Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

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It's coming back, better than ever!

Please refer to the link below for a multitude of renders and combinations featuring the kits:


And for those who are curious, this is what the backlit compatible Novelties look like:

Hope you guys enjoy what's coming, let me know what you think!

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I haven't really seen shine through SA profile caps though. The novelties in this kit is the first time that I've actually seen a proper double-shot SA shine through cap.

I always assumed this to be due to the height of the profile - the lighting may not shine though completely, or may look dimly/partially lit, especially on sculpted SA with different row heights.

The stylistic choice could be another reason - for instance, the legends on Pulse are centered on the key cap, while LEDs are usually top aligned - OEM profile caps that do shine through legends typically top align their legends so that illumination is more uniform, but this might not look just as nice on an SA cap.
It could also be that SP has some limitations ?
Other ideas anyone ?
Notice how the characters are positioned on top of the keycap. That's because in order for the backlit to look properly, the typeface must be perfectly positioned at a certain region of the keycap, so the LED shines through.

Sure, this works wonders. Because that's a, let's say, Razer Blackwidow. What if the customer has a Cooler Master Quickfire RGB? His LED's will be positioned at another direction. You can't design backlit keycaps that can be sold as universal kits and expect them to look good on all different keyboards.

GMK has been doing quite a bunch of homework regarding this, though. But it comes with lots of challenges, stability of the stem, durability of the keycaps, materials used, etc. Trust me, there are guys doing college Masters regarding this topic (materials).

At the end of the day, there is a heck ton of work and technology involded behind this and the reward is marginal.
We were only 27 orders short for 1000 novelties? Dang.
I forgot that I needed to get a 1.5u ctrl and alt key from the 'text hobbyist' package for my upcoming Kira. I'd also settle for the icon hobbyist ctrl and alt keys, or even the entire package if you don't want to part out only those two key caps. Any chance anyone have anything extra?
Does anyone know if the SA Pulse Set uses a standard black SA spacebar? I need a 7u spacebar and I just realized that I didn't get the spacebar kit.

I was wondering if the individual spacebars they sell at PMK would work.

Or if anyone has an extra spacebar kit that they'd be willing to sell, please let me know!
Is it in anyway possible to add a Exotic Kit to my existing order?
Anyone looking to sell a Text Hobbyist kit? Need it to finish a KBD75.
Just wondering if any one has received there Sets yet ? Or when Delivery to Sydney Australian has started ?
The estimated ship date for this set is end of October. It'll be still a while before they enter production as Signature Plastics has a backlog of half a dozen other sets.
Got ya.

I just cant wait for the Key Caps to arrive & thank you so much for the information.

Much appreciated.

Hope you have a great day.

if anyone is interested of letting go of their text hobbyist set, I'd be really interested in it. You can hit me up here or at u/syobwoc on reddit. Thanks!
Would be interested in purchasing an Ergo Pro set from somebody who may have an extra or dont want/need it anymore!
I bought 10 extra sets of Pulse SA to help reach price break (ended up failed). I will consider trades (GMK Laser, DSA laser/pulse, etc).

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Oh fantastic, I'm u/Somecaps77 on Reddit
I would love to buy a kit from you when the drop
Whoops u/SoMeCaPs77 is my actual name
Amazing novelties
Where can we see updates on how the progress of the production is going?
It will be a long time before the are any updates at all. Check back in like 4-5 months.
So.. out of curiosity, what's the likelihood of something like: ?
I heard someone was working on something like that, maybe even the same people.