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Magnet is weak, but improves if held together for a second or two. I haven't used their V3 cable, so no frame of reference for other small connectors... But comparing to MagSafe is apples and oranges (pardon the pun).

Strain relief and creating enough slack is also key for this cable. In the car I wrap the cable around the base of my phone holder to create enough slack that the magnet stays in place. Works great.

Also picked up a few USB-C to USB-A adapters online for versatility. And it does trigger the "Rapidly charging" notofication on my Pixel when using a USB-C port... So seems to be PD compliant. Charging through the USB-A adapter does not trigger the notification, so the adapters break compliance.

Overall happy with the purchase... It works for what I need it to do on my phone. Now I need more cables (no connectors) for convenience.
there is no led indicator for this, the led indicator only exist for usb to usbc cable
Massdrop-were any of the issues for the last drop resolved, or is this the same cable with the issues mentioned in the comments
Really like the idea and concept, but the magnet is too weak. Sitting on the coach with my MacBook in my lap, even small movement result in lost connection.
what's the AWG rating of the power and data wires?
I keep resisting the urge to join in on these drops as there are never any specifications.

when you say "high speed charging", please back it up by stating the AWG of the power wires inside.
when you mention "transfer speeds that are just as fast", please back it up by stating the AWG of the data wires inside.

These two parameters are the only way to know for certain that the cables are suitable for quick charging (Qualcomm's Quick Charge / USB-C Power Delivery) & reliable data transfer.
Maybe this is apples & oranges but checking the Gen 3 page linked further down the dicussions here I see on the Pluggies web site this:

Now USB-C available (note: Not QC 2/3 compatible)

just 3 lines above:

High speed charging and data transfers.

I agree it is doubtful that this cable can be used for Quick Charge 2.x or 3.x charging of newer devices. Sigh. Perhaps in Gen 4...
I have the opposite problem of some of the commentators here, the magnetic connector is far too weak. If I simply move the cable while holding my phone the magnet will disconnect. I can't insert the cable sideways without the magnet becoming partially detached, which stops the cable from charging. Would not recommend the Plugies version of this type of cable. I have previously ordered "Magnetic Lightning/Micro USB Braided LED Cables" which still work great and have a decent magnet that does not fall off randomly.
You are right about better magnet om the Magnetic Lightning/Micro USB Braided LED Cables, but it doesn't give enough power to charge a MacBook.
For those wondering, this cable and tip is not compatible with their other cables... Was rather annoying when I got my order for the other cables, thinking I could use them for both my pixel and micro USB devices.

Cables themselves are great, just don't expect to be able to use the full plugies ecosystem to charge your devices.
These cables have been great, but there are 2 problems:

Most USB-C laptop chargers have a male end, so to use this cable I have to use a Female to Female adapter. The only adapter on the market is badly made and only works half the time and in one orientation, and it is also a bit bulky. Could you provide and option for a well made small F/F adapter?

Also, when you do have a USB-C male laptop charger, the cable only needs to be half the length. Could you do a half size one?

Lastly, a small power light would be great so you can see if the cable still has power (low brightness).

I have no definitive sources for this, but I recall reading at one point that the USB-C specifications doesn't allow for a female connector on an adapter, or cable. That's why they are so hard to find, and the ones out there are poorly engineered low quality unapproved Chinese items. The lack of good quality extenders/adapters seems consistent with this.

If someone could provide a citation to an official document which proves or disproves this, many here would no doubt appreciate it.
If that's the case my MacBook violated the specs
Is it normal for the magnetic USB-C end to fit so tight? I'm unable to remove it from my Pixel 2 XL without using needlenose pliers...

Will the snug fit work its way out, or is this going to damage the female end of the USB-C port on my phone?

Either way the tight fit makes this horribly inconvenient to use. Especially since I use the USB-C to aux adapter daily for my headphones.
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My experience with similar cables is that if the magnet is strong enough to prevent the cable from accidentally disconnecting it's strong enough to pull out the connector unless it's really tight. The genius of the original Apple mag-safe connection was that it was an integral part of the computer and couldn't be disconnected. Since a USB-C magnetic adapter is inherently disconnect-able it'll never be as good.
Not as good implies that it works (at least some of the time). In this case it didn't work at all. Massdrop was awesome though and gave me a refund.
I wish we could get a straight variant of this... I know they have one that is regular USB to USB-C with the magnet, but not a straight C to C.
Does this support the USB c-PD standard? You know, for Google pixels, MacBooks and etc.
To anyone able to answer... Is this the kind of connection on the mini end that the note 8 uses? Thanx.
Yeah it is.

-Fellow Note 8 owner
Also confirming. Hail the note 8! Lol