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I've got Basekit TKL + Novelties + Fixed shift and enter for sale. If interested leave a contact email. Thanks
I still am waiting for Massdrop to drop the bomb for a rerun of these SA beauties....
Waiting for that sweet GMK Pulse
If this drop comes back please for the love of god add the 6.5 spacebar like in the current DSA drop. I really need it for my quickfire TK...
MiTo posted this to Reddit yesterday:

Very interesting! He's confirmed he's working with Vortex, as well.
When is this gonna be available again ?
Forgive me, I'm not sure where to post this. Does anyone know what the SP colors for PULsE are? I am trying to get blanks, I know the blue is BBQ but I need the colors of the novelties since PMK is out of BBQ in the sizes I need.
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Have you checked mechmarket to see if anyone maybe got what you need in a grab bag?
I ended up selling the whole thing for $150 so I can get something else
Can we expect a drop by September or October?
SA Oblivion is scheduled for sometime in September, and from what I've seen, major keycap sets don't get run at the same time.
Bring it back!
Bring it Back!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
5000 requests, please make this happen.
Any chance for vim movement keys or a 1u terminal key `>_` ? also if there is going to be wasd caps can you add e+f for the esdf users?
Thinking about outfitting my Atreus with this set. Sculpted SA keys seem to go a long way in ensuring my fingers are placed properly on the wonderful ortholinear.
$22.99 Planck $5.99 Forums $26.99 Colevrak $79.99 Base Kit
----------------- Total: $135.96

Gotta think about it. I could by a new kit and stain the wood a black color to better match the keys of this set. ;)
MiTo I know we're doing GodSpeed right now, but this is one request away from 5000! I think it's time to bring back SA PuLSE - 2017!

Who's with me?! (It really doesn't matter, unless MiTo is with me, or with us, more accurately.)

UPDATE: 5035 Requests now! I wonder who was lucky number 5000 :)

UPDATE 2: 5093! Looks like over 50 requests a week. The only way to slow it is to release it!
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I'd be all in on a keyboard that matched that render. Caps and all.
We have plans for that and another profile as well!
could we get a small blanks kit? I really need to get some 1.25 and 1.5 u keys

edit: Or exotics, I have an Arozzi TKL for context.