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Coming from Cherry MX Browns. Have had that Das Keyboard for 11 years and felt like a change.

Anyway, comparatively I cannot hear myself type other than the clatter of my fingers making contact with the keys. Bottoming out is ridiculously silent and you don't even have to avoid it to be stealthy. All keys press easily at all angles of pressure, which means the keys are lubed well. I love this keyboard already- just wish it would be a little more heavy to press. I know what's on my wishlist as soon as I get the extra cash, though...
Does anyone else's "8" key stop working? Mine intermittently doesn't work. :/
maybe there is something wrong with the rubber dome for the 'k'
Is the hole on the back of the board by the miniusb plug for bluetooth enable boards?
This drop seems different than previous drops. The LED indicators are green, the keyboard comes with a detachable cable, and I can't get the programming software to connect to the keyboard.

The first two aren't really issues, but has anyone gotten the programming software to work? Is there a newer version?
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What color LED did older versions use? Did you board also come with 50 springs? I am not sure if they are 10g or 20g springs.
The older version I have has a blue LED that stays lit the entire time the layer is active.

I'm pretty sure the springs are 10g, but you should be able to test that with a few nickles (which weigh 5g a piece).
Do plum and topre have individual switches for each key, or is the mechanism dependent on the pcb? I'm just wondering, so if a switch fails can you replace the one switch or is the whole thing done for?
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I get that they're not mechanical, and I get that they're rated at a long lifespan, yadda yadda... But the point still is that when one capacitive sensor fails, the whole pcb is useless. If I can't remove and replace an individual failed switch, then what's the point?
All i was trying to say was after all my looking, all I've ever heard people say about their EC boards are that the rubber gets bad, but I haven't seen a thing about the pcbs failing on them. But yes, in the event that that somehow occurred, you'd need to get a new one.
Heh. After the number of times I've posted about Korean rubber dome replacement sheets for $20 you'd think that post would be sticky right now, and/or these could be bundled with those sheets. Ah well. These "Nopre" keyboards are great for Topre style hacking! There are more dome options available now than ever before. Have fun!
I have the 84 key version of this. I bought mine in 2016 though, not on massdrop, and for a fair bit more than here, so I think this drop is actually freakin great. The programmable software is basic, nothing groundbreaking but it's better than nothing, it's serviceable. Apparently they lube the sliders now slightly to help reduce the scratching noise after 2017, so christ, this thing must just be fantastic now. Don't be too scared of the light weight switches, give them a shot, and if they turn out not to be your thing, you can change the domes fairly easily and pretty cheaply as well. Would definitely recommend you buying this, I think you'd be buying a highly underrated product.
totally recommend this board. i put bke heavy domes in it and love it.
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Great video! I'm planning on doing this myself at some point as the stock domes are too light for me...this will probably be my first topre-style mod, so it's great to have a place to start.
yeah this was my first electrocap board and i pretty much knew id want to do this mod from the time i bought it. the board itself is really affordable and with the domes you are still under the cost of a high end topre. but man, those domes are snappy. a friend of mine owns a novatouch and he told me that it feels like a high end topre with those domes. i love it. just be careful unsnapping the case and don't over tighten the screws, and if you follow the directions in those tuts it is a breeze.
Is the case pure white, or is it more beige or off white? It's hard to tell from the pictures.
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Against the XDA Canvas beige I'd say it's pure white. Highly recommend Plum for those who want electrocapacitative switches with MX stem compatibility that isn't a Novatouch or a RealForce Topre RGB and at an affordable price. However, the switches do feel a bit scratchier than either of the aforementioned.
I can confirm they are a fair bit more scratchy. The case I received (from is a just a bit yellowed and kind of looks like a more creamy white and really go well with the keycaps I have right now, but it looked weird with the stock caps. I'm pretty sure it was just my unit, but be wary.
Anyone know what profile the keycaps are?
cherry or oem
they're a bit shorter than cherry