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Did anyone else just get a shipping notification?!
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I just ordered a custom braided cable for it and I'm looking for a carrying case, I thought this might be a good option for a hard shell since they seem to be so rare!
Got mine a few nights ago. Sorry to tease if you're still waiting.

I’m so excited, can’t wait!!!
I love Vortex new design for aluminium housing as like vortex race 3 and vortex vibe.
It seems like nice due to slim and low heght and aluminum legs.
Is there anyone with rumor for new poker keyboard with these new design?
I like vortex poker rgb model but I‘m hesitating to participate this drop because I want to vortex poker new design.
Pok3r LE?
Thanks for reply.
But I already knew Vortex LE model. I want Vortex 60% keyboard with slim bezel and low height aluminium housing, and DSA PBT dye-sub keycaps like Vortex Core or Vortex Race 3.
I would buy it if it had USB C. it's 2018, and I don't know why they haven't implemented it yet.
I had exactly the same thought. I have had too many usb mini and usb micro devices stop functioning. Ofcourse I cant imagine I would be unplugging and plugging it back in as much as my old cell phones and tablets.
Has this ever been on Massdrop with ISO (UK) layout?
Just a FYI for European peeps. This board is on and with blue and brown switches. Go check it out if you are interested in buying this ^^
only in ISO layout, no thx
Lol, I'd rather spend an extra $20 and just buy from mechanical keyboards and get my keyboard asap, what a joke.
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Lol, I think mass drop is good for certain items, but to me it's not worth it because I live in Canada and to pay for shipping.
My total on MD was $137. Last night ordered it on mechanical keyboards for $139 and its already shipped!!! I love Massdrop but sometimes makes no sense lol
These can be found for around $100 every once in a while on /r/MechMarket.
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They also don't take months to ship.
Yeah you are right about that
Sooooo did everyone else's order get cancelled too?
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Haha it did! I'll believe it when I have it but hopefully the long wait is over.
That sucks I wonder if they are holding it up for a new keyboard