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Plum 87 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

Plum 87 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

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What does the "M" function on the pause break do??
Whatever you do, DON'T PRESS THE M FUNCTION!
These 35g Nopres are perfect for me! I recently came to the conclusion that my old Realforce 103U was just too hard on my hands. I loved the feel, but I can't type for long on anything other than a linear switch thanks to the hand injuries I've accumulated from decades of typing at really fast speeds. I was pretty bummed out when I sold it and I was hopeful that these 35g linears would be close enough to my departed Topre board and they are! The keystrokes are smooth and this board somehow managed to be "thocky" while still being extremely quiet!

If you're freaking out about the 35g weight, give it some time. Within a week, you'll have adapted and anything heavier than 35g is going to feel like pushing boulders to you. That has some drawbacks though. When you get your hands on a keyboard outside of your control, you're going to be more clumsy than you normally would be, but for those of you who type a lot, a low force board is something that you really should try habituating to. Hopefully you don't end up with chronic RSI like I did.
I just received mine today, and it came with extra springs. What are they for?

Also, there's pretty much zero tactility here. Is that a feature of the domes being super-light 35g, or the slider mechanism?
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Do you accidentally rest your fingers too hard and end up with a lot of "jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj's" and such? Or does the weight disrupt your rhythm?
I don't really rest my fingers on the keys, but I am a bit of a heavy-handed typist and just prefer the heavier switches.
My earlier post on where to find "55g" domes is still apt. The change it makes for this board is tremendous.

Interestingly, those "55g" domes are really about 40g. The board, when complete, comes out feeling just a tiny bit lighter than a Realforce 45g board. But don't take my word for this. A force curve of such a board is here:
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Ah, you're a vendor. You might actually have more than just nickels! What's the equipment used to produce force curves for keyboards? I mean, what's the name of that kind measuring devices?
You would call it a force-travel gauge. Cheers.
how does this compare to the abko hacker k945p/k935p V2 or V1?
Is this actually gonna take a month and a half to ship!?!? It says its going to ship september 13 and then I still have to wait for it to arrive after that. I've never bought anything on massdrop but that just seems insane!
Yeah that’s typically how it works. On the bright side, you saved money and the trouble of dealing with international fees/duties
If you can't afford the wait then you can order straight from their website @ but it'll cost you like $40 more
This is a good keyboard. But I recommend buying heavier rubber domes off of ebay and swapping them.
when will MD offer the RGB/BT version? I’ve been eyeing the plum since the rk sold out loooong time ago. I just can’t seem to source a 55g RGB version.
Look up the ABKO Hacker K935P. It's not BT, but it's the same switches as the Plum, with 45g. best board I've ever typed on. The K945P is the RGB version, and the K965P is the 108 key version. They're only available in Korea but damn worth the money.
was hoping a drop in atom66 with bluetooth (60% form factor from NiZ)
oh well....
That one will be pretty annoying to swap out aftermarket keycaps with though.
Hoping NiZ makes a standard 60%!
it is actually less painful than you think with the cherry style keycaps.
imagine a HHKB / realforce with actual topre switch. It's damn expensive and basically need to get a brand new topre keyboard to swap.