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Hey everyone,

These keycaps have finished production and are been packed for shipping to our warehouse. With shipping time to our warehouse as well as sorting and processing, we expect these to begin shipping by mid October and all sets to be out by end of October at the latest. If you've not responded about your opt-in via the previous email, please get this done. We will also send an email once these have arrived and are ready to ship.
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Is it still possible to buy this keycap set?
I wish they have red raise instead orange
This is the highest quality set that I have purchased, and I have purchased quite a few. The caps are straight, evenly spaced, and all symmetrical. Top notch quality.
YanboWu It appears that AusPost has lost my keycaps, I lodged an enquiry with them, but my expectations are low! Is it possible to re-order or get replacements? I am after the Canvas Betas with Icons.
Anybody have a set of the Alphas I meant to select Alphas but looks like I selected Beta. They are nice but look out of place with the text modifiers.
Finally its here, Planck is now completed and ready to go for a mission. it has been a long wait but definitely worth it.
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Where's that cable from? The stock one looks kind of crappy.
mine is from , also dont miss reddit guide
Finally in place. Today is a good day, noticed the X is a little off centre but not very noticable though.
@Mito thank you for the wonderful work. now i actually look forward to typing!
I ordered the OEM black keycaps — but I received:
-11 * R3
-14 * R2
-2 * R2 homing
-15 * R1
-1 * 2u

The image showed what I presumed to be:
-12 * R3
-22 * R2
-2 * R2 homing
-12 * R1-
-1 * 2u

Additionally, one of the R1 keys is badly stained.
Buyer beware.
Got my blank black keycaps today, but it's missing a bunch of keys -- I am supposed to get 10xR1's, 24xR2's, and 12xR3's. Instead I got 16xR1's, 14xR2's, and 12xR3's. @massdrop I am missing 10 R2's and got extra 6 R1's... Whoever packaging this had a few too many beers that day.
Contacted support and they sent me a new package, but still got the wrong amount. This time:
- 28 x R1's
- 14 x R2's
- 14 x R3's
- 2 x R2's homing
- 1 x 2u

I can make do with what I got this time and last time, but this is pretty silly...
Great. Another case where Fedex adds a few "surprised" days onto the delivery time, on the day it was supposed to be delivered, because they decided to hand it off to the USPS, instead of deliver it themselves.
Anyone else noticing a LOT of their caps are printed off-center, or sloping/leaning substantially? My Planck kit is all over the place, which is too bad because I really like these otherwise. My raise, lower, ESC and Tab keys all slope downward on the right. My E, T, I, and O are all off-center and printed toward the right. My E, W, R, X, B, H all have a right or left lean, also. I'm not terribly picky with these sorts of things and after about an hour of use it's jumping out at me. Thought my switches were all soldered wonky at first, but I had another set of caps on my board before these and they were fine.
I noticed a slightly skewed space bar. I have also noticed other people with similar issues. This isn't printing but a twisted plastic or base.
I got them today.
I really like them but some have small defects and what bugs me most is that both 2u space bars are crooked.
Very jealous of the people here posting photos. Mine have been stuck in customs for 5 days :(