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Quilting Accessory Kit

Quilting Accessory Kit

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Attention Quilting and Embroidery Lovers! This bundle of essentials includes everything that you could possibly want and need to quilt and bind your next project. Whether you're new to quilting, or have been doing it for years, try out these accessories and you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to polish off your current works in progress. Embroidery fans out there, take note and check out these products that will help ease your thread and tension woes. This bundle includes: A - Supreme Free-Motion Slider: a smooth mat that let's your fabric slide without any friction, allowing you to move your fabric with ease in any direction. Why spend hours in front of your machine awkwardly re-positioning and fussing with your quilt when you can own the product that free motion quilters and embroiderers swear by? B - Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers (12 pack): these fool proof bobbin slides work to prevent your thread from tangling and nesting on the underside of your sewing project. These bobbin washers help to minimize thread tension issues so you can spend your time focused on the process and less on the problems. C - Clover Wonder Clips (10 pack): this is the best notion for any sewer! Perfect for quilt binding, bias tape, handbags and more. No more fussing with pins and thick layers. D - Kwik Klip Safety Pin Fastener: if you pin baste your quilts with safety pins, this tool is essential! This nifty tool saves you from sore fingers and cramped hands by easily helping you to close pins in short order. No more pinching each pin closed or dealing with the aftermath of pin pricks. From Kevin (Massdrop Employee): I was lured into helping my wife in the kitchen with tasty words like "Basting" and "Sandwich". Turns out we needed to put 200 curved safety pins into her quilt. I wish I had a Kwik Klip. As a Massdrop Promotion, shipping for this accessory kit is free in the US!


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