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Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

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Hi everyone, We’re checking in with an update on the Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set. The keycaps have just arrived at our warehouse and will undergo quality control checks soon. We are on track for the October 29 estimated ship date and we’re excited for you to receive your keycaps in the next few weeks.
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I still have not received a shipment notification. Any news?
Sorry for the double link. I'm lazy. 😉
Just received shipping notification for my purchase which included Rams! Can’t wait!
I am selling 2 kits:
  1. Alphas+Text Mods+Arrows+Numpad+Novelties 
  2. Alphas+Text Mods+Arrows+Novelties 
I could really use a numpad if anyone wants to trade. I have alphas, novelties, and a bunch of others.
Wohoo, I've received a shipping notification. Then it's just another 3-4 weeks for the delivery/customs delay, and we're good to go! :)
am I supposed to be able to feel the legends on SP doubleshot SA caps? i feel some of the legends on my SA Pulse R3 sets, mostly alphas, numpad, and non-text novelties. (basically the big letters/numbers, and the pulse icons) edit: also does anyone else have streaking in their numpad 2u keys?
Yes I have this in 2u keys as well. It is a well known problem with Signature Plastics productions, and I have it in other SP sets as well. But I was hoping they fixed this issue in this set.
My set has finally shipped. Delayed by the remake of the Norde kit. I am so looking forward to this kit. My first SA and it's the legendary Pulse. *insert heartbeat ascii here!
I have minibar kit (minus black keys) seating around, anyone needs it pm u/duoshock
@JaleesaG Any update to the delayed Rams kits?
Hey guys the right shift is too large for my Filco Majestouch 2 TKL. Anyone else with this problem or knows what to do about it? Thanks!
It's really hard to tell what's going on in your picture. Your right shift is 2.75 units which is what is supposed to be in the text mod set. But the Pulse shift you have there is over the ctrl and menu keys which are 1.25 each for a total of 2.5 units, and it looks like you are up against the left side of the left key which looks to be about .25 units which would mean that key you are holding is 2.75 units. Are you thinking you got a 3 unit key? What's strange about that is that there isn't a 3 unit shift in any Pulse set. Lay some 1 unit keys side by side and set the shift under it. You can see how big it is.
Oops managed to get it in now including with stabs. Sorry for false alarm, not sure why i couldn't fit it in before. Thanks!
Would anyone have an extra set of Text Hobbyist available for sale? I forgot to order them and the uneven R3 I have atm is wreaking havoc on my OCD-ish tendencies.
They look and feel pretty damned good on my 1up steel frame and 65g Zealios. (The custom ZAP! cable is a nice fit as well, bravo to that crew for doing such good work). I've purchased a few other variants and will likely build another board with Pulse within the year.

Mine haven't arrived yet, but I'm planning to trade my Text mod kit with Ortho kit. Anyone interested?
So, I never got a shipping email but Im seeing a lot of people have already received theirs?
Did you order Norde, Rams, or Mono? If so your order is delayed by 2 weeks. I'm in the same situation and didn't receive any emails explaining it, although other people did.
Missing the Backspace (2.0 size) key from my modifier kit. Will contact support. Just a heads up reminder to everyone to carefully count everything upon receipt.
Does anyone have a Norde kit to sell?
Here is Pulse on a Tada68 with a high-profile aluminum case. Looks great, IMHO! More photos here.

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Sure, feel free. I am "mightyjabbascollection" on instagram, although my instagram account has nothing to do with keyboards.
You weren't kidding! This is awesome haha!
I really want to love this set, but the SA profile is a little too tall for my typing style. Anyone interested in buying the full kit?
  • Base Alphas: Alphas
  • Child Kit: Text Mods
  • Child Kit: Mac
  • Child Kit: Arrows
  • Child Kit: Numpad

*** Not willing to split up.

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Hi there! I know you said ***Not willing to split up - but - hear me out :) If no one ends up buying the whole thing keep me in mind if you change your mind on selling those nice Text Mods you have there.. I fcked up and ordered Hobbyist mods instead of Text Mods for my Poker 2 so now I'm stuck with a half beautiful but half dysfunctional keyboard :D
Hey, do you still have those Hobbyist Mods? I'd be willing to take them off your hands if you'd like.
Exceeding expectations is a MiTo speciality.

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Nice picture! What case is that?
Tada68 MD special.
caps arrived today (in the UK) and they look AMAZING. Unfortunately I left my planck at work as I wasn't expecting them to arrive a day early so I cannot fit them yet but SO pleased, my first drop and well worth the wait. nice one @MiTo

I mistakenly purchased Alphas without getting the Text Mods. This pretty much means that I won't be able to use them unless I have some other SA keycaps or I'm OK with the alphas being taller than every other key. I know this is a longshot but I figured it might be worth asking if there were any way to get a the Text Mods - possibly if some extras were made?
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Thank you @Keybler ! I pinged them on reddit.
Can always wait for a re-cap to come around as well. The next one should have SA Pulse in there. Just make sure you are ready once the drop is ready to go live, kits go fast.
I just got my set today and since Pulse was essentially what got me interested in mechanical keyboards, I was really looking forward to it. Overall, it does not disappoint. It looks great on my board, although the different finish on the space bar was a little surprising. After I remembered they existed, I tried out the shine-through novelties, but they don't seem very impressive. Is this the intended effect?

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Woah. I did not now there were any shine-through SA keycaps in existence. That is really neat.
It won't really matter where the light is, you don't see the "grid" on SMD lights as much. The center stem on these is solid, so you will never get a full illuminated legend. You can see in the photo above the dim part of the legend due to the opaque stem. Now, if they were able to make the legend/stem as one piece, to sort of light pipe it to the legend, it might have looked better. In the end, the result isn't that great. If this was just an experiment, I wouldn't really recommend this execution be done on future sets.
sa pulse arrived, selling extra sets (alpha+text mods+novelty together) at around massdrop recap pricing if anyone is interested. was trying to help reach the 1000 mark and bought some extra sets. reddit: u/sugaah
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I've messaged you on Reddit.
Hello - just commented on your reddit post.
Let me start by saying, as a whole I am loving the set and it looks awesome on the Vortex Vibe (pic 3). However, I think I got a bad "/?" key. The blue comes out of the black on the bottom edge, and also overfilled the forward slash so it looks like a spoon. On top of all that, it also seems like it is oriented incorrectly? The high side of the key is on the right instead of the back, which you can see in the pictures below. Who is the best person to contact about a replacement key if possible?

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Awesome thanks!
You’ve got a bad ? that should have been eliminated during QC, just contact support by opening a ticket and they will get you a replacement. My apologies for this issue, I hope you can finally enjoy the keycaps as a whole soon.
Hi all, I have ordered this set, but forgot to add the Hobbyist Text set which has an additional 2.25" Shift key. If anyone has a set or just the shift key for sale I would be very interested. Thanks, L--
Hmmm... got my set in and really enjoying them. Way different feels from the other keycaps I've been using (Ducky Horizon). One thing I find very strange and didn't even realize is that even with all the extra options there still isn't a 1.25 'FN' key. I'm using a 68%, so the FN key plays an important role in accessing the normal function keys, lights, volume, etc. So then I had to decide between the only 1.25 keys left, an extra SYS or the PULSE key. Went with PULSE, which is fine with me, but could be pretty confusing to someone else. Just find it strange that there are like 3 other options that have an FN and none are 1.25.
So wishing I went with additional kits. I underestimated just how little a full alpha and modifiers kit would cover on an <70% board. Any possibility of purchasing those kits later?
Check on r/mechmarket to see if anyone is selling the kits you want, or wait until the next Massdrop Recap sale.
I'm happy, I'd like to request future sets include 1u CTRL & ALT, as you can see, my right set are HACK & CODE to take the places. Other then that, really happy with the results on my Race3

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I had to do something similar on my 75% to cover the 1u keys, but I ended up using the pulse logo novelty keys. That lack of 1.5u ESC and DEL though...
I pulled down a solidworks model of the SA Row1 1.5u I'm planning to modify with the ESC & Delete icons from the Icon Pulse set, and have machined from Aluminum or Stainless Also, my HOME & PGUP are both R2, PGDN & END are R3 (as should be) So I'm tempted to replace the whole right collom with custom keys in the R2,3,3,3
Does anyone else's spacebar not fit correctly?
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This happens sometimes with SP SA space bars. Easiest remedy is to use a tiny piece of Saran/cling/glad wrap and place it over the stabiliser stem then attach the space at as you normally would.
Mine wasn't going on for a fairly long time and then I just kind forced it and it's great. Magicforce 68 (for now).
still no shipping notification. Is this normal ?
Did you get one of the sets mentioned here: They are delayed two weeks. If not I would think that at least all the shipping labels would have been generated by now. Ping customer service.
Thanks for this, I had not been following the issues - makes sense now, I had rams !