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Plum87 + 65g domes = amazing feel, although the WSAD could be little lighter .. thinking on putting heavier keycaps - steel / zinc ones? what do you think
Would be in for 45-55+
Let's do this!
How does this compare to a HHKB Type S?

considering getting a topre keyboard, but am uncomfortable shelling out cash until I’m sure I won’t regret it instantly. I don’t mind spending the premium price for a HHKB but only if I’m convinced it’s worth that hefty price tag.

Can an anyone share their experiences with either keyboard to help me make a decision? Any comparison would be helpful!
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thank you for preventing my crack addiction.


that's what i'm here for
Anyone throw BKE redux in this? I'm curious to know how it feels :P
A few folks on /r/mechanicalkeyboards have done BKE redux dome swaps. The Plum uses dome sheets rather then individual domes so it makes resembling the board quite hard also there are dome sheets for Plum from South Korean manufacturers that are 35-55g and are quite cheap.
Hello Plum. Please make Electro-Capacitive Vortex Pok3r copy with 55g weighting. Thank you!
lol I’d definitely buy this
I actually cancelled this and got the bluetooth 84 version directly from their site. Hopefully 35g isn't too light.
If only this was the Plum 87 RGB version...
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Oh nice so it is back in stock.
Apparently so. Guess MD just couldn't get the RGB at a discount or something.
I made a sound video a while ago, guess I'll post it for reference since there's a new drop;

I've since replaced the domes with a 55g sheet, and I'd highly recommend doing so if you're interested in the keyboard. 35g will definitely be too soft for most. Pretty solid build, and highly recommended for those who are interested in electro-capacitive switches but don't have the cash/want to fork out the cash for RF/Leopold.

Thanks for the video. Is it just me or the sliders are scratchy like Cherry switches?
I've just bought one of these on ebay with modded 65g domes. However the board rattles quite a lot, seemingly from the sliders making noise. Is this normal?
Just got mine after some delays with DHL. My first mechanical keyboard. Love at first sight.
I heard these had a 5.5u space bar but mine has a 6.25u. The caps lock lights up when used which is neat; same with scroll lock and if you hit scroll lock just right caps lock will light up but not activate. 35g is ridiculously sensitive, key presses are registered by just looking at the keys. Overall, fantastic keyboard.
5.5u spacebar only on 84-keys version