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Rapport London Mechanical Pocket Watch

Rapport London Mechanical Pocket Watch

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No one who is serious about pocket watches is actually considering thi thing. Like so many MD drops, this one is geared to the uninitiated (vulnerable) impulse buyer. Hide your wallet and keep moving.
What time is it?
Time to find another place to buy a watch!
There is not enough real information on this watch for me to join this drop!
You can find real information on the official rapport site if u want
I also collect pocket watches...actually vintage silver pocket watches (~40). This one looks kind of interesting, but for approximately the same money, I think I'd rather buy a nice vintage silver pocket watch from eBay. Also, I hate gold plated watches. Gold filled is usually OK, but gold plating usually wears off after a while.
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Can you share some good brands to look for on ebay? There are a ton of vintage pocket watches on ebay.
Yeah, there certainly are a ton of pocket watches on eBay. When I look for pocket watches, the only ones that interest me are vintage silver, and occasionally stainless steel, specimens. I won't buy a gold-plated watch.

I don't always (see next paragraph) pay as much attention to brands as I do to whether or not the watch is preferably sterling silver, whether or not it keeps time, and physical condition, particularly the dial. For some reason I just like silver.

Given a choice I'd go with a vintage Hamilton, especially their 992B movement, Ball, and Omega. There's nothing quite like a nice Hamilton 992B for the price. Nice ones come up (at least this was the case the last time I checked) on eBay for reasonable prices.
Not sure I trust a description with so many errors. No an "Open Face" is not a "Hunter Case", and no "open heart" either as a choice, and, as mentioned above, no picture of the movement. As a collector of pocket watches (over 20), a modern mechanical might be interesting to add, but not if I can't be sure what I am getting.
No pictures of the movement?
Anyone know the source of the movement? Mineral crystal is disappointing at this price point.

The description refers to an open heart, but none of the models appear to have that option.
too expensive:(
Looks good and classy but not sure about movement and overall quality
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