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Pok3r RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Pok3r RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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I just received my keyboard which was supposed to be black on black with red switches. But I got white on white with blue switches :(
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But about the trade, possibly. I have used the keyboard a little already.
Willing to sell it?
Got the keyboard yesterday and I'm loving it so far. Not in love with the super dodgy cable though which keeps disconnecting the board from my computer..
Not related but can anyone recommend a switch lubricant for zealios 65g?
I hope the Poker 4 is hot swap...
how do you input `~
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I see. I've never owned a small keyboard so I didn't know. Thanks!
"Shift + Esc" can also output "~". It's a useful shortcut, I've found.
A great starter mech for those looking for everything in a 60%. One thing to note, be mindful of the USB plug. It is known to get loose on these models even with little use.
True that. My brand new Pok3r came stock with a loose USB plug. I've got to be *very* careful when moving my board so as to keep the cable from disconnecting.
Nothing good to say about Vortex, even if I love the form factor. I bought two and both had issues within a month.

I collect many keyboards for different uses, and these failed almost instantly. My clear switch board either double taps the S key, or doesn't register it at all.

My blue switch will legit type random letters instead of what you type, even after resetting the hardware to default settings.

I sent the clear board back and they supposedly soldered an issue and resolved it, but it still wasn't fixed upon return. Decided to shelf both of them since no 120$+ keyboard should have this many issues.
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I've had a bunch, and definitely found some favorites!

Corsair K70, Ducky Shine 2, Vortex Clears and Blues etc.... And all of them have pro's and cons.

I would hands down say that my personal favorite KB that i use as a daily driver both at work and home HAS to be this curveball : AUKEY KM-G7 RGB. This KB was 26$ when it hit slickdeals and continues to blow me away. No issues, great lighting and awesome feeling. Here's a few pics of my old setup with it for reference: https://imgur.com/a/9P1g9

Hope this helps!
There are dip switches on the back that allow you to change the keyboard layout. They should all be set to OFF. (for starters)
This is not an attack on this keyboard but I would love it if sometimes these companies would sell kits to make these keyboards without any switches in them so that you could avoid the pain of building a keyboard from just parts and/or skip the inconvenience of finding all the parts and get the special features of these keyboards. But retain complete freedom of key switch?
My perspective may be unusually in favour of this though as I am a zealios purple fan and keyboards with zealios purples are insanely uncommon
Massdrop should work with vortex to offer Clear Cherry MX with this version. Can we please add clears to this drop?
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Yeah, im in the process of getting together a 60% zealios board currently. I'm interested to see how they compare to the clears on my work pok3r. Been trying to pull the trigger on it for months and finally just said eff it. I definitely sympathize with the op here, clears + rgb wild be excellent.
Cool, Ps do you know what type of lubricant would be good to use of zealios 65g?
Anybody have a opinion between this and the massdrop made keyboards? I'm trying to decide if I want this or the new alt by massdrop.
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In case this helps you or anyone else considering a purchase, press:
Left win + right alt + spacebar
to toggle this mode on/off. This can be found in the product manual. However, if I'm not wrong, this function was added through an update, so pok3rs running old firmware version would need updating before this can be used.
Ok thanks a lot that helps the decision immensely.