Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kitsearch

Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kit

Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kit

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both printing as generic text only and trying to flash on don't work when trying to flash the board. how am i supposed to flash this?
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Here is the steps I took to get mine flashed.

1. Get layout finished...
2. Copy raw data from layout in raw data tab.
3. Go to
4. Select RedScarfIII from list.
5. Select Simple as Layer Mode
6. Paste Raw Data in Composite Layer
7 . Follow Directions in Creating Your FN Layer In Keyboard Layout Editor @
8. Download EEP File.
9. Make sure keyboard is unplugged. Hold down ESC key. Plug Keyboard in. This puts the keyboard in EEP flash mode.
10. Open saved EEP File in Notepad
11. When you plugged in the keyboard in EEP flash mode it created a printer called "Generic / Text Only)
12. Print the EEP file. If you watch the print Queue. It never seems to finish. I just waited like 60 seconds and pulled the plug.
13. Wait 10 seconds plug in keyboard.
POOF all programmed.
I've done exactly this and it hasn't worked. I've never had a problem with flashing or reflashing my old RS96. I even went as far as buying batteries for the remote and trying to use that but it hasn't worked. The only thing I can assume is that the pcb is borked.

It makes the windows disconnect sound when I try to turn it on, both with the flashed layout and the remote. Can't really understand what I'm doing wrong here.
so to anyone who hasn't gotten a replacement plate, I finally got mine!

before I knew massdrop was going to replace it, I took the old plate and had a hole laser cut into it that ended up not being properly placed so i had to file away some of it. It should fit a switch perfectly fine and in the right position, just might look a little ugly if you really looked hard under the keycaps.

If anyone hasn't go theirs and wants a RED plate,I'd be willing to give it to you just for the cost of shipping.

The programming guide ( has links to a deadsite where you once could download the .eep files. These are no longer available. Can these be reposted to a real hosting site ?
Do you NEED the controller to set up RGB?
no you don't, you can follow the flashing guide to program the RGB controls into the function layer:
Everyone, be careful if you ordered multiple kits. I was only given one tracking number so far and the box only contained one plate.

No response from Massdrop support yet to see if the second one is being taken care of.
Got my replacement plate in today.
Got my shipping notification for the plate, hope this one went through a competent QA lol
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lordy lordy
I had the same problem with mine. Couldn't figure out why a switch wouldn't fit until I realized the plate was bent. Was able to straighten it out with pliers but was surprised by the QC.
anyone get plate tracking confirmation? middle of the week and still nothing :/
nothing yet. i doubt it is shipping out this week
Anyone know how I would go about acquiring a replacement remote? My order didn't come with one, and all MD is offering is a $50 partial refund.
there should be a guide on how to program the LED controls into a function layer in the description
For those who didn't read their newest email. Replacement plates ship out next week! (Hopefully)
Did you get a shipping notification? I haven't received one yet.
Nothing for me either, I'm giving it till Friday.