so this drop is useless for me
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Same matrials as PCB
Can it be easily painted?
Will this fit the rev 6 that's dropping right now
Though you theres also the mod cases with cutouts on the bottom for the mods. That one may or may not be more suitable for your needs
Anyone know if the mounting holes on this care are rev3 compatible?
It appears that these are lo-pro bottoms that match the stuff I have so I know it'll fit Rev2 and Rev4 fine. I don't have a Rev3 PCB but should be the same. You'll need a lo-pro plate though, these don't do plateless builds well, I've tried.
Gotcha. I've got a rev3 lopro, but I wasn't sure the mounting g holes matched.
Any chance there will be a low pro plate run alongside this?
Can anyone comment on the texture of the case? I have a very early OLKB (non massdrop) aluminum case and the texture is quite rough. I'm curious if this one is smoother.
Any hi-pro B-stock cases in the cupboards over there? :D
Will this work on the first generation planck keyboard? Because that is what I bought back in 2015
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If you bought one off Massdrop in 2015 then you have the original model that is now known as the Lo-Pro (low profile). There is a newer model with a high-profile case that it taller knwon as the Hi-Pro and that case uses different mounting holes.
This drop is for the Lo-Pro style case that will fit your Planck. 👍
Thank you for your help!
First time on Massdrop where the pre-discounted price is real.
Will this work with the Rev 6 comign out?
is this the low pro milled bottom?
Is there a limited amount of these cases? I'm not ready to order right away, but I also don't want to miss out on this.
wait what? before it only said that the logo is upside down, now it says it has scratches and irregularities?
The text before was: Planck Keyboard Case (B-Stock) | Price & Reviews | Massdrop Massdrop exclusive price and reviews: Planck Keyboard Case (B-Stock) | Ends 9/18/2018 | A B-stock item means the item has a slight defect. The only defect here? The logos are upside down. Made from CNC aluminum, these Planck cases fit the same, feel the same, and are made the...
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Is there any way that we can get a picture with the stickers on?
i tried to look for them by creatives photos shelf, no luck - only found one on the black case :/
will this fit a contra pcb?
No. Check the image for clarification.
Hey! I'm interested. It fits on the EOTW version? Thanks
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Yeah. But you gotta be careful with the top plate. It's made from PCB material and might break. Worth trying though.
I'm in, I will buy it. Thanks!
This is the LO-PRO btw
will and old rev 4 with rough cut plate fit in this?
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Sorry, I don't know what a rough cut plate looks like and whether it would be compatible. :-/
I've got one of the rough cut MIT plates and it fits the newer lo-pro cases fine.
this won't work for the EOTW will it?
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"EOTW top plates are not compatible with Lo-Pro or Hi-Pro cases because they don't have any holes." -
Can a pok3r fit in here fine?
This uses the Planck PCB made by OLKB:
The Pok3r PCB is too tall and too wide to fit in this case as it includes a number row and wider modifier/enter keys
thanks for the reply :D
An option to include a plate would be great
Yes! That would be great and save me allot of trouble.
Compatible with which PCBs?
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Yes, which versions of the PCB, I'm asking. :)
The Lo-Pro case and top plate work with any revision of the PCB. From this page: