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Ralph Lauren Slim Classique Automatic Ladies' Watch

Ralph Lauren Slim Classique Automatic Ladies' Watch

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Can somebody from MD step up and clarify all the discrepancies with the references, and add a minimal description for each one? Which one is white gold? Which one is steel? Which one has the +400$? I'm interested in buying this watch, but I'm not pulling the trigger without knowing what i' m buying.
My research says the 707 is a lacquer/enamel dial - see jfs.leather on instagram - they indicated the 707 not the 700 has enamel.

The +$400 is for the diamonds - but I believe they are all white gold, although MD support said the 700 is steel and 707 white gold.
Automatic or Manual wind?

i am quite sure these are manual.
23 mm seems to taper pretty quickly, but down to what? It's got to stop tapering before the buckle and holes or clasp. How wide are those?
Can Massdrop please confirm the difference between the models - 700 vs 707?
the difference between the +$400 and base models is unclear. What will the customer get for the extra $400?
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Thank you for your reply. That deal is sounding too good to be true when compared to the base model and the other white gold model. Especially that it has more features than both the base and the +$400 models but the same price as the base model.
I think the description is somewhat confused - the description at the beginning says the 703 model is +$400, which is also what comes up during the checkout process (and which makes more sense). The description near the photos seems to mix up 703 with 707.
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