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Raidops Centauro Titanium Frame Lock Folder

Raidops Centauro Titanium Frame Lock Folder

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This knife looks badass.
Seems pricey for n690 blade.
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Anonomous and Spidey, you are right on the Begg $2,000 range midtechs. They are in N690 (kind of surprising for the cost). Those knives were never touched by Todd himself. I have the prototype Glimpse that is being made by WE in RWL-34 (just the prototype). The prototype was hand made by Todd himself. Todd is suing the California operation headed by his brother Mark and has disassociated with them. This news just broke this weekend. I'm not sure if the WE version of the Glimpse in G-10 and carbon fiber will go forward. The knives actually made by Todd start at around $5,000 and there is a multi year wait. Sorry for the mix-up. It is all pretty confusing with the Steelcraft series, the California midtechs and the actual customs.
Spidey, you are right on his midtechs. See my reply to anonomous.
is it just me or does this knife look like the Cold Steel Mini AK-47?

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okay. pure coincidence, convergent evolution, absolutely no similarity in their design at all. believe in what you wanna believe in. ;-)
I believe in facts. The facts are that this is not the same in any way.
The official website lists this as 240, not 374.
It was $375 originally then the site made it cheaper so I guess massdrop just never changed it since last drop.
I got my knife a couple days ago. It is really quite nice. Definitely worth the price. Already I think it is one of my favorite knives among the couple I own.
How does N690 compare to something like s35vn, m390, elmax, etc?
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goto this guys videos tab to see more reviews of different steel. he lists them at the end of the videos, so goto the most recent cut test video to see the most current list.
per the specs of this knife this is 58-60hrc maximized for toughness.

Our best conventionally produced stainless knife steel. Great value in a corrosion resistant knife steel with excellent edge holding capabilities. Additions of chromium and vanadium enhance edge holding capability, while cobalt and carbon help to retain high hardness. Hardens and tempers to 57-59 HRC and 60-62 HRC with deep freeze. For maximum toughness, harden and temper to 57-59 HRC. For maximum wear resistance, harden and temper to 60-62 HRC.

data sheet PDF
It looks a little mallninja, but that's not the killer. More companies need to tap holes for the clip screws in the other side. I'm left handed and I own about 10% of the knives that I would otherwise buy, but I can't carry them in my EDC spot.
Insanus : who has the spirit in bad condition
After looking around this is an insane discount every other site has it for $325-$375
Same here. I only took a quick look, but this appears to be an exceptional value (deeply discounted). It looks a lot like another Massdrop knife I purchased recently, so I'm not going to join this drop, but probably a wonderful EDC and with the window breaker, something of a stealthy, high quality tactical folder too. Love the blade shape, and excellent value steel, it's right up there with V10, and even easier to sharpen and keep clean. Should last many months of hard use, or a couple lifetimes of light EDC use. Another winner from Massdrop!
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