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Gettin close, this shit better ship on time.
Yo so are we not going to get an update at all? Is this thing even going to ship on time? I've sent an email and got no reply that made any sense at all.
What was the response you got?
Basically saying they were going to "send my inquiry to the appropriate parties and they'll look into it shortly" which was immediately followed by an automated email asking me if this solved my problem and to please rate my experience.

Like no, I haven't even received a response from a real person yet, why would that help me? They haven't been transparent at all for this drop and it's pretty shitty.
Does the pcb support RGB individual key lighting (not the strip) with colour changing through key combination or software? Thanks
No the switch leds are 2pin only so single color only for this pcb.
any news on this drop? haven't received a single email since the drop ended
Anyone have a problem where they can't turn off their backlighting? I have followed this guide using the Others -> Built in function -> RGB off but I'm stuck with the green backlighting on. Also, the remote doesn't work to change the backlighting. I know I'm doing everything correctly to program the keyboard since I own another RS96 and it does not have this problem. Any solutions?
maybe reflash?
Does anyone know how many key rollover this is? This may be a very dumb question, I'm new to the whole "build a mechanical keyboard from a kit" thing.
Does anyone know of a similar keyboard without the numpad?
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F!CK! That is the *perfect* keyboard for me but I am totally broke after xmas shopping through Jan 7 at least... damn :-(((((
Also I meant to say "Thank you!" I'm sorry... pardon my french
Can anyone recommend a soldering kit to use with this? Thanks!
depends on your budget! Hakko is the most recommended but a little pricey.

I have this one : and it works absolutely great! No complaints other than the power cable is a little short lol.
Why isn't the Zealios Option given?
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I'm pretty sure zeal is running round 8 for zealios on his website right now
What's his website?
Can plate mounted stabilizers be used with the RSiiiA instead of the included PCB mount stabilizers?
I have one, the plate that it comes with will not work with plate mount stabs