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Racoon SG-300 DAC/Tube Amp

Racoon SG-300 DAC/Tube Amp

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Something that crossed my mind, after instaling the DAC/AMP it says there is a mic for the racoon sg300. Can one plus in a mic?
Mine arrived yesterday,
I was very excited opened the box and of course the power adapter was the wrong socket type for my country(Ireland),so I had to buy a new one.
then I connected it to my pc set it as the default device flipped the on switch and NOTHING!! Dead on arrival,I have to say I am Very disappointed with this whole farce,from all the delays"which I was able to forgive" but and that the device is DOA as well is just salt on a wound.
I have contacted support as I want a refund on this,and to be honest I could not recommend Massdrop to anyone after this experience"very disappointed"
I know a lot of people are having issues with the DAC/Amp, but for me, it's working well. There are no left/right balance issues, and the DAC/Amp itself is not making any weird zip-zap or static or humming or jitter noises. My apartment is in a city, so if there is hum, its not audible above my noise floor. The Amp is quite powerful and can drive my headphones (AKG7XX) very well. It remains connected to my computer 24/7, and is always on. It gets a little warm, but that is expected, and it doesn't cause any issues.

That said, the power supply for the unit is VERY VERY loud. It makes a periodic clicking humming noise, and basically makes the unit unusable. But instead of returning this, I am planning on just buying a new power supply for it. For those having clicking or noise issues, my advice is check the power supply.
If your leaving it on 24/7 you probably should purchase a few new tubes. Heat is a life shortener for tubes. I too have not experienced any problems, have found the sound to be clean, and the unit can power 600 Ohm can's although I use HiFiMan 500's most of the time. Good unit for the $$$
If that's the case, maybe I should turn it off when I'm not using it :). Thanks for the info!
I just powered on my unit for an hour, and it started to emit really loud zip-zap sound that sounds like voices one will hear from a broken microphone. Plus some pretty loud humming in the background, and the volume from left ear and right ear is highly unbalanced - voices from the right ear side is significantly louder than the left side. Plus the zip-zap interfering noises covering everything - this unit is really a disappointment. I waited for two months, through the so-called "power outage" and what not, and got a somewhat defected device in the end? I don't really expect any superb performance from units of this price, but I DO expect it to perform at least NORMALLY, which is some criteria that the unit, sadly, can't fulfill at all. Really, really, really disappointed over the quality control.
Same thing happened to mine . Lots of hum and jitter , sometimes it was like the morse code. Really bad , impossible to use . Anyway I went thru help center. I was sa angry that I couldn't just return like I can on Amazon that I wrote a review of my experience there and gave it one star.
I use Nobsound usb interface but I use it with windows.I really don't know. You can try asking on Amazon
Thanks, there are over a hundred that have expressed an interest in this unit, including me. Hope your unit continues to perform well.
Sorry to hear some of you are having issues with the racoon. I received mine a few days ago but hadn't set it up until today and was getting a little nervous after reading of all the problems.

After configuring the Racoon USB device in windows I powered it on and was a little worried that the tube didn't seem to be doing anything - the only light I could see through the top window was coming from the blue leds. But it worked just fine. Turns out if I look from just the right angle I can see a tiny little orange spot glowing near the top of the tube, but it sure isn't being driven hard!

Using the built-in usb dac as the source it's powering a set of 600 ohm dt-880s without breaking a sweat. I'm listening with the volume knob at around 8 o'clock, and by 9 o'clock it's just starting to get uncomfortably loud. With no source playing I can turn the volume up to around 3 o'clock before starting to notice a soft hiss, although I have a large desktop system nearby which may be obscuring audible hiss at a lower volume setting.

So far I'm really pleased with this little unit, especially for the price paid in the drop. But if it starts to hum or otherwise play up after a couple days I'll be back to join in the complaints :)

BTW, I seem to remember that there were at least around 100 of these sold, but it may have been a lot higher.
Anyone remember how many Mass drop sold. Be interesting to work out the failure rate.
My unit seems to be broken as soon as I turned it on. Is there anyway I can request for a repair or replacement??
Seems to have been the case, plenty of these have been sold on eBay and elsewhere with no mention of reliability issues previously. I'm really interested in this unit since it has proper line in/outs, so is far more useful to those of us with analogue gear and who may still want to use loudspeakers on occasions, something the other headphone amps, worthy as they may be, don't allow.
Please let me know what will come out of it, if you get helped. what happened was, the factory had issues "electricity was down" so they said .And they hurried up ti finished the order. So i figure that our batch wasn't done in timely fashion . I should have asked to stop my order.
I haven't had any problems with mine. Here's a video of it powering my SZ2000. Could probably use a little more power output but pretty damn good considering the price.

I used my Racoon for two days and it has a loud hum now . WHAT TO DO?
The DAC dropping the data stream momentarily before re acquiring it?
For the first several days, the unit worked pretty well (I have it running through an Audioengine NS-22 amplifier). But suddenly today, when I plugged in my laptop after returning home from work, I started getting a clicking noise every few seconds through my speakers, which I eventually traced to the Racoon. Does anyone know of a fix to this problem, or have I just obtained a defective unit? Thanks.
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I just finished the entire matter yesterday. Still waiting for Massdrop to end this matter on their side. Thank you for your help and I really appreciate it. Thank you very very much!
Not a problem. This thing sounded heavy anyway (when it worked) I prefer realistic sound.