Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kitsearch

Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kit

Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kit

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just to let everyone know I have CNC program written for a Haas mill to fix the plate. I can't post the .txt file here, but I've attached a google drive link. I wont have access to the machine again till August or later and will only take plates that can be delivered in person.

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Yeah that's not worth it. I'd also mount the plate to a piece of wood or plastic, and drill holes where I marked X, and Y zero in the third picture.
Awesome thanks for the ideas. Also, red scarf posted on the rs2 drop page that he/she sent the new plates to MD. I'll wait another week to see if there is updates from MD and if not I'm going to do this myself.
This layout looks great, but the the case lighting really turns me off & I don't feel like paying for it if I actively dislike it. I could take or leave the key back-lighting too. Any tips on what that KB might be from those more in the know than I?

So are my emails just going to go ignored now? Where is the stuff I paid for????
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Nice! Were you able to build it okay? Is your friend accepting plates? I'm willing to pay for his/her services.

I wish I could stop giving massdrop business but they host some of the bigger keycap drops. I'm definitely much more wary of them and will only purchase if it's absolutely the only place available.
Second a desire for this service. Did your friend use a machine that required a file? If so could you share it? Someone else posted an illustrator file, but modifications needed to be made (of which i am incapable) for it to work in a CNC machine.
common Massdrop.... give us any info about this, after so many months waiting for the keyboard, we need so many more for a part with an extra hole....
I've been emailing them weekly about status updates and I encourage everyone else to do the same. If we don't apply pressure they'll just stay silent. They also decided to ignored my email this week. =/
Got this response from massdrop yesterday:

"I'm sorry for the lack of updates regarding the replacement parts but we're still waiting for a confirmation as of when the units will be available to ship so I don't have new updates to give our members so far, I apologize. 
I reached out to logistics again and they will hopefully get back to me soon so I can give more solid information as of when you'll have your replacement. 
Just to let you know if you wish to return your item for a refund that offer is still on the table, if you wish to wait that's also fine however as said previously I'm hoping to get an update soon. 
Thank you for understanding and hope you enjoy the rest of your day. "

Anyone else hear anything different?
nope. still sitting here with my 98.9% soldered keyboard.
So do you plan to swap out the new plate?
I went to build mine tonight and never even looked at it. Found my plates was missing that hole too. Lame...
yoooo any updates? would really like to build this board soon :/
XiK Any updates on this? Are we getting new plates anytime soon?
I got some info from Support yesterday:
Thanks. Looks like it's an eternal 3 weeks away :(
Lovin' the Red Scarf III.

Typing this on my RSIII. Who needs a plate, just soldered the Cherry browns straight to the board. All up the package is great, and the attention to detail is class. Yes, the precision cut plate has 17mm² too much material but when was the last time you used right-Alt anyway? You're buying this keyboard because Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert are the One True Copy and Paste. I did, anyway. I've been running with Numlock Off in BIOS since before Nethack

I never use those keys between enter and the numpad.

The build quality is excellent, the black aluminium frame looking gorgeous, the translucent base makes the keyboard float when lit.

But what about using it?

It's great. Completely compatible with Nethack 3.6.0, Vim and Rise of the Tomb Raider The translucent base makes the keyboard appear to float. There is a remote control with 24 keys which must be like a dollar in the BOM.

Are you mocking us? I bought a keyboard at $2/ key and you include an extra 24 keys for giggles? Giggle keys at 4c a key! Guess which of the $2 and 4c keys are remote control.

No seriously, I think this is great.

One possible concern: I think I'd prefer F1-F12 in three groups losing the two keys above Backspace -- my perfect keyboard is one without the arrows and nav cluster. I literally never touch them.

DS RSIII 9/10 (assuming plates don't matter to you)

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So what did you do with the LED strip? I'm super clueless as to what its even there for since theres LEDs pre-soldered onto the PCB already.
There are 4 holes (vias the cool kids call them) VRGB -- find some wires and solder them so the 5V line on the strip goes to the V on the board. That's the only 1 you need to get right. You mix and match the other 3 as you see fit.

Yes my soldering is crap. And that's the second go. Originally I had a much longer piece of ribbon cable. You could definitely use a shorter length than the photo.

When the plate arrives I'm going to desolder all the keys and hot-glue the strip down. In the meantime a bit of electrical tape holds it in place.

Things you may not know:

Menu key = Fn.
Fn+Esc toggle LEDs on/off
Fn+F1 next solid colour
Fn+F2 next colour mode
Fn+F3 Dimmer
Fn+F4 Brighter
Fn+F5 !!!!! Refresh your browser. There is no Fn+F5.
Fn+1 - 8. Various colors
Fn+N volume down
Fn+M volume up
Fn +, toggle mute

Compile your own firmware from this

Default keymappings:

This thread is full of awesome if you pick through it.

Download hid_listen.exe and use MAGIC SECRET KEYS!


----- Version -----
DESC: t.m.k. keyboard firmware for Red Scarf III
VID: 0x5253(Young Pioneers) PID: 0x0003(Red Scarf III) VER: 0x0001
BUILD: ac475cd-dirty (02:00:22 Jan 29 2015)
GCC: 4.8.1 AVR-LIBC: 1.8.0svn AVR_ARCH: avr5

default_layer: 0
debug_config.raw: 00
.enable: 0
.matrix: 0
.keyboard: 0
.mouse: 0
keymap_config.raw: 00
.swap_control_capslock: 0
.capslock_to_control: 0
.swap_lalt_lgui: 0
.swap_ralt_rgui: 0
.no_gui: 0
.swap_grave_esc: 0
.swap_backslash_backspace: 0
.nkro: 0
backlight_config.raw: 05
.enable: 1
.level: 2