Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

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It's coming back, better than ever!

Please refer to the link below for a multitude of renders and combinations featuring the kits:


And for those who are curious, this is what the backlit compatible Novelties look like:

Hope you guys enjoy what's coming, let me know what you think!

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Notice how the characters are positioned on top of the keycap. That's because in order for the backlit to look properly, the typeface must be perfectly positioned at a certain region of the keycap, so the LED shines through.

Sure, this works wonders. Because that's a, let's say, Razer Blackwidow. What if the customer has a Cooler Master Quickfire RGB? His LED's will be positioned at another direction. You can't design backlit keycaps that can be sold as universal kits and expect them to look good on all different keyboards.

GMK has been doing quite a bunch of homework regarding this, though. But it comes with lots of challenges, stability of the stem, durability of the keycaps, materials used, etc. Trust me, there are guys doing college Masters regarding this topic (materials).

At the end of the day, there is a heck ton of work and technology involded behind this and the reward is marginal.
Can we just do another run of this GB right now since SP is super backlogged? Pretty please? Would SP just let you add to the existing order since they haven't started yet? Lol.
Any updates? are we on track?
Since it's about a month to go, there should be pictures of the production. SP uses cardboard boards with keycaps affixed to them to track production. It would be fun to see those again.
I know i'm a bit late to the party here, but i just found out one of my keebs has a side stemmed caps lock key.

Does anyone know whether the hobbyist and exotic kits caps lock keys are side stemmed? It'd be a shame if i didn't have a cap for it.
Stepped caps lock keys, like in the exotic kits, do have off-center stems. Like this:

Thank you! Completely comforted now.
I got grab bags recently and saw a lot of SA Pulse. I only saw the black keys with blue text, but at least production looks like it has started. Really hope to see this in the beginning of November!
Where do you get your grab bags?
They're likely talking about this:
MiTo maybe it's still too early but have you received any samples for the Mitolet set? I'm curious how the colours are going to turn out!
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It is very far from the true color in that picture, sadly it’s very hard to capture .
It satisfies my cravings for now. Also, I realized that I had actually commented on that post too! haha
Hey y'all! Bought these for my Kira without realizing I needed two R3 1.50 keys for the right-hand side modifiers (in text). If someone has two specifically they'd like to sell (I'm looking at the Text Hobbyist, 40S, or Mac sets), please let me know!
Somebody help me I'm losing my patience.
I really regret not buying some hobbyist keys and a 7u space bar. MiTo If I were to buy some black ABS SA caps from signature plastics would they match and hold me over until the next redrop?
me feeling great after buying 2 alphas, icon mods and 40s, I thought these will cover all the 40%s and 60%s I will be having in the future.


become a ortholiner/ergodox fan. god damn it!
I bought Alphas and Text Mods but now I want Mitolet. Anyone want to sell when the drop drops? Not super interested in dealing with Mechmarket
I'm looking for a Colevrak kit. If anyone has an extra hit me up please!